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Acne fulminans associated with lymecycline intake: A case report 1-gen-2018 Gualtieri, Bruno; Tonini, Annalisa; Panduri, Salvatore; Chiricozzi, Andrea; Romanelli, Marco
Clinical evaluation of the efficacy and safety of a medical device in various forms containing Triticum vulgare for the treatment of venous leg ulcers – A randomized pilot study 1-gen-2015 Romanelli, Marco; Macchia, Michela; Panduri, Salvatore; Paggi, Battistino; Saponati, Giorgio; Dini, Valentina
Epidermal skin grafting in vitiligo: a pilot study 1-gen-2016 Janowska, Agata; Dini, Valentina; Panduri, Salvatore; Macchia, Michela; Oranges, Teresa; Romanelli, Marco
A giant annular rash in a tuscanian woodman: the many faces of erythema chronicum migrans 1-gen-2018 Gualtieri, Bruno; Maglie, Roberto; Tonini, Annalisa; Panduri, Salvatore; Chiricozzi, Andrea; Romanelli, Marco
Impact of psychiatric comorbidities in psoriasis, hidradenitis suppurativa and atopic dermatitis: The importance of a psychodermatological approach 1-gen-2022 Iannone, M.; Janowska, A.; Panduri, S.; Morganti, R.; Davini, G.; Romanelli, M.; Dini, V.
Improvement of severe facial seborrheic dermatitis following low-dose isotretinoin therapy 1-gen-2018 Gualtieri, Bruno; Panduri, Salvatore; Chiricozzi, Andrea; Romanelli, Marco
Isotretinoin-triggered acne fulminans: a rare, disabling occurrence 1-gen-2020 Gualtieri, Bruno; Panduri, Salvatore; Chiricozzi, Andrea; Romanelli, Marco
Optimizing acitretin use in patients with plaque psoriasis 1-gen-2017 Chiricozzi, Andrea; Panduri, Salvatore; Dini, Valentina; Tonini, Annalisa; Gualtieri, Bruno; Romanelli, Marco
A real-life experience as a proof of Guselkumab effectiveness and safety in patients with moderate to severe psoriasis 1-gen-2022 Michelucci, A.; Manzo Margiotta, F.; Panduri, S.; Tonini, A.; Romanelli, M.; Morganti, R.; Janowska, A.; Dini, V.
Relevance of in vitro 3-D skin models in dissecting cytokine contribution to psoriasis pathogenesis 1-gen-2017 Chiricozzi, Andrea; Romanelli, Marco; Panduri, Salvatore; Donetti, E; Prignano, F.
Retroauricular angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia: Sustained long-term remission following treatment with corticosteroids 1-gen-2017 Panduri, S.; Mazzi, A.; Ghiara, F.; Janowska, A.; D'Erme, A. M.; Oranges, T.; Romanelli, M.
Risankizumab for the treatment of moderate to severe psoriasis 1-gen-2019 Chiricozzi, Andrea; Antonioli, Luca; Panduri, Salvatore; Fornai, Matteo; Romanelli, Marco; Blandizzi, Corrado
Ultra-high-frequency ultrasound monitoring of plaque psoriasis during ixekizumab treatment 1-gen-2021 Dini, V.; Janowska, A.; Faita, F.; Panduri, S.; Benincasa, B. B.; Izzetti, R.; Romanelli, M.; Oranges, T.
Unusual presentation of angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia treated with intralesional and topic corticosteroid combination therapy 1-gen-2021 Granieri, G.; Oranges, T.; Panduri, S.; Loggini, B.; Janowska, A.; Dini, V.; Romanelli, M.