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Protected geographical indication in Sub-Saharan Africa: issues and implications 1-gen-2017 Moruzzo, Roberta; Obi, CHINEDU TEMPLE; Timothy, Manyise
Farmers’ valuation of transgenic biofortified sorghum for nutritional improvement in Burkina Faso: A latent class approach 1-gen-2018 Obi, CHINEDU TEMPLE; Sanou, Edouard; Tur-Cardona, Juan; Bartolini, Fabio; Gheysen, Godelieve; Speelman, Stijn
The Impact of Changes in Regulatory and Market Environment on Sustainability of Wine Producers: A Structural Equation Model 1-gen-2020 Obi, C.; Vergamini, D.; Bartolini, F.; &, ; Brunori, G.
International migration, remittance and food security during food crises: the case study of Nigeria 1-gen-2020 Obi, C.; Bartolini, F.; D'Haese, M.
Digitalization and migration: the role of social media and migrant networks in migration decisions. An exploratory study in Nigeria 1-gen-2020 Obi, C.; Bartolini, F.; D'Haese, M.
How does international migration impact on rural areas in developing countries? A systematic review 1-gen-2020 Obi, C.; Bartolini, F.; Brunori, G.; D'Haese, M.
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