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Demography of Animal Forests: The Example of Mediterranean Gorgonians 1-gen-2016 Bramanti, L.; Benedetti, M. C .; Cupido, R.; Cocito, S.; Priori, C.; Erra, F.; Iannelli, M.; Santangelo, G.
demography of deep-dwelling red coral populations: Age and reproductive structure of a highly valued marine species 1-gen-2013 Priori, Cristina; Mastascusa, V; Erra, Fabrizio; Angiolillo, M; Canese, S; Santangelo, Giovanni
Effects of gasteropod predation on the reproductive output of an overexploited deep octocoral 1-gen-2015 Priori, Cristina; Erra, Fabrizio; M., Angiolillo; Santangelo, Giovanni
Exploitation and conservation of the Mediterranean red coral (Corallium rubrum L 1758); could they coexist? 1-gen-2014 Santangelo, G.; Priori, C.; Benedetti, M. C.
Growth patterns in mesophotic octocorals: Timing the branching process in the highly-valuable Mediterranean Corallium rubrum 1-gen-2016 Benedetti, M. C .; Priori, C.; Erra, F.; Santangelo, G.
Polyp longevity in a precious gorgonian coral: hints toward a demographic approach to polyp dynamics 1-gen-2020 Benedetti, M. C.; Bramanti, L.; Priori, C.; Erra, F.; Iannelli, M.; Bulleri, F.; Santangelo, G.