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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
The use of fibroblast cell cultures to assess genetic susceptibility to environmental pollutants in Mediterranean cetaceans 1-gen-2008 Frenzilli, Giada; Nigro, Marco; Bernardeschi, M; Bucalossi, D; Fossi, M; Marsili, L.
The Use of Fixed Base Simulation in Handling Qualities Characteristics Evaluation 1-gen-1983 Innocenti, Mario
The use of fluorescence in situ hybridization with a beta-satellite DNA probe for the detection of acrocentric chromosomes in vanadium-induced micronuclei. 1-gen-1995 Migliore, Lucia; Scarpato, Roberto; Falco, P.
The use of foraminiferal tests as bio-drifters: a new tool to define longshore sediment flows. An example from Pisa coast (Tuscany, Italy) 1-gen-2007 Merola, D; Sarti, Giovanni
The use of frequency histograms of ultrasonic backscatter amplitudes for detection of atherosclerosis in vitro 1-gen-1986 Picano, E; Landini, Luigi; Lattanzi, F.
The Use of Fuzzy Logic in Adaptive Flight Control Systems 1-gen-2000 Mengali, Giovanni
The use of genetic markers for the selection and the allelic exchange of "in vitro" induced mutations that do not have a phenotype in E. coli. 1-gen-1984 Cesareni, G.; Traboni, C.; Ciliberto, G.; Dente, Luciana; Cortese, R.
The use of geographic information under the area-level approach to small area estimation 1-gen-2014 Marchetti, Stefano; Giusti, Caterina; Salvati, Nicola
The use of geophysical methods to study the masonry structures of monuments: an application for the restoration of the Cathedral of Nicosia (Sicily) 1-gen-2000 Marchisio, Mario; L., D'Onofrio; E., Forlani; S., Cerri
The use of GMOs: agricultural biotechnology or agricultural biopolitcs? 1-gen-2007 Nuti, Marco; C., Felici; M., Agnolucci
The use of HazOp and Fault Tree techniques for the assessment of non-accident induced release frequencies in the transport of hazardous substances 1-gen-2004 Cozzani, V.; Spadoni, G.; Zanelli, Severino
The use of human hypertrophic chondrocytes-derived extracellular matrix for the treatment of critical-size calvarial defects 1-gen-2011 Donos, N; Graziani, Filippo; Mardas, N; Kostopoulos, L.
The use of hydrogen peroxide in the experimental therapy of cysts. an in vitro analysis 1-gen-2003 Graziani, Filippo; Vano, Michele; Tartaro, G. P.; Fanelli, G.; Gabriele, Mario
The Use of Light Walls in Buildings as a Consequence of the Most Recent European Regulations 1-gen-2009 Ciampi, M; Leccese, Francesco; Tuoni, G; Salvadori, Giacomo
The Use Of Lightweight Materials In Road Embankment Construction 1-gen-2012 Marradi, Alessandro; Pinori, U; Betti, G.
The use of MAB 1977 monoclonal antibody for the immunohistochemical localization of beta 1 integrins in paraffin-embedded human kidney 1-gen-1997 Bernardini, Nunzia; Bianchi, Francesco; Lupetti, Mario; Dolfi, Amelio
The use of microarrays to study the anaerobic response in Arabidopsis 1-gen-2005 S., Gonzali; E., Loreti; G., Novi; Alpi, Amedeo; P., Perata
The use of microbead-based spoligotyping for Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex to evaluate the quality of the conventional method: Providing guidelines for Quality Assurance when working on membranes 1-gen-2011 Abadia, E; J., Zhang; V., Ritacco; K., Kremer; R., Ruimy; L., Rigouts; H., MAGDINIER GOMES; A., RIBEIRO ELIAS; M., FAUVILLE DUFAUX; K., Stoffels; V., RASOLOFO RAZANAMPARANY; D., GARCIA DE VIEDMA; M., Herranz; S., AL HAJOJ; N., Rastogi; Garzelli, Carlo; E., Tortoli; P. N., Suffys; D., VAN SOOLINGEN; G., Refregier; C., Sola
The use of microsatellites as markers of neoplastic progression in head and neck carcinoma 1-gen-1998 Foschini, S.; Montali, E.; Franchi, A.; Arrigucci, S.; Sardi, I.; Gallo, O.
Mostra risultati da 204.116 a 204.135 di 221.123
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