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[Changes of various blood parameters after an intravenous load of fructose in subjects with liver cirrhosis]. 1-gen-1976 Bianucci, G; Pinto, Stefania; Morandi, Ga
Rare pathological conditions of the synovial membrane 1-gen-1978 Bartolozzi, P.; Morandi, G. A.; Cantalamessa, G.; Pinto, Stefania
Critical evaluation of gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase levels in rheumatoid arthritis and laboratory indices of disease activity. 1-gen-1981 Bianucci, G; Pinto, Stefania; Bongi, Sm; Saullo, S.
Platelet and coagulation functions during triphasic oestrogen-progestogen treatment. 1-gen-1986 Bruni, V; Rosati, D; Bucciantini, S; Verni, A; Abbate, R; Pinto, Stefania; Costanzo, G; Costanzo, M.
Ex vivo and in vitro study of the effects of indobufen on endogenous and exogenous arachidonic acid metabolism by platelets 1-gen-1987 Pinto, Stefania; Abbate, R; Favilla, S; Panetta, A; Gensini, Gf; NERI SERNERI, Gg
Altered intraplatelet arachidonic acid metabolism during the acute state of unstable angina 1-gen-1987 NERI SERNERI, Gg; Abbate, R; Panetta, A; Pinto, Stefania; Favilla, S; Prisco, D; Gensini, Gf
Desogestrel in monophasic E/P combination: monitoring of endocrine parameters and evaluation of hemostatic function. 1-gen-1987 Bruni, V; Rosati, D; Bucciantini, S; Verni, A; Abbate, R; Costanzo, M; Pinto, Stefania; Costanzo, G.
Platelet synthesis of cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase products in type I and type II diabetes 1-gen-1988 Abbate, R; Pinto, Stefania; Panetta, A; Favilla, S; Prisco, D; Paniccia, R; Vanni, D; Gensini, Gf; NERI SERNERI, Gg
Increased thrombin generation in normal pregnancy 1-gen-1988 Pinto, Stefania; Abbate, R; Rostagno, C; Bruni, V; Rosati, D; NERI SERNERI, Gg
Differences in antiaggregating activity of dipyrone in whole blood and in platelet-rich plasma 1-gen-1989 Abbate, R.; Gori, A. M.; Pinto, Stefania; Paniccia, R.; Coppo, M.; Tramontana, M.; Serneri, G. G. N.
Activity of dipyrone on intraplatelet arachidonic acid metabolism: an in vitro study. 1-gen-1989 Abbate, R; Pinto, Stefania; Gori, Am; Paniccia, R; Coppo, M; Neri Serneri, Gg
Altered membrane fatty acid composition and increased thromboxane A2 generation in platelets from patients with diabetes 1-gen-1989 Prisco, D; Rogasi, Pg; Paniccia, R; Abbate, R; Gensini, Gf; Pinto, Stefania; Vanni, D; NERI SERNERI, Gg
Prostaglandins in squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx: tumor and peritumor synthesis 1-gen-1990 Pinto, Stefania; Gallo, O; Dilaghi, M; Gallina, E; Giannini, A; Coppo, M; Paniccia, R; Prisco, D; Abbate, R.
Effects of long-term gestodene-containing oral contraceptive administration on hemostasis 1-gen-1990 Abbate, R; Pinto, Stefania; Rostagno, C; Bruni, V; Rosati, D; Mariani, G.
No signs of increased thrombin generation in menopause 1-gen-1990 Pinto, Stefania; Ristagno, C; Coppo, M; Paniccia, R; Prisco, D; Bruni, V; Rosati, D; Abbate, R.
Cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase metabolite synthesis by polymorphonuclear neutrophils: in vitro effect of dipyrone 1-gen-1990 R., Abbate; A. M., Gori; Pinto, Stefania; M., Attanasio; R., Paniccia; M., Coppo; S., Castellani; B., Giusti; M., Boddi; G. G., Neri Serneri
Sex related differences in platelet TxA2 generation. 1-gen-1990 Pinto, Stefania; Coppo, M; Paniccia, R; Prisco, D; Gori, Am; Attanasio, M; Abbate, R.
Changes in thromboxane A2 generation and plasma lipid pattern in pseudomenopause induced by gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) analogue buserelin 1-gen-1991 Pinto, Stefania; Coppo, M; Bruni, V; Rosati, D; Cirri, R; Abbate, R.
Monocyte tumor necrosis factor production in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma 1-gen-1992 Gallo, O; Pinto, Stefania; Boccuzzi, S; Dilaghi, M; Gallina, E; Attanasio, M; Gori, Am; Martini, F; Abbate, R.
Increased thromboxane A2 production at primary tumor site in metastasizing squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx 1-gen-1993 Pinto, Stefania; Gori, L; Gallo, O; Boccuzzi, S; Paniccia, R; Abbate, R.
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