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Improvement of varietal Nero D'Avola and Frappato based wines: implication of blending practice 1-gen-2018 Sanmartin, C; Macaluso, Monica; Sgherri, C; Ferroni, G; Venturi, F
Comparison between kinetics of hexose conversion in model solution and must carried on by two different yeast strains 1-gen-2018 Taglieri, I.; Nari, A.; Macaluso, M.; Sgherri, C.; Zinnai, A.
The effects of packaging and storage temperature on the shelf-life of extra virgin olive oil 1-gen-2018 Sanmartin, Chiara; Venturi, Francesca; Sgherri, Cristina; Nari, Anita; Macaluso, Monica; Flamini, Guido; Quartacci, Mike Frank; Taglieri, Isabella; Andrich, Gianpaolo; Zinnai, Angela
Improvement of Cesanese d'Affile wine expression: The addition of solid carbon dioxide for the valorization of an autochthonous vine 1-gen-2018 Taglieri, I.; Macaluso, M.; Cappello, J.; Andrich, G.; Zinnai, A.
Preliminary Results About the Use of Argon and Carbon Dioxide in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) Storage to Extend Oil Shelf Life: Chemical and Sensorial Point of View 1-gen-2018 Sanmartin, C.; Venturi, F.; Macaluso, M.; Nari, A.; Quartacci, M. F.; Sgherri, C.; Flamini, G.; Taglieri, I.; Ascrizzi, R.; Andrich, G.; Zinnai, A.
Cold-Pressing Olive Oil in the Presence of Cryomacerated Leaves of Olea or Citrus: Nutraceutical and Sensorial Features. 1-gen-2019 Sanmartin, Chiara; Taglieri, Isabella; Macaluso, Monica; Sgherri, Cristina; Ascrizzi, Roberta; Flamini, Guido; Venturi, Francesca; Quartacci, MIKE FRANK; Luro, François; Curk, Franck; Pistelli, Luisa; Zinnai, Angela
The effects of temperature and capping system on the quality of Tuscan monovarietal extra virgin olive oils 1-gen-2019 Macaluso, M.; Sanmartin, C.; Taglieri, I.; Flamini, G.; Pistelli, L.; Bianchi, A.; Bernardi, M.; Sgherri, C.; Mencarelli, F.; Zinnai, A.; Venturi, F.
Nutraceutical Oils Produced by Olives and Citrus Peel of Tuscany Varieties as Sources of Functional Ingredients 1-gen-2019 Ascrizzi, Roberta; Taglieri, Isabella; Sgherri, Cristina; Flamini, Guido; Macaluso, Monica; Sanmartin, Chiara; Venturi, Francesca; Quartacci, Mike Frank; Pistelli, Luisa; Zinnai, Angela
Predicatore: an innovative sweet red wine as a tool for the economic enhancement of grape wastes derived by cluster thinning 1-gen-2019 Venturi, F.; Taglieri, I.; Sanmartin, C.; Ferroni, G.; Scalabrelli, G.; Flamini, G.; Macaluso, M.; Coscetti, R.; Andrich, G.; Zinnai, A.
Potato Peels as a Source of Novel Green Extracts Suitable as Antioxidant Additives for Fresh-Cut Fruits 1-gen-2019 Venturi, Francesca; Bartolini, Susanna; Sanmartin, Chiara; Orlando, Matteo; Taglieri, Isabella; Macaluso, Monica; Lucchesini, Mariella; Trivellini, Alice; Zinnai, Angela; Mensuali, Anna
Co-fermentation of intact grape clusters and stalk: a natural and economical strategy to modulate nutraceutical and sensory features of Syrah variety 1-gen-2019 Sanmartin, C.; Taglieri, I.; Venturi, F.; Ferroni, G.; Flamini, G.; Macaluso, M.; Salutij, A.; Andrich, G.; Zinnai, A.
Extra Virgin Olive Oils produced from whole and pitted olives using Argon as malaxation gaseous atmosphere: synergic effect of two different strategies to improve oil quality. 1-gen-2020 Macaluso, Monica; Bianchi, Alessandro; Sanmartin, Chiara; Taglieri, Isabella; Venturi, Francesca; Pistelli, Luisa; Zinnai, Angela
Testing total sulphur dioxide content in wine with two different instrumental apparatus: a comparison of their analytical performances. 1-gen-2020 Macaluso, Monica; Bianchi, Alessandro; Rosini, Eleonora; Sgherri, Cristina; Taglieri, Isabella; Venturi, Francesca; Mencarelli, Fabio; Zinnai, Angela; Sanmartin, Chiara
The residues of fruit and vegetable pro-cessing: From “waste” to “resource” of natural phytochemical compounds 1-gen-2020 Bartolini, S.; Orlando, M.; Trivellini, A.; Venturi, F.; Sanmartin, C.; Taglieri, I.; Macaluso, M.; Zinnai, A.; Mensuali-Sodi, A.
Overcoming bread quality decay concerns: main issues for bread shelf life as a function of biological leavening agents and different extra-ingredients used in formulation. A review 1-gen-2020 Taglieri, Isabella; Macaluso, Monica; Bianchi, Alessandro; Sanmartin, Chiara; Quartacci, Mike Frank; Zinnai, Angela; Venturi, Francesca
Effect of the Leavening Agent on the Compositional and Sensorial Characteristics of Bread Fortified with Flaxseed Cake 1-gen-2020 Taglieri, Isabella; Sanmartin, Chiara; Venturi, Francesca; Macaluso, Monica; Zinnai, Angela; Tavarini, Silvia; Serra, Andrea; Conte, Giuseppe; Flamini, Guido; Angelini, Luciana G.
Flaxseed Cake as a Tool for the Improvement of Nutraceutical and Sensorial Features of Sourdough Bread 1-gen-2020 Sanmartin, Chiara; Taglieri, Isabella; Venturi, Francesca; Macaluso, Monica; Zinnai, Angela; Tavarini, Silvia; Botto, Asia; Serra, Andrea; Conte, Giuseppe; Flamini, Guido; Angelini, Luciana G
Vinum insulae. Un produit alliant mythe, tradition et réalité œnologique 1-gen-2020 Zinnai, Angela; Bianchi, Alessandro; Macaluso, Monica; Venturi, Francesca; Taglieri, Isabella; Sanmartin, Chiara; Arrighi, Antonio; Flamini, Guido; Barbensi, Nicolo'; Deaddis, Naomi; Scienza, Attilio
By-products from winemaking and olive mill value chains for the enrichment of refined olive oil: Technological challenges and nutraceutical features 1-gen-2020 Macaluso, M.; Bianchi, A.; Sanmartin, C.; Taglieri, I.; Venturi, F.; Testai, L.; Flori, L.; Calderone, V.; De Leo, M.; Braca, A.; Ciccone, V.; Donnini, S.; Guidi, L.; Zinnai, A.
Development of fortified citrus olive oils: From their production to their nutraceutical properties on the cardiovascular system 1-gen-2020 Flori, L.; Macaluso, M.; Taglieri, I.; Sanmartin, C.; Sgherri, C.; De Leo, M.; Ciccone, V.; Donnini, S.; Venturi, F.; Pistelli, L.; Martelli, A.; Calderone, V.; Testai, L.; Zinnai, A.
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