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Considering the dog as part of the system: studying the attachment bond of dogs toward all members of the fostering family In corso di stampa Mariti, C; Carlone, B; BORGOGNINI TARLI, S; Presciuttini, S; Pierantoni, L; Gazzano, Angelo
Monitoring of dog bites toward people in a urban environment: an example of an integrated approach In corso di stampa Gazzano, Angelo; Mariti, C; Ciceroni, C; Loretti, E; Zilocchi, M; Martelli, F.
Puppies’ appeal on people: a comparison with small adult dogs In corso di stampa Mariti, C; Papi, F; Zilocchi, Marcella; Massoni, E; HERD SMITH, L; Gazzano, Angelo
Educating children about dogs through projects in the classroom In corso di stampa Gazzano, Angelo; Papi, F; MCBRIDE E., A; Zilocchi, Marcella; Mengoli, M; Sighieri, Claudio; Mariti, C.
The Cat–Owner Relationship: Validation of the Italian C/DORS for Cat Owners and Correlation with the LAPS 1-gen-2023 Borrelli, C.; Riggio, G.; Howell, T. J.; Piotti, P.; Diverio, S.; Albertini, M.; Mongillo, P.; Marinelli, L.; Baragli, P.; Di Iacovo, F. P.; Gazzano, A.; Pirrone, F.; Mariti, C.
Analysis of factors affecting the behaviour of both dogs during a Strange Situation Procedure (SSP) to assess intraspecific attachment 1-gen-2022 Riggio, Giacomo; Gazzano, Angelo; Campera, Marco; Borrelli, Carmen; Mariti, Chiara
Behavioral responses to aptitudinal tests and GPS radio-collar monitoring in mixed-breed dogs derived from crossbreeding with pure-breed Maremma-Abruzzese Sheepdog. 1-gen-2022 Bellini, V.; Stagi, G.; Berzi, D.; Dalmasso, S.; Macchioni, F.; Gazzano, A.; Cecchi, F.
Attachment style classification in the interspecific and intraspecific bond in dogs 1-gen-2022 Mariti, Chiara; Borrelli, Carmen; Riggio, Giacomo; Gazzano, Angelo; Carlone, Beatrice; Mariti, Chiara
Student veterinarians’ ability to recognise behavioural signs of stress in dogs 1-gen-2022 Menor-Campos, David J.; Williams, Joanne M.; Gazzano, Angelo; Mariti, Chiara
Cat–Owner Relationship and Cat Behaviour: Effects of the COVID-19 Confinement and Implications for Feline Management 1-gen-2022 Riggio, Giacomo; Borrelli, Carmen; Piotti, Patrizia; Grondona, Anna; Gazzano, Angelo; Di Iacovo, Francesco P.; Fatjó, Jaume; Bowen, Jonathan E.; Mota-Rojas, Daniel; Pirrone, Federica; Mariti, Chiara
Early Blood Analysis and Gas Exchange Monitoring in the Canine Neonate: Effect of Dam’s Size and Birth Order 1-gen-2022 Reyes-Sotelo, Brenda; Ogi, Asahi; Mora-Medina, Patricia; Mariti, Chiara; Olmos-Hernández, Adriana; Hernández-Ávalos, Ismael; Domínguez-Oliva, Adriana; Rosas, Marcelino Evodio; Verduzco-Mendoza, Antonio; Gazzano, Angelo
The Correlation between Play Behavior, Serum Cortisol and Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio in Welfare Assessment of Dairy Calves within the First Month of Life 1-gen-2022 Ogi, Asahi; Campera, Marco; Ienco, Sara; Bonelli, Francesca; Mariti, Chiara; Gazzano, Angelo
Physiological Indicators of Acute and Chronic Stress in Securely and Insecurely Attached Dogs Undergoing a Strange Situation Procedure (SSP): Preliminary Results 1-gen-2022 Riggio, Giacomo; Borrelli, Carmen; Campera, Marco; Gazzano, Angelo; Mariti, Chiara
Impact of Variability Factors on Hair Cortisol, Blood Count and Milk Production of Donkeys 1-gen-2022 Salari, Federica; Mariti, Chiara; Altomonte, Iolanda; Gazzano, Angelo; Martini, Mina
The Welfare of Fighting Dogs: Wounds, Neurobiology of Pain, Legal Aspects and the Potential Role of the Veterinary Profession 1-gen-2022 Mota-Rojas, D.; Mariti, C.; Marcet-Rius, M.; Lezama-Garcia, K.; Gazzano, A.; Hernandez-Avalos, I.; Mora-Medina, P.; Dominguez-Oliva, A.; Whittaker, A. L.
