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Synthesis and crystal structure from X-ray powder diffraction data of Two zirconium diphosphonates containing piperazine groups 1-gen-2010 Taddei, M.; Costantino, F.; Vivani, R.
Zirconium Phosphonates 1-gen-2011 Vivani, Riccardo; Costantino, Ferdinando; Taddei, Marco
New hybrid zirconium aminophosphonates containing piperidine and bipiperidine groups 1-gen-2011 Taddei, M.; Costantino, F.; Manuali, V.; Vivani, R.
Influence of π-π Stacking interactions on the assembly of layered copper phosphonate coordination polymers: Combined powder diffraction and electron paramagnetic resonance study 1-gen-2012 Taddei, M.; Costantino, F.; Vivani, R.; Sangregorio, C.; Sorace, L.; Castelli, L.
Multitechnique Experimental Insight on an Unusual Crystal-toCrystal High Temperature Solid State Reaction in Zirconium Carboxypyridinephosphonates: From One-Dimensional Chains to Two-Dimensional Hybrid Layers Through HF Elimination 1-gen-2012 Costantino, F; Sassi, P; Geppi, Marco; Taddei, M.; Taddei, Marco
Design and synthesis of plasticizing fillers based on zirconium phosphonates for glycerol-free composite starch films 1-gen-2012 Donnadio, A.; Pica, M.; Taddei, Marco; Vivani, R.
On the role of non-covalent interactions in the assembly of 3D zirconium methyl- and ethyl-N,N-bis phosphonates 1-gen-2013 Taddei, M.; Vivani, R.; Costantino, F.
Integrated PLGA-Ag nanocomposite systems to control the degradation rate and antibacterial properties 1-gen-2013 Rinaldi, S.; Fortunati, E.; Taddei, M.; Kenny, J. M.; Armentano, I.; Latterini, L.
Supramolecular interactions impacting on the water stability of tubular metal-organic frameworks 1-gen-2013 Taddei, M.; Ienco, A.; Costantino, F.; Guerri, A.
Synthesis, crystal structure, and proton conductivity of one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional zirconium phosphonates based on glyphosate and glyphosine 1-gen-2013 Taddei, M.; Donnadio, A.; Costantino, F.; Vivani, R.; Casciola, M.
Synthesis, breathing, and gas sorption study of the first isoreticular mixed-linker phosphonate based metal-organic frameworks 1-gen-2013 Taddei, M.; Costantino, F.; Ienco, A.; Comotti, A.; Dau, P. V.; Cohen, S. M.
The first route to highly stable crystalline microporous zirconium phosphonate metal-organic frameworks 1-gen-2014 Taddei, M.; Costantino, F.; Marmottini, F.; Comotti, A.; Sozzani, P.; Vivani, R.
A layered mixed zirconium phosphate/phosphonate with exposed carboxylic and phosphonic groups: X-ray powder structure and proton conductivity properties 1-gen-2014 Donnadio, A.; Nocchetti, M.; Costantino, F.; Taddei, M.; Casciola, M.; Da Silva Lisboa, F.; Vivani, R.
The use of a rigid tritopic phosphonic ligand for the synthesis of a robust honeycomb-like layered zirconium phosphonate framework 1-gen-2014 Taddei, M.; Costantino, F.; Vivani, R.; Sabatini, S.; Lim, S. -H.; Cohen, S. M.
Layered metal(IV) phosphonates with rigid pendant groups: New synthetic approaches to nanosized zirconium phosphate phenylphosphonates 1-gen-2014 Pica, M.; Donnadio, A.; D'Amato, R.; Capitani, D.; Taddei, M.; Casciola, M.
Hybrid Multifunctional Materials Based on Phosphonates, Phosphinates and Auxiliary Ligands 1-gen-2015 Costantino, F.; Ienco, A.; Taddei, M.
A structural and 1H NMR relaxometric study on novel layered carboxyalkylaminophosphonate nanocrystals with Gd(iii) ions located in the framework 1-gen-2015 Scafuri, A.; Vivani, R.; Carniato, F.; Tei, L.; Botta, M.; Taddei, M.; Costantino, F.
Efficient microwave assisted synthesis of metal-organic framework UiO-66: Optimization and scale up 1-gen-2015 Taddei, M.; Dau, P. V.; Cohen, S. M.; Ranocchiari, M.; Van Bokhoven, J. A.; Costantino, F.; Sabatini, S.; Vivani, R.
The Influence of Non‐covalent Interactions in the Structure and Dimensionality of Hybrid Compounds and Coordination Polymers 1-gen-2016 Costantino, Ferdinando; Ienco, Andrea; Taddei, Marco
Robust Metal-Organic Frameworks Based on Tritopic Phosphonoaromatic Ligands 1-gen-2016 Taddei, M.; Costantino, F.; Vivani, R.
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