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Augmented Reality in Image-Guided Surgery 1-gen-2024 Cutolo, Fabrizio
Optical Rules to Mitigate the Parallax-Related Registration Error in See-Through Head-Mounted Displays for the Guidance of Manual Tasks 1-gen-2024 Ferrari, Vincenzo; Cattari, Nadia; Condino, Sara; Cutolo, Fabrizio
A Cheap and Powerful Stereo Endoscope Lab Mock-Up for Robotic Surgery to Implement and Test Machine Vision and Augmented Reality Prototypes 1-gen-2023 Mendicino, A. R.; Bani, E.; Caretto, M.; Cutolo, F.; Simoncini, T.; Ferrari, V.
Head-Mounted Projector for Manual Precision Tasks: Performance Assessment 1-gen-2023 Mamone, Virginia; Ferrari, Vincenzo; D’Amato, Renzo; Condino, Sara; Cattari, Nadia; Cutolo, Fabrizio
Magic Leap 1 versus Microsoft HoloLens 2 for the Visualization of 3D Content Obtained from Radiological Images 1-gen-2023 Zari, Giulia; Condino, Sara; Cutolo, Fabrizio; Ferrari, Vincenzo
Registration Sanity Check for AR-guided Surgical Interventions: Experience from Head and Face Surgery 1-gen-2023 Condino, Sara; Cutolo, Fabrizio; Carbone, Marina; Cercenelli, Laura; Badiali, Giovanni; Montemurro, Nicola; Ferrari, Vincenzo
Visualization modality for augmented reality guidance of in-depth tumour enucleation procedures 1-gen-2023 Cattari, N.; Cutolo, F.; Placa, L. L.; Ferrari, V.
A Rendering Engine for Integral Imaging in Augmented Reality Guided Surgery 1-gen-2022 Domeneghetti, D; Carbone, M; Cutolo, F; Ferrari, V
Architecture of a Hybrid Video/Optical See-through Head-Mounted Display-Based Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation Platform 1-gen-2022 Carbone, M.; Cutolo, F.; Condino, S.; Cercenelli, L.; D'Amato, R.; Badiali, G.; Ferrari, V.
Augmented Reality as a Tool to Guide Patient-Specific Templates Placement in Pelvic Resections 1-gen-2022 Mendicino, A R; Condino, S; Carbone, M; Cutolo, F; Cattari, N; Andreani, L; Parchi, P D; Capanna, R; Ferrari, V
Brain Tumor and Augmented Reality: New Technologies for the Future 1-gen-2022 Montemurro, Nicola; Condino, Sara; Carbone, Marina; Cattari, Nadia; D'Amato, Renzo; Cutolo, Fabrizio; Ferrari, Vincenzo
Corrigendum: Optical See-Through Head-Mounted Displays With Short Focal Distance: Conditions for Mitigating Parallax-Related Registration Error 1-gen-2022 Cutolo, Fabrizio; Cattari, Nadia; Fontana, Umberto; Ferrari, Vincenzo
Errata to "Parallax Free Registration for Augmented Reality Optical See-Through Displays in the Peripersonal Space" [1] (DOI: 10.1109/TVCG.2020.3021534) 1-gen-2022 Ferrari, Vincenzo; Cattari, Nadia; Fontana, Umberto; Cutolo, Fabrizio
How to Mitigate Perceptual Limits of OST Display for Guiding Manual Tasks: a Proof of Concept Study with Microsoft HoloLens 1-gen-2022 Condino, Sara; Cutolo, Fabrizio; Zari, Giulia; D'Amato, Renzo; Carbone, Marina; Ferrari, Vincenzo
Key Ergonomics Requirements and Possible Mechanical Solutions for Augmented Reality Head-Mounted Displays in Surgery 1-gen-2022 D'Amato, R.; Cutolo, F.; Badiali, G.; Carbone, M.; Lu, H.; Hogenbirk, H.; Ferrari, V.
Projected Augmented Reality to Guide Manual Precision Tasks: An Alternative to Head Mounted Displays 1-gen-2022 Mamone, V.; Cutolo, F.; Condino, S.; Ferrari, V.
Single feature constrained manual registration method for Augmented Reality applications in gynecological laparoscopic interventions 1-gen-2022 Condino, S.; Sannino, S.; Cutolo, F.; Giannini, A.; Simoncini, T.; Ferrari, V.
The Right Mix of Visual and Mechanical Constraints to Guide the Relative Pose between Rigid Objects 1-gen-2022 Ferrari, Vincenzo; Carbone, Marina; Sciarrino, Giulia; Cutolo, Fabrizio
Augmented Reality-Assisted Craniotomy for Parasagittal and Convexity En Plaque Meningiomas and Custom-Made Cranio-Plasty: A Preliminary Laboratory Report 1-gen-2021 Montemurro, Nicola; Condino, Sara; Cattari, Nadia; D’Amato, Renzo; Ferrari, Vincenzo; Cutolo, Fabrizio
Can Liquid Lenses Increase Depth of Field in Head Mounted Video See-Through Devices? 1-gen-2021 Carbone, Marina; Domeneghetti, Davide; Cutolo, Fabrizio; D’Amato, Renzo; Cigna, Emanuele; Parchi, Paolo Domenico; Gesi, Marco; Morelli, Luca; Ferrari, Mauro; Ferrari, Vincenzo