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Tillage and cover crop effects on weed management and community changes in organic tomato cropping system 1-gen-2017 ABOU CHEHADE, Lara; Antichi, Daniele; Martelloni, Luisa; Peruzzi, Andrea; Mazzoncini, Marco; Carlesi, S.
Alternative methods for weed control in urban areas 1-gen-2017 Peruzzi, Andrea; Benvenuti, Stefano; Roveta, G; Fontanelli, Marco; Frasconi, Christian; Martelloni, Luisa; Pirchio, Michel; Raffaelli, Michele; ABOU CHEHADE, Lara
Developing technique and equipment for the management of organic and conservative horticultural systems. 1-gen-2017 Frasconi, Christian; Martelloni, Luisa; Raffaelli, Michele; Fontanelli, Marco; Antichi, Daniele; ABOU CHEHADE, Lara; Pirchio, Michel; Peruzzi, Andrea
Can flaming be performed as selective weed control treatment in turfgrass? 1-gen-2017 Fontanelli, Marco; Frasconi, Christian; Raffaelli, Michele; Martelloni, Luisa; ABOU CHEHADE, Lara; Peruzzi, Andrea
Effects of flame weeding on organic garlic production 1-gen-2018 Abou Chehade, Lara; Fontanelli, Marco; Martelloni, Luisa; Frasconi, Christian; Raffaelli, Michele; Peruzzi, Andrea
A field vegetable transplanter for use in both tilled and no-till soils 1-gen-2019 Frasconi, C; Martelloni, L; Raffaelli, M; Fontanelli, M; Abou Chehade, L; Peruzzi, A; Antichi, D
Evaluation of the Agronomic Performance of Organic Processing Tomato as Affected by Different Cover Crop Residues Management 1-gen-2019 ABOU CHEHADE, Lara; Antichi, Daniele; Martelloni, Luisa; Frasconi, Christian; Sbrana, Massimo; Mazzoncini, Marco; Peruzzi, Andrea
Performance and Potentiality of Camelina (Camelina sativa L. Crantz) Genotypes in Response to Sowing Date under Mediterranean Environment 1-gen-2020 Angelini, Luciana G.; ABOU CHEHADE, Lara; Foschi, Lara; Tavarini, Silvia
Rye (Secale cereale L.) and squarrose clover (Trifolium squarrosum L.) cover crops can increase their allelopathic potential for weed control when used mixed as dead mulch 1-gen-2021 Abou Chehade, Lara; Puig, Carolina G.; Souto, Carlos; Antichi, Daniele; Mazzoncini, Marco; Pedrol, Nuria
Camelina a new source of healthy oil and cake: effect of variety choice and growing conditions. 1-gen-2021 Alberghini, B.; Berzuini, S.; Zanetti, F.; Vecchi, A.; Tavarini, S.; Galasso, I.; Clemente, C.; Abou Chehade, L.; Angelini, L. G.; Dalle Zotte, A.; Monti, A.
Genotype and seasonal variation affect yield and oil quality of safflower under Mediterranean conditions 1-gen-2022 ABOU CHEHADE, Lara; Angelini, Luciana G.; Tavarini, Silvia
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