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Activated carbon from hydrochar produced by hydrothermal carbonization of wastes 1-gen-2017 Puccini, Monica; Stefanelli, Eleonora; Hiltz, Martin; Seggiani, Maurizia; Vitolo, Sandra
Biodegradability of Polyethylene/Hydrolyzed Collagen Blends in Terrestrial and Marine Environmental Conditions 1-gen-2017 Puccini, Monica; Stefanelli, Eleonora; Seggiani, Maurizia; Balestri, Elena; Vitolo, Sandra
Ciprofloxacin removal: BDD anode coupled with solid polymer electrolyte and ultrasound irradiation 1-gen-2020 Tasca, A. L.; Clematis, D.; Stefanelli, E.; Panizza, M.; Puccini, M.
CO2 sorption kinetic study and modeling on doped-Li4SiO4 under different temperatures and CO2 partial pressures 1-gen-2020 Stefanelli, Eleonora; Puccini, Monica; Vitolo, Sandra; Seggiani, Maurizia
CO⁠2 sorption/desorption performance study on K⁠2CO⁠3-doped Li⁠4SiO⁠4-based pellets 1-gen-2018 Seggiani, Maurizia; Stefanelli, Eleonora; Puccini, Monica; Vitolo, Sandra
Epoxy composites based on low-cost carbon filler derived from hydrothermal carbonization of waste 1-gen-2019 Puccini, M.; Stefanelli, E.; Tasca, A. L.; Vitolo, S.
Feasibility of Li4SiO4 pebbles by drip casting and preliminary characterization 1-gen-2020 Lo Frano, R.; Stefanelli, E.; Puccini, M.
Feasibility study of a new fabrication method for the Li4Sio4 pebbles 1-gen-2018 Lo Frano, R.; Puccini, M.; Stefanelli, E.; Luppichini, Matteo; Grima, Claudio; Vitolo, S.; Aquaro, D.; Malquori, S.; De Sanctis, S.
Feasibility Study of a New Fabrication Method for the Li4SiO4 Pebbles 1-gen-2020 Lo Frano, R.; Puccini, M.; Stefanelli, E.
Feasibility Study of a New Fabrication Method for the Li4SiO4 Pebbles 1-gen-2020 Lo Frano, R.; Puccini, M.; Stefanelli, E.
Hydrothermal carbonization of sewage sludge: analysis of process severity and solid content 1-gen-2020 Tasca, Andrea Luca; Stefanelli, Eleonora; Galletti, Anna Maria Raspolli; Gori, Riccardo; Mannarino, Gemma; Vitolo, Sandra; Puccini, Monica
Investigating the activation of hydrochar from sewage sludge for the removal of terbuthylazine from aqueous solutions 1-gen-2020 Tasca, Andrea Luca; Puccini, Monica; Stefanelli, Eleonora; Gori, Riccardo; Galletti, Anna Maria Raspolli; Vitolo, Sandra
Levulinic acid from orange peel waste by hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) 1-gen-2016 Puccini, Monica; Licursi, Domenico; Stefanelli, Eleonora; Vitolo, Sandra; RASPOLLI GALLETTI, ANNA MARIA; Heeres, Hero Jan
Li4SiO4 breeder pebbles fabrication by a sol-gel supported drip casting method 1-gen-2022 Stefanelli, Eleonora; Vitolo, Sandra; Frano, Rosa Lo; Pesetti, Alessio; Aquaro, Donato; Puccini, Monica
Lithium orthosilicate as nuclear fusion breeder material: Optimization of the drip casting production technology 1-gen-2022 Stefanelli, E.; Puccini, M.; Pesetti, A.; Lo Frano, R.; Aquaro, D.
Manufacturing challenges and required R&D on fusion pebbles bed material 1-gen-2017 LO FRANO, Rosa; DEL SERRA, Daniele; Puccini, Monica; Aquaro, Donato; Stefanelli, Eleonora; Vitolo, Sandra; Ciolini, Riccardo; Marco, Aringhieri; De Santis, Stefania; Forgione, Nicola; Seggiani, Maurizia
Manufacturing technology of ceramic pebbles for breeding blanket 1-gen-2018 Lo Frano, R; Puccini, M; Stefanelli, E; Del Serra, D; Malquori, S
Novel sustainable composites based on poly(hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate) and seagrass beach-CAST fibers: performance and degradability in marine environments 1-gen-2018 Seggiani, Maurizia; Cinelli, Patrizia; Balestri, Elena; Mallegni, Norma; Stefanelli, Eleonora; Rossi, Alessia; Lardicci, Claudio; Lazzeri, Andrea
Pollutant removal from gaseous and aqueous phases using hydrochar-based activated carbon 1-gen-2018 Puccini, Monica; Stefanelli, Eleonora; Tasca, ANDREA LUCA; Vitolo, Sandra
Polycaprolactone-collagen hydrolysate thermoplastic blends: Processability and biodegradability/compostability 1-gen-2018 Seggiani, Maurizia; Altieri, Roberto; Puccini, Monica; Stefanelli, Eleonora; Esposito, Alessandro; Castellani, Francesco; Stanzione, Vitale; Vitolo, Sandra