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Comparison Between Total Thyroidectomy and Medical Therapy for Amiodarone-Induced Thyrotoxicosis 1-gen-2020 Cappellani, D.; Papini, P.; Pingitore, A.; Tomisti, L.; Mantuano, M.; Di Certo, A. M.; Manetti, L.; Marconcini, G.; Scattina, I.; Urbani, C.; Morganti, R.; Marcocci, C.; Materazzi, G.; Iervasi, G.; Martino, E.; Bartalena, L.; Bogazzi, F.
Diabetes insipidus is an unfavorable prognostic factor for response to glucocorticoids in patients with autoimmune hypophysitis 1-gen-2017 Lupi, Isabella; Cosottini, Mirco; Caturegli, Patrizio; Manetti, Luca; Urbani, Claudio; Cappellani, Daniele; Scattina, Ilaria; Martino, Enio; Marcocci, Claudio; Bogazzi, Fausto
DISEASE ACTIVITY AND LIFESTYLE INFLUENCE COMORBIDITIES AND CARDIOVASCULAR EVENTS IN PATIENTS WITH ACROMEGALY 1-gen-2016 Sardella, Chiara; Cappellani, Daniele; Urbani, Claudio; Manetti, Luca; Marconcini, Giulia; Tomisti, Luca; Lupi, Isabella; Rossi, Giuseppe; Scattina, Ilaria; Lombardi, Martina; DI BELLO, Vitantonio; Marcocci, Claudio; Martino, Enio; Bogazzi, Fausto
Divergent effects of dioxin- or non- dioxin- Like polychlorinated biphenyls on the apoptosis of primary cell culture from the mouse dioxin pituitary gland 1-gen-2016 Raggi, Francesco; Russo, Dania; Urbani, Claudio; Sardella, Chiara; Manetti, Luca; Cappellani, Daniele; Lupi, Isabella; Tomisti, Luca; Martino, Enio; Marcocci, Claudio; Bogazzi, Fausto
The presence of anti-thyroglobulin (TgAb) and/or anti-thyroperoxidase antibodies (TPOAb) does not exclude the diagnosis of type 2 amiodarone-induced thyrotoxicosis 1-gen-2016 Tomisti, Luca; Urbani, Claudio; Rossi, G; Latrofa, Francesco; Sardella, C; Manetti, L; Lupi, I; Marcocci, Claudio; Bartalena, L; Curzio, O; Martino, Enio; Bogazzi, Fausto
Prognostic factors for pancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms (pNET) and the risk of small non-functioning pNET 1-gen-2015 Lombardi, M; De Lio, N; Funel, Niccola; Sardella, C; Russo, Dania; Urbani, Claudio; Rossi, G; Campani, Daniela; Martino, Enio; Marcocci, Claudio; Boggi, Ugo; Bogazzi, Fausto
A novel germline mutation in the aryl hydrocarbon receptor-interacting protein (Aip) gene in an Italian family with gigantism 1-gen-2014 C., Urbani; D., Russo; F., Raggi; M., Lombardi; C., Sardella; I., Scattina; I., Lupi; L., Manetti; L., Tomisti; Marcocci, Claudio; Martino, Enio; Bogazzi, Fausto
Clinical and genetic characteristics of a large monocentric series of patients affected by thyroid hormone (Th) resistance and suggestions for differential diagnosis in patients without mutation of Th receptor ? 1-gen-2014 Macchia, Enrico; Lombardi, Martina; Raffaelli, V; Piaggi, Paolo; Macchia, Lorenzo; Scattina, I; Martino, Enio
Leonardo da Vinci "Design of Lady with Graves' disease" (1452-1519) 1-gen-2014 Martino, Enio; Vitti, Paolo
Lower Prolactin Levels During Cabergoline Treatment are Associated to Tumor Shrinkage in Prolactin Secreting Pituitary Adenoma. 1-gen-2014 Lombardi, M; Lupi, Isabella; Cosottini, Mirco; Rossi, G; Manetti, L; Raffaelli, V; Sardella, C; Martino, Enio; Bogazzi, Fausto
The beneficial effect of acromegaly control on blood pressure values in normotensive patients 1-gen-2014 Chiara, Sardella; Urbani, Claudio; Martina, Lombardi; Alessandro, Nuzzo; Luca, Manetti; Isabella, Lupi; Giuseppe, Rossi; Simone Del, Sarto; Scattina, Ilaria; DI BELLO, Vitantonio; Martino, Enio; Bogazzi, Fausto
Effects of Amiodarone, Thyroid Hormones and CYP2C9 and VKORC1 Polymorphisms on Warfarin Metabolism: A Review of the Literature. 1-gen-2013 Tomisti, L; Del Re, M; Bartalena, L; Tanda, Ml; Pucci, A; Pambianco, F; Danesi, R; Braverman, Le; Martino, E; Bogazzi, F.