L-Tryptophan supplementation increases serotonin blood levels in dogs fed a dissociated carbohydrate-based diet 1-gen-2021 Gazzano, Angelo; Casini, Lucia; Macchioni, Fabio; Mariti, Chiara; Baragli, Paolo; Preziuso, Giovanna; Curadi, MARIA CLAUDIA; Giuliotti, Lorella; Riggio, Giacomo; Ogi, Asahi
Quantitative Behavioral Analysis and Qualitative Classification of Attachment Styles in Domestic Dogs: Are Dogs with a Secure and an Insecure-Avoidant Attachment Different? 1-gen-2021 Riggio, Giacomo; Gazzano, Angelo; Zsilák, Borbála; Carlone, Beatrice; Mariti, Chiara
The dog–owner relationship: Refinement and validation of the italian c/dors for dog owners and correlation with the laps 1-gen-2021 Riggio, G.; Piotti, P.; Diverio, S.; Borrelli, C.; Di Iacovo, F.; Gazzano, A.; Howell, T. J.; Pirrone, F.; Mariti, C.
Social Preference Tests in Zebrafish: A Systematic Review 1-gen-2021 Ogi, Asahi; Licitra, Rosario; Naef, Valentina; Marchese, Maria; Fronte, Baldassare; Gazzano, Angelo; Santorelli, Filippo M.
Current Advances in Assessment of Dog’s Emotions, Facial Expressions, and Their Use for Clinical Recognition of Pain 1-gen-2021 Mota-Rojas, Daniel; Marcet-Rius, Míriam; Ogi, Asahi; Hernández-Ávalos, Ismael; Mariti, Chiara; Martínez-Burnes, Julio; Mora-Medina, Patricia; Casas, Alejandro; Domínguez, Adriana; Reyes, Brenda; Gazzano, Angelo
Development of the Dog Attachment Insecurity Screening Inventory (D-AISI): A Pilot Study on a Sample of Female Owners 1-gen-2021 Riggio, Giacomo; Noom, Marc; Gazzano, Angelo; Mariti, Chiara
Anthropomorphism and Its Adverse Effects on the Distress and Welfare of Companion Animals 1-gen-2021 Mota-Rojas, Daniel; Mariti, Chiara; Zdeinert, Andrea; Riggio, Giacomo; Mora-Medina, Patricia; del Mar Reyes, Alondra; Gazzano, Angelo; Domínguez-Oliva, Adriana; Lezama-García, Karina; José-Pérez, Nancy; Hernández-Ávalos, Ismael
The link between neurology and behavior in veterinary medicine: a review 1-gen-2021 Amadei, Eleonora; Cantile, Carlo; Gazzano, Angelo; Pierantoni, Ludovica; Mariti, Chiara
Blood Biomarker Profile Alterations in Newborn Canines: Effect of the Mother′s Weight 1-gen-2021 Reyes-Sotelo, Brenda; Mota-Rojas, Daniel; Mora-Medina, Patricia; Ogi, Asahi; Mariti, Chiara; Olmos-Hernández, Adriana; Martínez-Burnes, Julio; Hernández-Ávalos, Ismael; Sánchez-Millán, Jose; Gazzano, Angelo
Serotonin and Tryptophan Serum Concentrations in Shelter Dogs Showing Different Behavioural Responses to a Potentially Stressful Procedure 1-gen-2021 Riggio, Giacomo; Mariti, Chiara; Sergi, Valeria; Diverio, Silvana; Gazzano, Angelo
Oxytocin Receptor Gene Polymorphism in Lactating Dogs 1-gen-2021 Ogi, Asahi; Naef, Valentina; Santorelli, Filippo Maria; Mariti, Chiara; Gazzano, Angelo
The impact of chronic inflammatory enteropathy on dogs’ quality of life and dog-owner relationship 1-gen-2021 Marchetti, V.; Gori, E.; Mariotti, V.; Gazzano, A.; Mariti, C.
