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The 2013 Lunigiana (Central Italy) earthquake: Seismic source analysis from DInSar and seismological data, and geodynamic implications for the northern Apennines. A discussion 1-gen-2015 Molli, Giancarlo; Torelli, L.; Storti, F.
Age and temperature constraints on metamorphism and exhumation of the syn-orogenic metamorphic complexes of Northern Apennines, Italy 1-gen-2011 Balestrieri, M. L.; Pandeli, E.; Bigazzi, G.; Carosi, R.; Montomoli, Chiara
Basaltic dykes from Zabargad Island, Red Sea: petrology and geochemistry 1-gen-1988 Petrini, Riccardo; Joron, J. L.; Ottonello, G.; Bonatti, E.; Seyler, M.
Basin inversion and contractional reactivation of inherited normal faults: A review based on previous and new experimental models 1-gen-2012 Bonini, M; Sani, F; Antonielli, Benedetta
Cenozoic thermal evolution of lithospheric mantle in northern Victoria Land (Antarctica): Evidences from mantle xenoliths 1-gen-2010 Armienti, Pietro; Cristina, Perinelli
Crustal strength control on structures and metamorphism in collisional orogens 1-gen-2018 Piccolo, A.; Faccenda, M.; Carosi, R.; Montomoli, C.; Visona', Dario
The development of extension and magmatism in the Red Sea rift of Afar 1-gen-2013 D., Keir; I. D., Bastow; Pagli, Carolina; E. L., Chambers
Geochemical and isotopic structure of the early Palaeozoic active margin of Gondwana in northern Victoria Land, Antarctica 1-gen-1998 Rocchi, Sergio; Tonarini, S.; Armienti, Pietro; Innocenti, Fabrizio; Manetti, P.
"The geochemical variations of the upper cenozoic volcanism along the Calama Olacapato El Toro transversal fault system in central Andes (~24 S): petrogenetic and geodynamic implications" 1-gen-2002 Matteini, M.; Mazzuoli, Roberto; Omarini, R.; Cas, R.; Maas, R.
Heterogeneous brittle-ductile deformation at shallow crustal levels under high thermal conditions: The case of a synkinematic contact aureole in the inner northern Apennines, southeastern Elba Island, Italy 1-gen-2017 Papeschi, Samuele; Musumeci, Giovanni; Mazzarini, Francesco
Inferences on the upper crustal structure of the Southern Apennines (Italy) from seimic refraction investigation and subsurface data 1-gen-2000 Improta, L.; Iannaccone, G.; Capuano, P.; Scandone, Paolo; Zollo, A.
Kinematic variations across Eastern Cordillera at 24°S (Central Andes): Tectonic and magmatic implications — Reply 1-gen-2008 V., Acocella; L., Vezzoli; R., Omarini; Mazzuoli, Roberto
Kinematic variations across Eastern Cordillera at 24°S (Central Andes): tectonic and magmatic implications, 1-gen-2007 V., Acocella; L., Vezzoli; R., Omarini; Mazzuoli, Roberto
Late Hercynian shear zones in Sardinia 1-gen-1990 Elter, F. M.; Musumeci, Giovanni; Pertusati, Piero
Magma-induced strain localization in centrifuge models of transfer zones 1-gen-2002 Corti, G.; Bonini, M.; Mazzarini, F.; Boccaletti, M.; Innocenti, Fabrizio; Manetti, P.; Mulugeta, G.; Sokoutis, D.
Magmatic and tectonic patterns over the Northern Victoria Land sector of the Transantarctic Mountains from new aeromagnetic imaging 1-gen-2009 Ferraccioli, F.; Armadillo, E.; Zunino, A.; Bozzo, E.; Rocchi, Sergio; Armienti, Pietro
Orogenic processes and structural heritage in Alpine-type mountain belts and Mediterranean region: A foreword and an introduction 1-gen-2012 Molli, Giancarlo; Malavieille, J.
Paleomagnetic evidence for clockwise rotation and tilting in the eastern Tethyan Himalaya (SE Tibet): Implications for the Miocene tectonic evolution of the NE Himalaya 1-gen-2010 Antolín, B.; Appel, E.; Gloaguen, R.; Dunkl, I.; Ding, L.; Montomoli, Chiara; Liebke, U.; Xu, Q.
Pre-eruptive ground deformation of Azerbaijan mud volcanoes detected through satellite radar interferometry (DInSAR) 1-gen-2014 Antonielli, Benedetta; Oriol, Monserrat; Marco, Bonini; Gaia, Righini; Federico, Sani; Guido, Luzi; Akper A., Feyzullayev; Chingiz S., Aliyev
Pressure fluctuation during uplift of the Northern Apennines (Italy): a fluid inclusion study 1-gen-2001 Montomoli, Chiara; Ruggieri, G.; Boiron, M. C.; Cathelineau, M.
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