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A Distributional Model of Verb-Specific Semantic Roles Inferences 1-gen-2018 Lebani, Gianluca; Lenci, Alessandro
Modelling the Meaning of Argument Constructions with Distributional Semantics 1-gen-2017 Lebani, Gianluca; Lenci, Alessandro
Determining the Compositionality of Noun-Adjective Pairs with Lexical Variants and Distributional Semantics 1-gen-2016 Senaldi, Marco; Lebani, Gianluca; Lenci, Alessandro
LexFr: Adapting the LexIt Framework to Build a Corpus-Based French Subcategorization Lexicon 1-gen-2016 Rambelli, Giulia; Lebani, Gianluca; Prévot, Laurent; Lenci, Alessandro
Lexical Variability and Compositionality: Investigating Idiomaticity with Distributional Semantic Models 1-gen-2016 Senaldi, Marco; Lebani, Gianluca; Lenci, Alessandro
Automatic extraction of Word Combinations from corpora: evaluating methods and benchmarks 1-gen-2015 Nissim, Malvina; Castagnoli, Sara; Masini, Francesca; Lebani, Gianluca; Passaro, Lucia; Lenci, Alessandro
Mapping the constructicon with SYMPAThy. Italian word combinations between fixedness and productivity 1-gen-2015 Lenci, Alessandro; Lebani, Gianluca; Senaldi, Marco; Castagnoli, Sara; Masini, Francesca; Nissim, Malvina
You Are What you Do. An Empirical Characterization of the Semantic Content of the Thematic Roles for a Group of Italian Verbs 1-gen-2015 Lebani, Gianluca; Bondielli, Alessandro; Lenci, Alessandro
Bootstrapping an Italian VerbNet: data-driven analysis of verb alternations 1-gen-2014 Lebani, Gianluca; Viola, Veronica; Lenci, Alessandro
Choosing which to use? A study of distributional models for nominal lexical semantic classification 1-gen-2014 Romeo, Lauren; Lebani, Gianluca; Bel, Nuria; Lenci, Alessandro
SYMPAThy: Towards a comprehensive approach to the extraction of Italian Word Combinations 1-gen-2014 Lenci, Alessandro; Lebani, Gianluca; Castagnoli, Sara; Masini, Francesca; Nissim, Malvina
The CoLing Lab system for Sentiment Polarity Classification of tweets 1-gen-2014 Passaro, Lucia; Lebani, Gianluca; Pollacci, Laura; Chersoni, Emmanuele; Lenci, Alessandro