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5% Lidocaine Hydrochloride Cream for Wound Pain Relief: A Multicentre Observational Study 1-gen-2020 Janowska, Agata; Papa, Giovanni; Romanelli, Marco; Davini, Giulia; Oranges, Teresa; Stocco, Chiara; Arnez, Zoran Marji; Dini, Valentina
A new wound measurement and documentation system 1-gen-2010 Dini, Valentina; Piaggesi, A; Romanelli, Marco; Bertone, Ms; Barachini, P.
A study to compare a new self-adherent soft silicone dressing with a self adherent polymer dressing in stage II pressure ulcer 1-gen-2003 Meaume, S; VAN DE LOOVERBOSH, D; Heyman, H; Romanelli, Marco; Ciangherotti, A; Charpin, S.
Acne fulminans associated with lymecycline intake: A case report 1-gen-2018 Gualtieri, Bruno; Tonini, Annalisa; Panduri, Salvatore; Chiricozzi, Andrea; Romanelli, Marco
Adherence and Persistence to Biological Drugs for Psoriasis: Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis 1-gen-2022 Piragine, Eugenia; Petri, Davide; Martelli, Alma; Janowska, Agata; Dini, Valentina; Romanelli, Marco; Calderone, Vincenzo; Lucenteforte, Ersilia
Amelogenin an extracellular matrix protein in the treatment of venous leg ulcers and other hard to heal wounds. experimental and clinical evidence 1-gen-2008 Romanelli, Marco; Dini, Valentina; Vowden, P; Agren, Ms
Angiogenesis and nerve regeneration in a model of human skin equivalent transplant 1-gen-2003 Ferretti, A; Boschi, E; Stefani, A; Spiga, S; Romanelli, Marco; Lemmi, M; Giovanetti, A; Longoni, Biancamaria; Mosca, Franco
Angiogenesis and neurogenesis in graft of human living skin equivalent by confocal microscopy, 1-gen-2001 E., Boschi; A., Ferretti; Longoni, Biancamaria; A., Stefani; Romanelli, Marco; F., Mosca
The antibacterial and antibiofilm activity of Granudacyn in vitro in a 3D collagen wound infection model 1-gen-2022 Esin, Semih; Kaya, Esingül; Maisetta, Giuseppantonio; Romanelli, Marco; Batoni, Giovanna
The Application of Ultra-High-Frequency Ultrasound in Dermatology and Wound Management 1-gen-2020 Izzetti, R.; Oranges, T.; Janowska, A.; Gabriele, M.; Graziani, F.; Romanelli, M.
Assessment of disease severity and treatment effectiveness in hidradenitis suppurativa 1-gen-2016 Chiricozzi, Andrea; Dini, Valentina; Teresa, Oranges; Luca, Bianchi; Romanelli, Marco
The Association Between pH and Fluorescence as Noninvasive Diagnostic Tools in Chronic Wounds 1-gen-2021 Janowska, A.; Davini, G.; Romanelli, M.; Teresa, O.; Michela, I.; Dini, V.
Atrophie blanche: is it associated with venous disease or livedoid vasculopathy? 1-gen-2014 Alavi, Afsaneh; Hafner, Jurg; Dutz, Jan P; Mayer, Dieter; Sibbald, R. Gary; Criado, Paulo Ricardo; Senet, Patricia; Callen, Jeffery P; Phillips, Tania J; Romanelli, Marco; Kirsner, Robert S.
Atypical ulcers: Diagnosis and management 1-gen-2019 Janowska, A.; Dini, V.; Oranges, T.; Iannone, M.; Loggini, B.; Romanelli, M.
Basic physiology of skin grafts 1-gen-2011 Dini, Valentina; Barbanera, S; Romanelli, Marco
Biologic drugs in wound management 1-gen-2015 Romanelli, Marco
Biomarkers for psoriasis skin lesions 1-gen-2017 D'Erme, ANGELO MASSIMILIANO; Papadia, Francesca; Wenzel, Joerg; Bieber, Thomas; Romanelli, Marco; Chiricozzi, Andrea
Blue light emission in the management of hard to heal wounds: a case series 1-gen-2020 Dini, Valentina; Romanelli, Marco; Oranges, Teresa; Davini, Giulia; Janowska, Agata
Classification of wounds at risk and their antimicrobial treatment with polihexanide: a practice-oriented expert recommendation 1-gen-2011 Dissemond, J; Assadian, O; Gerber, V; Kingsley, A; Kramer, A; Leaper, D; Mosti, G; Piatkowski de Grzymala, A; Riepe, G; Risse, A; Romanelli, Marco; Strohal, R; Traber, J; Vasel Biergans, A; Wild, T; Eberlein, T.
Clinical evaluation of a wound measurement and documentation system 1-gen-2008 Romanelli, Marco; Dini, Valentina; Rogers, Lc; Hammond, Ce; Nixon, Ma