The size of the community rather than its geographical location better defines the risk of iodine deficiency: Results of an extensive survey in Southern Italy 1-gen-2013 Aghini-Lombardi, F.; Vitti, P.; Antonangeli, L.; Fiore, E.; Piaggi, P.; Pallara, A.; Consiglio, E.; Pinchera, A.; D'Armiento, M.; Fenzi, G. F.; Filetti, S.; Giorgino, R.; Lombardi, G.; Mariotti, S.; Martino, E.; Regalbuto, C.
Usefulness of salivary cortisol in the diagnosis of hypercortisolism: comparison with serum and urinary cortisol. 1-gen-2013 Manetti, L.; Rossi, G.; Grasso, Lucia; Raffaelli, V.; Scattina, I.; Sarto, S. D.; Cosottini, Mirco; Iannelli, Aldo; Gasperi, M.; Bogazzi, Fausto; Martino, Enio
Hashimoto's thyroiditis in a benign cystic teratoma of the ovary: case report and literature review. 1-gen-2012 Lupi, Ilaria; Fessehatsion, R; Manca, A; Cossu Rocca, P; Martino, Enio; Macchia, Enrico
Total thyroidectomy in patients with amiodarone-induced thyrotoxicosis and severe left ventricular systolic dysfunction. 1-gen-2012 Tomisti, Luca; Materazzi, Gabriele; Bartalena, Luigi; Rossi, Giuseppe; Marchello, Angelica; Moretti, Manuela; Napoli, Luigi De; Mariotti, Rita; Miccoli, Paolo; Martino, Enio; Bogazzi, Fausto
Cardiac extrinsic apoptotic pathway is silent in young but activated in elder mice overexpressing bovine GH: interplay with the intrinsic pathway 1-gen-2011 Bogazzi, Fausto; Russo, D; Raggi, F; Bohlooly, Y. M.; Tornell, J; Sardella, C; Lombardi, M; Urbani, C; Manetti, L; Brogioni, S; Martino, Enio
Continuation of amiodarone delays restoration of euthyroidism in patients with type 2 amiodarone-induced thyrotoxicosis treated with prednisone: a pilot study 1-gen-2011 Bogazzi, Fausto; Bartalena, Luigi; Tomisti, Luca; Rossi, Giuseppe; Brogioni, Sandra; Martino, Enio
Effect of rosiglitazone on serum IGF-I concentrations in uncontrolled acromegalic patients under conventional medical therapy: results from a pilot phase 2 study 1-gen-2011 Bogazzi, Fausto; Rossi, G; Lombardi, M; Raggi, F; Urbani, C; Sardella, C; Cosci, C; Martino, Enio
Impact of different cut-off limits of peak GH after GHRH-arginine stimulatory test, single IGF1 measurement, or their combination in identifying adult patients with GH deficiency 1-gen-2011 Bogazzi, Fausto; Manetti, L; Lombardi, M; Giovannetti, C; Raffaelli, V; Urbani, C; Scattina, I; Pepe, P; Iannelli, Aldo; Martino, Enio; Rossi, G.