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A declarative reasoning approach to conflict management in Intent-Based Networking 1-gen-2024 Massa, J.; Forti, S.; Paganelli, F.; Dazzi, P.; Brogi, A.
A Logic Programming Approach to VM Placement 1-gen-2024 Andreoli, Remo; Forti, Stefano; Pannocchi, Luigi; Cucinotta, Tommaso; Brogi, Antonio
Continuous QoS‐compliant orchestration in the Cloud‐Edge continuum 1-gen-2024 Bisicchia, Giuseppe; Forti, Stefano; Pimentel, Ernesto; Brogi, Antonio
FREEDA: Failure-Resilient, Energy-aware, and Explainable Deployment of Microservice-based Applications over Cloud-IoT Infrastructures 1-gen-2024 Vitali, M.; Soldani, J.; Amadini, R.; Brogi, A.; Forti, S.; Gazza, S.; Giallorenzo, S.; Plebani, P.; Ponce, F.; Zavattaro, G.
A Proposal for a Continuum-aware Programming Model: From Workflows to Services Autonomously Interacting in the Compute Continuum 1-gen-2023 Aldinucci, M.; Birke, R.; Brogi, A.; Carlini, E.; Coppola, M.; Danelutto, M.; Dazzi, P.; Ferrucci, L.; Forti, S.; Kavalionak, H.; Mencagli, G.; Mordacchini, M.; Pasin, M.; Paganelli, F.; Torquati, M.
Assessing and enhancing a Cloud-IoT monitoring service over federated testbeds 1-gen-2023 Gaglianese, M.; Forti, S.; Paganelli, F.; Brogi, A.
Continuous QoS-aware adaptation of Cloud-IoT application placements 1-gen-2023 Herrera, Juan Luis; Berrocal, Javier; Forti, Stefano; Brogi, Antonio; Murillo, Juan M.
Customisable Fault and Performance Monitoring Across Multiple Clouds 1-gen-2023 Bisicchia, Giuseppe; Forti, Stefano; Colla, Alberto; Brogi, Antonio
Data-aware Declarative Application Management in the Cloud-IoT Continuum 1-gen-2023 Massa, J; Forti, S; Dazzi, P; Brogi, A
Declarative and linear programming approaches to service placement, reconciled 1-gen-2023 Massa, J; Forti, S; Dazzi, P; Brogi, A
Declarative Provisioning of Virtual Network Function Chains in Intent-based Networks 1-gen-2023 Massa, J; Forti, S; Paganelli, F; Dazzi, P; Brogi, A
Declarative Secure Placement of FaaS Orchestrations in the Cloud-Edge Continuum 1-gen-2023 Bocci, A; Forti, S; Ferrari, Gian-Luigi; Brogi, A
Green Orchestration of Cloud-Edge Applications: State of the Art and Open Challenges 1-gen-2023 Gaglianese, Marco; Soldani, Jacopo; Forti, Stefano; Brogi, Antonio
Leasing the Cloud-Edge Continuum, à la Carte 1-gen-2023 Forti, Stefano; Ibrahim, Ahmad; Brogi, Antonio
Secure Partitioning of Cloud Applications, with Cost Look-Ahead 1-gen-2023 Bocci, Alessandro; Forti, Stefano; Guanciale, Roberto; Ferrari, Gian-Luigi; Brogi, Antonio
Simulating FaaS Orchestrations In The Cloud-Edge Continuum 1-gen-2023 Matricardi, Alessio; Bocci, Alessandro; Forti, Stefano; Brogi, Antonio
Sustainable Cloud-Edge Infrastructure as a Service 1-gen-2023 Bocci, Alessandro; Forti, Stefano; Brogi, Antonio
Sustainable goal-oriented smart environments: a declarative programming approach 1-gen-2023 Bisicchia, G; Forti, S; Brogi, A
Sustainable placement of VNF chains in Intent-based Networking 1-gen-2023 Di Riccio, Tommaso; Massa, Jacopo; Forti, Stefano; Brogi, Antonio
Towards declarative intent processing and conflict resolution in IBN 1-gen-2023 Massa, Jacopo; Forti, Stefano; Paganelli, Federica; Dazzi, Patrizio; Brogi, Antonio