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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
The fate of Hyperion's fragments 1-gen-1990 Farinella, P.; Paolicchi, Paolo; Strom, R. G.; Kargel, J. S.; Zappala, V.
FIELD FRAGMENTATION OF MACROSCOPIC TARGETS SIMULATING ASTEROIDAL CATASTROPHIC COLLISIONS 1-gen-1994 Giblin, I; Martelli, G; Smith, Pn; Cellino, A; Dimartino, M; Zappala, V; Farinella, P; Paolicchi, Paolo
Flattening, pole, and albedo features of 4 Vesta from photometric data 1-gen-1987 Cellino, A.; Zappala, V.; di Martino, M.; Farinella, P.; Paolicchi, Paolo
Flying too close to the Sun – The viability of perihelion-induced aqueous alteration on periodic comets 1-gen-2020 Suttle, M. D.; Folco, L.; Genge, M. J.; Russell, S. S.
Footprints of the YORP effect in asteroid families 1-gen-2016 Paolicchi, Paolo; Knežević, Zoran
Hyperion: collisional disruption of a resonant satellite 1-gen-1983 Farinella, Paolo; MILANI COMPARETTI, Andrea; Nobili, ANNA MARIA; Paolicchi, Paolo; Zappala', V.
Identification of known objects in Solar System surveys 1-gen-2012 MILANI COMPARETTI, Andrea; Knezevic, Zoran; Farnocchia, D; Bernardi, Fabrizio; Jedicke, R; Denneau, L.
An Improved Semi-Empirical Model of Catastrophic Impact Processes I-Theory and Laboratory Experiments 1-gen-1996 Paolicchi, Paolo; Verlicchi, A.; Cellino, A.
Laboratory measurements of anhydrous minerals mixed with hyperfine hydrated minerals to support interpretation of infrared reflectance observations of planetary surfaces 1-gen-2023 Poggiali, G; Iannini Lelarge, S; Brucato, Jr; Barucci, Ma; Masotta, M; Corazzi, Ma; Fornaro, T; Brown, Aj; Mandon, L; Randazzo, N
Long term impact risk for (101955) 1999 RQ36 1-gen-2009 MILANI COMPARETTI, Andrea; CHESLEY S., R; SANSATURIO M., E; Bernardi, F; Valsecchi, G. B.
Maria's Family: Physical Structure and Possible Implications for the Origin of Giant NEAs 1-gen-1997 Zappala, V.; Cellino, A.; di Martino, M.; Migliorini, F.; Paolicchi, Paolo
Near Earth Asteroids with measurable Yarkovsky effect 1-gen-2013 D., Farnocchia; S. R., Chesley; D., Vokrouhlick?; MILANI COMPARETTI, Andrea; Spoto, Federica; W. F., Bottke
New findings on asteroid spin-vector distributions 1-gen-2007 Kryszczynska, A; LA SPINA, Alessandra; Paolicchi, Paolo; Harris, Aw; Breiter, S; Pravec, P.
New V-type asteroids in near-Earth space 1-gen-2005 Marchi, S; Lazzarin, M; Paolicchi, Paolo; Magrin, S.
Non linear impact monitoring: Line Of Variation searches for impactors 1-gen-2005 MILANI COMPARETTI, Andrea; A. S. R., Chesley; M. E., Sansaturio; Tommei, Giacomo; G. B., Valsecchi
Numerical behaviour of the Keplerian Integrals methods for initial orbit determination 1-gen-2022 Rodriguez, O.; Gronchi, G. F.; Bau', G.; Jedicke, R.
On the ages of resonant, eroded and fossil asteroid families 1-gen-2017 Milani, Andrea; Knezevic, Zoran; Spoto, Federica; Cellino, Alberto; Novakovic, Bojan; Tsirvoulis, Georgios
On the origin of metallic iron in eucrite breccias: Effects of impact shock and mixing on the surface of (4) Vesta 1-gen-2024 Shisseh, T.; Aoudjehane, H. Chennaoui; Hewins, R.; Folco, L.; Zanda, B.; Agee, C. B.; Jacquet, E.; Zennouri, L.; Leili, M. H.; Pont, S.
On the Size Distribution of Asteroid Families: The Role of Geometry 1-gen-1999 Tanga, P.; Cellino, A.; Michel, P.; Zappalà, V.; Paolicchi, Paolo; Dell'Oro, A.
Orbit and bulk density of the OSIRIS-REx target Asteroid (101955) Bennu 1-gen-2014 Steven R., Chesley; Davide, Farnocchia; Michael C., Nolan; David, Vokrouhlick?; Paul W., Chodas; MILANI COMPARETTI, Andrea; Spoto, Federica; Benjamin, Rozitis; Lance A. M., Benner; William F., Bottke; Michael W., Busch; Joshua P., Emery; Ellen S., Howell; Dante S., Lauretta; Jean Luc, Margot; Patrick A., Taylor
Mostra risultati da 21 a 40 di 68
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