Interspecific two-dimensional visual discrimination of faces in horses (Equus caballus) 1-gen-2021 Ragonese, Giulia; Baragli, Paolo; Mariti, Chiara; Gazzano, Angelo; Lanatà, Antonio; Ferlazzo, Adriana; Fazio, Esterina; Cravana, Cristina
The Influence of Oxytocin on Maternal Care in Lactating Dogs 1-gen-2021 Ogi, Asahi; Mariti, Chiara; Pirrone, Federica; Baragli, Paolo; Gazzano, Angelo
Overweight in domestic cats living in urban areas of Italy: Risk factors for an emerging welfare issue 1-gen-2021 Arena, L.; Menchetti, L.; Diverio, S.; Guardini, G.; Gazzano, A.; Mariti, C.
Le attività di «antrozoologia» per la scuola 1-gen-2020 Gazzano, Angelo; Mariti, Chiara
Refinement of laboratory animal welfare 1-gen-2020 Mariti, Chiara; Gazzano, Angelo
Dishabituation to the mirror in domestic dogs: A pilot study 1-gen-2020 Ogi, A.; Naef, V.; Bacci, S.; Gazzano, A.
Cats and dogs: Best friends or deadly enemies? What the owners of cats and dogs living in the same household think about their relationship with people and other pets 1-gen-2020 Menchetti, Laura; Calipari, Silvia; Mariti, Chiara; Gazzano, Angelo; Diverio, Silvana
Zookeepers’ perception of zoo canid welfare and its effect on job satisfaction, worldwide 1-gen-2020 Riggio, G.; Pirrone, F.; Lunghini, E.; Gazzano, A.; Mariti, C.
Does attachment to man already exist in 2 months old normally raised dog puppies? A pilot study 1-gen-2020 Mariti, Chiara; Lenzini, Lorenzo; Carlone, Beatrice; Zilocchi, Marcella; Ogi, Asahi; Gazzano, Angelo
Partial analytic validation of determination of cortisol in dog hair using a commercial EIA kit 1-gen-2020 Mariti, C.; Diverio, S.; Gutierrez, J.; Baragli, P.; Gazzano, A.
Effects of Stroking on Salivary Oxytocin and Cortisol in Guide Dogs: Preliminary Results 1-gen-2020 Ogi, Asahi; Mariti, Chiara; Baragli, Paolo; Sergi, Valeria; Gazzano, Angelo
Overweight and obesity in domestic cat: risk factors for an emerging welfare issue 1-gen-2019 Arena, L.; Menchetti, L.; Diverio, S.; Guardini, G.; Gazzano, A.; Mariti, C.
Welfare assessment of dairy Amiatina donkeys in a semi-intensive system 1-gen-2019 Mariti, C.; Camerini, S.; Salari, F.; Gazzano, A.; Martini, M.
Sensibilizzazione alla donazione di sangue nel cane e nel gatto come esempio per incoraggiare la donazione in ambito umano 1-gen-2019 Lubas, George; Gazzano, Angelo; Mariti, Chiara; Coli, Alessandra; Medina Valentin, Anyela A.
