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A circular dichroism study of the protective role of polyphosphoesters polymer chains in polyphosphoester‐myoglobin conjugates 1-gen-2022 Pelosi, Chiara; Arrico, Lorenzo; Zinna, Francesco; Wurm, Frederik R.; Di Bari, Lorenzo; Tinè, Maria R.
Circularly polarized luminescence of encaged Eu(iii) and Tb(iii) complexes controlled by an inherently chiral remote unit 1-gen-2022 Godart, E; Della-Negra, O; Long, A; Insuasty, A; Arrico, L; Benetti, C; Antonetti, E; Nava, P; Cotelle, Y; Vanthuyne, N; Jean, M; Pascal, S; Dutasta, Jp; Di Bari, L; Martinez, A
Inhomogeneous Diastereomeric Composition of Mongersen Antisense Phosphorothioate Oligonucleotide Preparations and Related Pharmacological Activity Impairment 1-gen-2022 Arrico, Lorenzo; Stolfi, Carmine; Marafini, Irene; Monteleone, Giovanni; Demartis, Salvatore; Bellinvia, Salvatore; Viti, Francesca; Mcnulty, Marie; Cabani, Irene; Falezza, Anita; Di Bari, Lorenzo
Modular chiral Eu(iii) complexes for efficient circularly polarized OLEDs 1-gen-2022 Zinna, Francesco; Arrico, Lorenzo; Funaioli, Tiziana; Di Bari, Lorenzo; Pasini, Mariacecilia; Botta, Chiara; Giovanella, Umberto
Piezoelectric nanocomposite bioink and ultrasound stimulation modulate early skeletal myogenesis 1-gen-2022 Paci, Claudia; Iberite, Federica; Arrico, Lorenzo; Vannozzi, Lorenzo; Parlanti, Paola; Gemmi, Mauro; Ricotti, Leonardo
Primers for the Adhesion of Gellan Gum-Based Hydrogels to the Cartilage: A Comparative Study 1-gen-2022 Trucco, Diego; Riacci, Laura; Vannozzi, Lorenzo; Manferdini, Cristina; Arrico, Lorenzo; Gabusi, Elena; Lisignoli, Gina; Ricotti, Leonardo
Combining Lanthanides with PyBox Ligands: A Simple Route to Circularly Polarized Light Emitters** 1-gen-2021 Arrico, Lorenzo; Benetti, Costanza; Di Bari, Lorenzo
Phaseocyclopentenones A and B, Phytotoxic Penta- And Tetrasubstituted Cyclopentenones Produced by Macrophomina phaseolina, the Causal Agent of Charcoal Rot of Soybean in Argentina 1-gen-2021 Masi, Marco; Sautua, Francisco; Zatout, Roukia; Castaldi, Stefany; Arrico, Lorenzo; Isticato, Rachele; Pescitelli, Gennaro; Carmona Marcelo, A.; Evidente, Antonio
Alcian blue pyridine variant interaction with DNA and RNA polynucleotides and G-quadruplexes: changes in the binding features for different biosubstrates 1-gen-2020 Macii, F.; Perez-Arnaiz, C.; Arrico, L.; Busto, N.; Garcia, B.; Biver, T.
Chiroptical detection of a model ruthenium dye in water by circularly polarized-electrochemiluminescence 1-gen-2020 Voci, S.; Zinna, F.; Arrico, L.; Grass, S.; Bouffier, L.; Lacour, J.; Di Bari, L.; Sojic, N.
Effect of the Counterion on Circularly Polarized Luminescence of Europium(III) and Samarium(III) Complexes 1-gen-2020 Arrico, L.; De Rosa, C.; Di Bari, L.; Melchior, A.; Piccinelli, F.
Modulation of circularly polarized luminescence through excited-state symmetry breaking and interbranched exciton coupling in helical push–pull organic systems 1-gen-2020 Dhbaibi, Kais; Favereau, Ludovic; Srebro-Hooper, Monika; Quinton, Cassandre; Vanthuyne, Nicolas; Arrico, Lorenzo; Roisnel, Thierry; Jamoussi, Bassem; Poriel, Cyril; Cabanetos, Clément; Autschbach, Jochen; Crassous, Jeanne
Quantifying the Overall Efficiency of Circularly Polarized Emitters 1-gen-2020 Arrico, L.; Di Bari, L.; Zinna, F.
Time-resolved circularly polarized luminescence of Eu3+-based systems 1-gen-2020 Hananel, U.; Schwartz, G.; Paiss, G.; Arrico, L.; Zinna, F.; Di Bari, L.; Cheshnovsky, O.; Markovich, G.
Circularly polarized luminescence of enantiopure carboline-based europium cryptates under visible light excitation 1-gen-2019 Dee, Carolin; Zinna, Francesco; Kreidt, Elisabeth; Arrico, Lorenzo; Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Aurora; Platas-Iglesias, Carlos; Di Bari, Lorenzo; Seitz, Michael
Circularly-Polarized Electrochemiluminescence from a Chiral Bispyrene Organic Macrocycle 1-gen-2019 Zinna, Francesco; Voci, Silvia; Arrico, Lorenzo; Brun, Elodie; Homberg, Alexandre; Bouffier, Laurent; Funaioli, Tiziana; Lacour, Jérôme; Sojic, Neso; Di Bari, Lorenzo
Near-infrared circularly polarized luminescence from chiral Yb(iii)-diketonates 1-gen-2019 Zinna, F.; Arrico, L.; Di Bari, L.
A chiral lactate reporter based on total and circularly polarized Tb(iii) luminescence 1-gen-2018 Leonzio, Marco; Melchior, Andrea; Faura, Georgina; Tolazzi, Marilena; Bettinelli, MARCO GIOVANNI; Zinna, Francesco; Arrico, Lorenzo; Di Bari, Lorenzo; Piccinelli, Fabio
Broad-Range Spectral Analysis for Chiral Metal Coordination Compounds: (Chiro)optical Superspectrum of Cobalt(II) Complexes 1-gen-2018 Pescitelli, Gennaro; Lüdeke, Steffen; Chamayou, Anne-Christine; Marolt, Marija; Justus, Viktor; Górecki, Marcin; Arrico, Lorenzo; Di Bari, Lorenzo; Islam, Mohammad Ariful; Gruber, Irina; Enamullah, Mohammed; Janiak, Christoph
Chiroptical methods in a wide wavelength range for obtaining Ln3+complexes with circularly polarized luminescence of practical interest 1-gen-2018 Górecki, Marcin; Carpita, Luca; Arrico, Lorenzo; Zinna, Francesco; Di Bari, Lorenzo