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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Power consumption-aware virtual machine allocation in cloud data center 1-gen-2016 Portaluri, Giuseppe; Adami, Davide; Gabbrielli, Andrea; Giordano, Stefano; Pagano, Michele
Power Consumption-Aware Virtual Machine Placement in Cloud Data Center 1-gen-2017 Portaluri, Giuseppe; Adami, Davide; Gabbrielli, Andrea; Giordano, Stefano; Pagano, Michele
Power Control in Networks With Heterogeneous Users: A Quasi-Variational Inequality Approach 1-gen-2015 Stupia, Ivan; Sanguinetti, Luca; Bacci, Giacomo; Vandendorpe, Luc
Power converters, electric drives and energy storage systems for electrified transportation and smart grid applications 1-gen-2021 Mihet-Popa, L.; Saponara, S.
Power droop reduction during Launch-On-Shift scan-based logic BIST 1-gen-2014 Omana, M.; Rossi, D.; Beniamino, E.; Metra, C.; Tirumurti, C.; Galivanche, R.
A power efficient genetic algorithm for resource allocation in cloud computing data centers 1-gen-2014 Portaluri, Giuseppe; Giordano, Stefano; Kliazovich, Dzmitry; Dorronsoro, Bernabé
Power Efficient Low Complexity Precoding for Massive MIMO Systems 1-gen-2014 H., Sifaou; A., Kammoun; Sanguinetti, Luca; M., Debbah; M. S., Alouini
Power efficient resource allocation in cloud computing data centers using multi-objective genetic algorithms and simulated annealing 1-gen-2015 Portaluri, Giuseppe; Giordano, Stefano
Power electronics based on wide-bandgap semiconductors: opportunities and challenges 1-gen-2021 Iannaccone, Giuseppe; Sbrana, Christian; Morelli, Iacopo; Strangio, Sebastiano
Power Excursion Aware Routing in GMPLS-based WSONs 1-gen-2009 F. M. V., Ramos; Giorgetti, Alessio; F., Cugini; Castoldi, Piero; J., Crowcroft; I. H., White
Power law jumps and power law waiting times, fractional calculus and human mobility in epidemiological systems 1-gen-2015 Stollenwerk, N; Skwara, U; Aceto, Lidia; Daudé, E; Marguta, R; Mateus, L; Ghaffari, P; Parisi, A; Aguiar, M.
Power law olivine crystal size distributions in lithospheric mantle xenoliths 1-gen-2002 Armienti, Pietro; Tarquini, S.
Power Line Communication in a Full Electric Vehicle: Measurements, Modelling and Analysis 1-gen-2010 Barmada, Sami; Raugi, Marco; Tucci, Mauro; Zheng, Tao
Power Line Communication Integrated in a Wireless Power Transfer System: a Feasibility Study 1-gen-2014 Barmada, Sami; Tucci, Mauro; Raugi, Marco
Power Management 1-gen-2007 Anastasi, Giuseppe; M., Conti; E., Gregori; A., Passarella
Power Management in Mobile and Pervasive Computing Systems 1-gen-2005 Anastasi, Giuseppe; M., Conti; A., Passarella
Power measurement campaign for evaluating the energy efficiency of current NICs 1-gen-2011 Callegari, Christian; Garroppo, ROSARIO GIUSEPPE; Giordano, Stefano; Nencioni, Gianfranco; Pagano, Michele
Power Minimization of Downlink Spectrum Slicing for eMBB and URLLC Users 1-gen-2022 Saggese, F.; Moretti, M.; Popovski, P.
The power of convex algebras 1-gen-2017 Bonchi, Filippo; Silva, Alexandra; Sokolova, Ana
The power of data: how traffic demand and data analytics are driving network evolution toward 6G systems 1-gen-2023 Sabella, Dario; Micheli, Davide; Nardini, Giovanni
Mostra risultati da 157.699 a 157.718 di 224.051
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