The dog (Canis familiaris) as part of the family: a pilot study on the analysis of dog bond to all the owners 1-gen-2019 Carlone, Beatrice; Sighieri, Claudio; Gazzano, Angelo; Mariti, Chiara
Maternal behaviour in domestic dogs 1-gen-2019 Lezama-García, Karina; Mariti, Chiara; Mota-Rojas, Daniel; Martínez-Burnes, Julio; Barrios-García, Hugo; Gazzano, Angelo
management of specific fears and anxiety in the behavioral medicine of companion animals: punctual use of psychoactive medications 1-gen-2019 Piotti, Patrizia; Uccheddu, Stefania; Alliani, Maurizio; Mariti, Chiara; Nuti, Valentina; Ogi, Asahi; Pierantoni, Ludovica; Gazzano, Angelo
Attitudes toward Animals and Their Welfare among Italian Veterinary Students 1-gen-2019 Pirrone, Federica; Mariti, Chiara; Gazzano, Angelo; Albertini, Mariangela; Sighieri, Claudio; Diverio, Silvana
Blood serotonin concentrations in phobic dogs fed a dissociated carbohydrate-based diet: A pilot study 1-gen-2019 Gazzano, A.; Ogi, A.; Macchioni, F.; Gatta, D.; Preziuso, G.; Baragli, P.; Curadi, M. C.; Giuliotti, L.; Sergi, V.; Casini, L.
Feeding Enrichment in a Captive Pack of European Wolves (Canis Lupus Lupus): Assessing the Effects on Welfare and on a Zoo's Recreational, Educational and Conservational Role 1-gen-2019 Riggio, Giacomo; Mariti, Chiara; Boncompagni, Chiara; Corosaniti, Simone; Di Giovanni, Massimiliano; Ogi, Asahi; Gazzano, Angelo; Thomas, Robert
Determination of Prolactin in Canine Saliva: Is it Possible to Use a Commercial ELISA kit? 1-gen-2019 Gutiérrez, Jara; Gazzano, Angelo; Torracca, Beatrice; Meucci, Valentina; Mariti, Chiara
Attitudes toward Animals of Students at Three European Veterinary Medicine Schools in Italy and Spain 1-gen-2019 Menor-Campos, David J.; Diverio, Silvana; Sánchez-Muñoz, Carolina; López-Rodríguez, Rocío; Gazzano, Angelo; Palandri, Lorenzo; Mariti, Chiara
Effect of Different Environment Enrichments on Behaviour and Social Interactions in Growing Pigs 1-gen-2019 Giuliotti, Lorella; Benvenuti, Maria Novella; Giannarelli, Alessandro; Mariti, Chiara; Gazzano, Angelo
A comparison of blood biochemical parameters as a tool to measure welfare in free-ranging red deer (Cervus elaphus elaphus) after chemical and physical restraint 1-gen-2019 Mariti, Chiara; Iacobelli, Francesca; Ricci, Eva; Fusi, Marco; Mengoli, Manuel; Cozzi, Alessandro; Gazzano, Angelo
Investigating the Role of Prolactin as a Potential Biomarker of Stress in Castrated Male Domestic Dogs 1-gen-2019 Gutiérrez, Jara; Gazzano, Angelo; Pirrone, Federica; Sighieri, Claudio; Mariti, Chiara
Effects of feeding enrichment on the behaviour and welfare of captive wolves (Canis lupus lupus) 1-gen-2018 Rggio, Giacomo; Boncompagni, C.; Corosaniti, S.; di giovanni, M.; Ogi, Asahi; Mariti, Chiara; Gazzano, Angelo; Thomas, R.
