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On a problem in effective knot theory 1-gen-1998 Galatolo, Stefano
Pointwise information entropy for metric spaces 1-gen-1999 Galatolo, Stefano
A proof of the Beyer-Stein-Ulam relation between complexity and entropy 1-gen-2000 Galatolo, Stefano
Orbit complexity by computable structures 1-gen-2000 Galatolo, Stefano
Orbit complexity and data compression 1-gen-2001 Galatolo, Stefano
Information and dynamical systems: a concrete measurement on sporadic dynamics 1-gen-2002 Argenti, F; Benci, Vieri; Cerrai, Paola; Cordelli, A; Galatolo, Stefano; Menconi, G.
Information of sequences and applications 1-gen-2002 Bonanno, Claudio; Galatolo, Stefano; Menconi, Giulia
Global and local complexity in weakly chaotic dynamical systems 1-gen-2003 Galatolo, Stefano
Complexity, initial condition sensitivity, dimension and weak chaos in dynamical systems 1-gen-2003 Galatolo, Stefano
Dynamical systems and computable information 1-gen-2004 Benci, Vieri; Bonanno, Claudio; Galatolo, Stefano; Menconi, Giulia; Virgilio, Michele
Algorithmic information for interval maps with an indifferent fixed point and infinite invariant measure 1-gen-2004 Bonanno, Claudio; Galatolo, Stefano
Recurrence and algorithmic information 1-gen-2004 Bonanno, Claudio; Galatolo, Stefano; Isola, S.
Complexity Analysis to explore the structure of ancient stromatolites 1-gen-2004 STORRIE LOMBARDI, M.; Corsetti, F.; Grigolini, P.; Ignaccolo, M.; Allegrini, P.; Galatolo, Stefano; Tinetti, G.
Recurrence near given sets and the complexity of the Casati-Prosen map 1-gen-2005 Galatolo, Stefano; DEGLI ESPOSTI, M.
Dimension via waiting time and recurrence 1-gen-2005 Galatolo, Stefano
The recurrence time for ergodic systems with infinite invariant measures 1-gen-2006 Galatolo, Stefano; KIM DONG, Han; Park, Kyewon
Compliance control and Feldman's muscle model 1-gen-2006 Lorussi, Federico; Galatolo, Stefano; Caudai, C.; Tognetti, Alessandro; DE ROSSI, DANILO EMILIO
Hitting Time and Dimension in Axiom A Systems, Generic Interval Exchanges and an Application to Birkoff Sums 1-gen-2006 Galatolo, Stefano
Metric complexity for weakly chaotic systems 1-gen-2007 Galatolo, Stefano
Dimension and hitting time in rapidly mixing systems 1-gen-2007 Galatolo, Stefano
The dynamical Borel-Cantelli lemma and the waiting time problems 1-gen-2007 Galatolo, Stefano; D. H., Kim
Stiffness control of biomimetic systems through recruitment of bundle elastomeric actuators 1-gen-2008 Galatolo, Stefano; Lorussi, Federico; Caudai, Claudia
A constructive Borel-Cantelli lemma. Constructing orbits with required statistical properties 1-gen-2009 Galatolo, Stefano; Hoyrup, M; Rojas, C.
Textile-based electrogoniometers for wearable posture and gesture capture systems 1-gen-2009 Lorussi, F; Galatolo, Stefano; DE ROSSI, DANILO EMILIO
Stiffness and compliance control in dynamical systems driven by muscle-like actuators 1-gen-2010 Lorussi, Federico; C., Caudai; DE ROSSI, DANILO EMILIO; Galatolo, Stefano
Lorenz-like flows: exponential decay of correlations for the Poincaré map logarithm law quantitative recurrence 1-gen-2010 Galatolo, Stefano; M. J., Pacifico
An elementary approach to stochastic differential equations using the infinitesimals. 1-gen-2010 Benci, Vieri; Galatolo, Stefano; Ghimenti, MARCO GIPO
Computing the speed of convergence of ergodic averages and pseudorandom points in computable dynamical systems 1-gen-2010 Galatolo, Stefano; Hoyrup, M; Rojas, C.
Hitting time in regular sets and logarithm law for rapidly mixing dynamical systems 1-gen-2010 Galatolo, Stefano
Effective symbolic dynamics, random points, statistical behavior, complexity and entropy 1-gen-2010 Galatolo, Stefano; M., Hoyrup; C., Rojas
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