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Implications of a food system approach for policy agenda-setting design In corso di stampa Kugelberg, S.; Bartolini, F.; Kanter, D. R.; Milford, A. B.; Pira, K.; Sanz-Cobena, A.; Leip, A.
Adaptive business arrangements and the creation of social capital: Towards small‐scale fisheries resilience in different European geographical areas. 1-gen-2022 Prosperi, Paolo; Kirwan, James; Maye, Damian; Tsakalou, Emi; Vlahos, George; Bartolini, Fabio; Vergamini, Daniele; Brunori, Gianluca
Do differential payments for agri-environment schemes affect the environmental benefits? A case study in the North-Eastern Italy 1-gen-2021 Bartolini, F.; Vergamini, D.; Longhitano, D.; Povellato, A.
Wine after the pandemic? All the doubts in a glass 1-gen-2021 Vergamini, D.; Bartolini, F.; Brunori, G.
Demand-Side Food Policies for Public and Planetary Health 1-gen-2020 Temme, E. H. M.; Vellinga, R. E.; de Ruiter, H.; Kugelberg, S.; van de Kamp, M.; Milford, A.; Alessandrini, R.; Bartolini, F.; Sanz-Cobena, A.; Leip, A.
Digitalization and migration: the role of social media and migrant networks in migration decisions. An exploratory study in Nigeria 1-gen-2020 Obi, C.; Bartolini, F.; D'Haese, M.
Exploring institutional arrangements for local fish product labelling in Tuscany (Italy): a convention theory perspective 1-gen-2020 Prosperi, Paolo; Vergamini, Daniele; Bartolini, Fabio
How can policy processes remove barriers to sustainable food systems in Europe? Contributing to a policy framework for agri-food transitions 1-gen-2020 Galli, F.; Prosperi, P.; Favilli, E.; D'Amico, S.; Bartolini, F.; Brunori, G.
How does international migration impact on rural areas in developing countries? A systematic review 1-gen-2020 Obi, C.; Bartolini, F.; Brunori, G.; D'Haese, M.
International migration, remittance and food security during food crises: the case study of Nigeria 1-gen-2020 Obi, C.; Bartolini, F.; D'Haese, M.
Nitrogen pollution policy beyond the farm 1-gen-2020 Kanter, David R.; Bartolini, Fabio; Kugelberg, Susanna; Leip, Adrian; Oenema, Oene; Uwizeye, Aimable
Research meetings must be more sustainable 1-gen-2020 Sanz-Cobena, Alberto; Alessandrini, Roberta; Bodirsky, Benjamin Leon; Springmann, Marco; Aguilera, Eduardo; Amon, Barbara; Bartolini, Fabio; Geupel, Markus; Grizzetti, Bruna; Kugelberg, Susanna; Latka, Catharina; Liang, Xia; Milford, Anna Birgitte; Musinguzi, Patrick; Ng, Ee Ling; Suter, Helen; Leip, Adrian
The Impact of Changes in Regulatory and Market Environment on Sustainability of Wine Producers: A Structural Equation Model 1-gen-2020 Obi, C.; Vergamini, D.; Bartolini, F.; &, ; Brunori, G.
A structural equation model to assess the impact of agricultural research expenditure on multiple dimensions 1-gen-2019 Magrini, Alessandro; Bartolini, Fabio; Coli, Alessandra; Pacini, Barbara
Adaptation strategies of small-scale fisheries within changing market and regulatory conditions in the EU 1-gen-2019 Prosperi, Paolo; Kirwan, James; Maye, Damian; Bartolini, Fabio; Vergamini, Daniele; Brunori, Gianluca
Economic modeling of climate-smart agriculture in Iran 1-gen-2019 Ardakani, Z.; Bartolini, F.; Brunori, G.
Explaining regional dynamics of marketing strategies: The experience of the Tuscan wine producers 1-gen-2019 Vergamini, Daniele; Bartolini, Fabio; Prosperi, Paolo; Brunori, Gianluca
Food Trade and Global Value Chain 1-gen-2019 Bartolini, Fabio
The provision of public goods by agri-environmental-climatic policies 1-gen-2019 Bartolini, F.; Vergamini, D.; Andreoli, M.
UNDERSTANDING BIOMASS SUPPLY FOR A TERRITORIAL BIOREFINERY 1-gen-2019 Gava, Oriana; Vergamini, Daniele; Favilli, Elena; Bartolini, Fabio; Brunori, Gianluca