Attitudes towards animals and their welfare among Italian veterinary students 1-gen-2018 Mariti, Chiara; Pirrone, Federica; Gazzano, Angelo; Albertini, Mariangela; Sighieri, Claudio; Diverio, Silvana
Effects of human-animal interaction and isolation on salivary oxytocin in 8 guide dogs 1-gen-2018 Ogi, Asahi; Torracca, Beatrice; Gutierrez, Jara; Mariti, Chiara; Gazzano, Angelo
Determination of Prolactin in Canine Saliva: a validation and an experimental study using an ELISA kit 1-gen-2018 Gutiérrez, Jara; Torracca, Beatrice; Gazzano, Angelo; Ogi, Asahi; Meucci, Valentina; Mariti, Chiara
effects of petting before a brief separation from the owner on dog behaviour and physiology: a pilot study 1-gen-2018 Mariti, C.; Carlone, B.; Protti, M.; Diverio, S.; Gazzano, A.
Blood biochemical parameters in frree-ranging red deer (Cervus elaphus elaphus) after chemical and physical restraint 1-gen-2018 Mariti, C.; Iacobelli, F.; Ricci, E.; Fusi, M.; Mengoli, M.; Cozzi, A.; Gazzano, A.
THE IMPORTANCE OF EMOTIONS AND BEHAVIOUR IN LIVESTOCK AND COMPANION ANIMAL WELFARE: A SURVEY AMONG ITALIAN VETERINARY STUDENTS 1-gen-2018 Mariti, Chiara; Pirrone, Federica; Albertini, Mariangela; Gazzano, Angelo; Sighieri, Claudio; Diverio, Silvana
Effects of environmental enrichment in the pig reared in intensive system 1-gen-2018 Gazzano, Angelo; Benvenuti, MARIA NOVELLA; Mariti, Chiara; Giannarelli, Alessandro; Giuliotti, Lorella
Familiarity and interest in working with livestock decreases the odds of having positive attitudes towards non-human animals and their welfare among veterinary students in Italy 1-gen-2018 Mariti, Chiara; Pirrone, Federica; Albertini, Mariangela; Gazzano, Angelo; Diverio, Silvana
Plasma tryptophan/large neutral amino acids ratio in domestic dogs is affected by a single meal with high carbohydrates level 1-gen-2018 Gazzano, Angelo; Ogi, Asahi; Torracca, Beatrice; Mariti, Chiara; Casini, Lucia
Effects of petting before a brief separation from the owner on dog behavior and physiology: A pilot study 1-gen-2018 Mariti, Chiara; Carlone, Beatrice; Protti, Massimiliano; Diverio, Silvana; Gazzano, Angelo
Training protocol: Research dogs for Boletus mushrooms 1-gen-2018 D’Adamo, Alice; Zilocchi, Marcella; Lugliè, Alessio; Mariti, Chiara; Gazzano, Angelo
Dog behavior in the Ainsworth Strange Situation Test during separation from the owner and from the cohabitant dog 1-gen-2018 Mariti, Chiara; Carlone, Beatrice; Sighieri, Claudio; Campera, Marco; Gazzano, Angelo
The effects of green odour on domestic dogs: A pilot study 1-gen-2018 Carlone, Beatrice; Gazzano, Angelo; Gutiérrez, Jara; Sighieri, Claudio; Mariti, Chiara
Electronic training devices: Discussion on the pros and cons of their use in dogs as a basis for the position statement of the European Society of Veterinary Clinical Ethology 1-gen-2018 Masson, Sylvia; de la Vega, Silvia; Gazzano, Angelo; Mariti, Chiara; Pereira, Gonçalo Da Graça; Halsberghe, Christine; Muser Leyvraz, Anneli; Mcpeake, Kevin; Schoening, Barbara
Behavioral and cortisol responses of shelter dogs to a cognitive bias test after olfactory enrichment with essential oils 1-gen-2018 Uccheddu, Stefania; Mariti, Chiara; Sannen, Adinda; Vervaecke, Hilde; Arnout, Heidi; Gutierrez, Jara; Gazzano, Angelo; Haverbeke, Anouck
Attitude toward non-human animals and their welfare: do behaviorists differ from other veterinarians? 1-gen-2018 Gazzano, Angelo; Giussani, Sabrina; Gutiérrez, Jara; Ogi, Asahi; Mariti, Chiara
il rischio burnout per le professioni in ambito etologico 1-gen-2017 Caverni, Beatrice; Gazzano, Angelo; Mariti, Chiara
