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Assessing FOXO1A as a potential susceptibility locus for type 2 diabetes and obesity in American Indians 1-gen-2015 Muller, Yl; Hanson, Rl; Wiessner, G; Nieboer, L; Kobes, S; Piaggi, P; Abdussamad, M; Okani, C; Knowler, Wc; Bogardus, C; Baier, Lj
Assessing the Role of 98 Established Loci for BMI in American Indians 1-gen-2019 Muller, Yunhua L; Hanson, Robert L; Piaggi, Paolo; Chen, Peng; Wiessner, Gregory; Okani, Chidinma; Skelton, Graham; Kobes, Sayuko; Hsueh, Wen-Chi; Knowler, William C; Bogardus, Clifton; Baier, Leslie J
The association between gut hormones and diet-induced metabolic flexibility in metabolically healthy adults 1-gen-2023 Unlu, Yigit; Vinales, Karyne L; Hollstein, Tim; Chang, Douglas; Cabeza de Baca, Tomás; Walter, Mary; Krakoff, Jonathan; Piaggi, Paolo
Closed-loop control of air supply to whole-room indirect calorimeters to improve accuracy and standardize measurements during 24-hour dynamic metabolic studies 1-gen-2023 Piaggi, Paolo; Rodzevik, Theresa L; Wohlers, Erica; Ruud, Katherine; Moon, Jon; Krakoff, Jonathan; Chang, Douglas C
The counterbalancing effects of energy expenditure on body weight regulation: Orexigenic versus energy‐consuming mechanisms 1-gen-2022 Piaggi, Paolo; Basolo, Alessio; Martin, Corby K.; Redman, Leanne M.; Votruba, Susanne B.; Krakoff, Jonathan
Cross calibration of two dual-energy X-ray densitometers and comparison of visceral adipose tissue measurements by iDXA and MRI 1-gen-2017 Reinhardt, M; Piaggi, P; Demers, B; Trinidad, C; Krakoff, J
Cycling Efficiency During Incremental Cycle Ergometry After 24 Hours of Overfeeding or Fasting 1-gen-2018 Vinales, Karyne L.; Schlögl, Mathias; Reinhardt, Martin; Thearle, Marie S.; Krakoff, Jonathan; Piaggi, Paolo
Differential Impact of Weight Loss and Glycemic Control on Inflammasome Signaling 1-gen-2020 Antonioli, L.; Moriconi, D.; Masi, S.; Bottazzo, D.; Pellegrini, C.; Fornai, M.; Anselmino, M.; Ferrannini, E.; Blandizzi, C.; Taddei, S.; Nannipieri, M.
The effect of differing patterns of childhood body mass index gain on adult physiology in American Indians 1-gen-2015 Thearle, Ms; Votruba, Sb; Piaggi, P; Muller, Yl; Hanson, Rl; Baier, Lj; Knowler, W; Krakoff, J
Effect of Macronutrient Content on Meal and Macronutrient Pattern Variation in Ad Libitum Feeding 1-gen-2020 de Baca, Tc; Piaggi, P; Gluck, M; Krakoff, J; Votruba, S
Energy Expenditure and Hormone Responses in Humans After Overeating High-Fructose Corn Syrup versus Whole-Wheat Foods 1-gen-2018 Ibrahim, M; Bonfiglio, S; Schlogl, M; Vinales, Kl; Piaggi, P; Venti, C; Walter, M; Krakoff, J; Thearle, Ms
Energy expenditure measurements are reproducible in different whole-room indirect calorimeters in humans 1-gen-2022 Stinson, Emma J; Rodzevik, Theresa; Krakoff, Jonathan; Piaggi, Paolo; Chang, Douglas C
Fasting-based estimates of insulin sensitivity in overweight and obesity: A critical appraisal 1-gen-2006 Ruige, Jb; Mertens, Il; Bartholomeeusen, E; Dirinck, E; Ferrannini, Eleuterio; Van Gaal, Lf
Functional variants in cytochrome b5 type A (CYB5A) are enriched in Southwest American Indian individuals and associate with obesity 1-gen-2022 Day, Samantha E.; Traurig, Michael; Kumar, Pankaj; Piaggi, Paolo; Koroglu, Cigdem; Kobes, Sayuko; Hanson, Robert L.; Bogardus, Clifton; Baier, Leslie J.
Gut Hormone PYY Response to Overfeeding Is a Determinant of Metabolic Flexibility in Healthy Humans 1-gen-2021 Unlu, Y; Vinales, K; Krakoff, J; Chang, D; de Baca, Tc; Piaggi, P
High Fat and Sugar Consumption During Ad Libitum Intake Predicts Weight Gain 1-gen-2018 Stinson, Ej; Piaggi, P; Ibrahim, M; Venti, C; Krakoff, J; Votruba, Sb
Higher Urinary Dopamine Concentration is Associated with Greater Ad Libitum Energy Intake in Humans 1-gen-2020 Basolo, Alessio; Ando, Takafumi; Hollstein, Tim; Votruba, Susanne B; Krakoff, Jonathan; Piaggi, Paolo
In Vitro lipolysis is associated with whole-body lipid oxidation and weight gain in humans 1-gen-2017 Frankl, J; Piaggi, P; Foley, Je; Krakoff, J; Votruba, Sb
Interaction of DIO2 T92A and PPARgamma2 P12A polymorphisms in the modulation of metabolic syndrome 1-gen-2007 Fiorito, M; Torrente, I; De Cosmo, S; Guida, V; Colosimo, A; Prudente, S; Flex, E; Menghini, R; Miccoli, Roberto; Penno, G; Pellegrini, F; Tassi, V; Federici, M; Trischitta, V; Dallapiccola, B.
Is Dietary Nonadherence Unique to Obesity and Weight Loss? Results From a Randomized Clinical Trial 1-gen-2020 Stinson, Ej; Piaggi, P; Votruba, Sb; Venti, C; Lovato-Morales, B; Engel, S; Krakoff, J; Gluck, Me
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