L'efficacia della comunicazione centrata sulla persona come prevenzione del burnout nei medici veterinari esperti in comportamento 1-gen-2017 Caverni, Beatrice; Gazzano, Angelo; Mariti, Chiara
INFLUENCE OF GENTLE TOUCHING BEFORE SEPARATION FROM THE OWNER ON DOG BEHAVIOUR AND PHYSIOLOGY 1-gen-2017 Mariti, Chiara; Protti, Massimiliano; Carlone, Beatrice; Torracca, Beatrice; Diverio, Silvana; Sighieri, Claudio; Gazzano, Angelo
Pharmacokinetics and estimated bioavailability of grapiprant, a novel selective prostaglandin E2 receptor antagonist, after oral administration in fasted and fed dogs 1-gen-2017 Łebkowska Wieruszewska, B.; Barsotti, Giovanni; Lisowski, A.; Gazzano, Angelo; Owen, H.; Giorgi, Mario
Olfactory Enrichment in Dogs: Possible New Applications 1-gen-2017 Uccheddu, Stefania; Schoelynk, Stijn; Sannen, Adinda; Vervaecke, Hilde; Arnouts, Heidi; Gutiérrez, Jara; Mariti, Chiara; Gazzano, Angelo
Attitude towards animals in veterinary students 1-gen-2017 Mariti, Chiara; Palandri, Lorenzo; Gazzano, Angelo; Sánchez Muñoz, C.; Menor Campos, D. J.; López Rodríguez, R.; Diverio, Silvana
Plasmatic tryptophan/large neutral amino acids ratio in domestic dogs is affected by meal composition 1-gen-2017 Gazzano, Angelo; Ogi, Asahi; Torracca, Beatrice; Sighieri, Claudio; Mariti, Chiara; Casini, Lucia
The attachment bond to people in domestic dogs: does it exist already in puppies? 1-gen-2017 Mariti, Chiara; Lenzini, Lorenzo; Carlone, Beatrice; Zilocchi, Marcella; Caverni, Beatrice; Gazzano, Angelo
Analysis of the intraspecific visual communication in the domestic dog (Canis familiaris): a pilot study on the case of calming signals 1-gen-2017 Mariti, Chiara; Falaschi, Caterina; Zilocchi, Marcella; Fatjò, Jaume; Sighieri, Claudio; Ogi, Asahi; Gazzano, Angelo
Effects of Olfactory Stimulation with Essential Oils in Animals: A Review 1-gen-2017 Haverbeke, A; Schoelynk, S; Sannen, A; Vervaecke, H; Mariti, C; Gutierrez, Jara; Gazzano, A; Uccheddu, S
Attitude towards pets in veterinary surgeons: A comparison between female and male veterinarians in Italy 1-gen-2017 Mariti, Chiara; Giussani, Sabrina; Bergamini, Simone Moreira; Gazzano, Angelo
Intraspecific relationships in adult domestic dogs (Canis familiaris) living in the same household: A comparison of the relationship with the mother and an unrelated older female dog 1-gen-2017 Mariti, Chiara; Carlone, Beatrice; Votta, Emilia; Ricci, Eva; Sighieri, Claudio; Gazzano, Angelo
Influence of maternal care on behavioural development of domestic dogs (Canis familiaris) living in a home environment 1-gen-2017 Guardini, Giovanna; Bowen, Jon; Mariti, Chiara; Fatjã³, Jaume; Sighieri, Claudio; Gazzano, Angelo
Effect of meal composition on tryptophan:large neutral amino acids ratio in dogs 1-gen-2017 Ogi, Asahi; Torracca, Beatrice; Mariti, Chiara; Casini, Lucia; Gazzano, Angelo
The perception of cat stress by Italian owners 1-gen-2017 Mariti, Chiara; Guerrini, Francesca; Vallini, Viviana; Bowen, Jonathan E.; Fatjó, Jaume; Diverio, Silvana; Sighieri, Claudio; Gazzano, Angelo
Differences in management of dogs and cats living in the same household 1-gen-2017 Menchetti, L; Calipari, S; Catanzaro, A; Mariti, Chiara; Gazzano, Angelo; Diverio, Silvana
Guardians' Perceptions of Dogs' Welfare and Behaviors Related to Visiting the Veterinary Clinic 1-gen-2017 Mariti, Chiara; Pierantoni, Ludovica; Sighieri, Claudio; Gazzano, Angelo
Motor laterality in domestic dogs: does the familiarity with the handler influence the paw preference? 1-gen-2016 Ogi, A.; Fortunato, Donato; Guardini, G.; Mariti, C.; Gazzano, A.
Italian pointing dogs and the other pointing dog breeds: are there behavioral differences? 1-gen-2016 Carlone, B.; Gazzano, A.; Mariti, C.
Behavioural Signs and Neurological Disorders in Dogs and Cats 1-gen-2016 Eleonora, Amadei; Cantile, Carlo; Gazzano, Angelo; Mariti, Chiara
Dogs’ activities and behavior problems: a comparison between Italy and Brazil 1-gen-2016 Zilocchi, M.; Moreira Bergamini, S.; Coelho, A. S.; Mariti, C.; Tagliavini, Z.; Gazzano, A.
The risk of burnout in veterinary behaviourists: effectiveness of a preventative course. 1-gen-2016 Caverni, Beatrice; Gazzano, A.; Fossati, L.; Mariti, C.
attitude of veterinary surgeons towards animals: does the practice of behavioural medicine matter? 1-gen-2016 Mariti, Chiara; Giussani, Sabrina; moreira bergamini, Simone; Gazzano, Angelo
Incidence of house soiling and lifestyle of domestic cats in Italy, Brazil and Portugal 1-gen-2016 Moreira Bergamini, S.; Da Graça Pereira, G.; Morais, D.; Fragoso, S.; Gazzano, A.; Mariti, C.
Possible behavioural effects of the normalisation of thyroid hormone levels in hypothyroid dogs: a preliminary investigation on 27 dogs. 1-gen-2016 Ogi, A.; Furlanello, T.; Gazzano, A.; Mariti, C.
INTRASPECIFIC ATTACHMENT IN DOGS: IS THE MOTHER ALWAYS THE MOTHER? 1-gen-2016 Mariti, C.; Votta, E.; Carlone, B.; Ricci, E.; Sighieri, C.; Gazzano, A.
Attitude towards pets in veterinary surgeons: a comparison between femal and male veterinarians in Italy 1-gen-2016 Mariti, Chiara; Giussani, Sabrina; Moreira Bergamini, Simone; Gazzano, Angelo
ADULT DOMESTIC DOGS (CANIS FAMILIARIS) ARE MORE STRONGLY BONDED TO OWNERS THAN TO THEIR OWN MOTHERS 1-gen-2016 Mariti, Chiara; Votta, Emilia; Sani, Irene; Carlone, Beatrice; Ricci, Eva; Sighieri, Claudio; Gazzano, Angelo
Prolactin in female domestic dogs: a mini-review 1-gen-2016 Gutierrez, Jara; Gazzano, Angelo; Mariti, Chiara
Behavioural modification in sheltered dogs 1-gen-2016 Cozzi, Alessandro; Mariti, Chiara; Ogi, Asahi; Sighieri, Claudio; Gazzano, Angelo
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