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Can chitosan applications in pre- and post-harvest affect the quality and antioxidant contents of red raspberries? 1-gen-2023 LO PICCOLO, Ermes; Quattrocelli, Piera; Becagli, Michelangelo; Cardelli, Roberto; El Horri, H; Guidi, Lucia; Landi, Marco; Pecchia, Susanna
Physiochemical responses of Ailanthus altissima under the challenge of Verticillium dahliae: elucidating the decline of one of the world’s worst invasive alien plant species 1-gen-2023 Pisuttu, Claudia; LO PICCOLO, Ermes; Paoli, Luca; Cotrozzi, Lorenzo; Nali, Cristina; Pellegrini, Elisa; Lorenzini, Giacomo
Shedding light on the effects of LED streetlamps on trees in urban areas: Friends or foes? 1-gen-2023 Lo Piccolo, E.; Lauria, G.; Guidi, L.; Remorini, D.; Massai, R.; Landi, M.
Supplemental red LED light promotes plant productivity, “photomodulate” fruit quality and increases Botrytis cinerea tolerance in strawberry 1-gen-2023 Lauria, G.; Lo Piccolo, E.; Ceccanti, C.; Guidi, L.; Bernardi, R.; Araniti, F.; Cotrozzi, L.; Pellegrini, E.; Moriconi, M.; Giordani, T.; Pugliesi, C.; Nali, C.; Sanita' di Toppi, L.; Paoli, L.; Malorgio, F.; Vernieri, P.; Massai, R.; Remorini, D.; Landi, M.
Supplemental red light more than other wavebands activates antioxidant defenses in greenhouse-cultivated Fragaria × ananassa var. Elsanta plants 1-gen-2023 Lauria, Giulia; LO PICCOLO, Ermes; Ceccanti, Costanza; Paoli, Luca; Giordani, Tommaso; Guidi, Lucia; Malorgio, Fernando; Massai, Rossano; Nali, Cristina; Pellegrini, Elisa; Remorini, Damiano; Sanità Di Toppi, Luigi; Vernieri, Paolo; Landi, Marco
Targeted effects of beneficial elements in plant photosynthetic process 1-gen-2023 Ceccanti, C.; Lo Piccolo, E.; Guidi, L.; Landi, M.
Testing the suitability for coastal green areas of three ornamental shrub species through physiological responses to the saline nebulization 1-gen-2023 Lo Piccolo, E.; Lauria, G.; Pellegrini, E.; Cotrozzi, L.; Guidi, L.; Skoet, M.; Vernieri, P.; Remorini, D.; Massai, R.; Landi, M.
Assessment of leaf photosynthetic performances and bioaccumulation of trace metals by lettuce leaves and strawberry fruits amended with sewage sludge: Which possible re-use in agriculture? 1-gen-2022 Ceccanti, C.; Lauria, G.; Lo Piccolo, E.; Guidi, L.; Pezzarossa, B.; Rosellini, I.; Cardelli, R.; Becagli, M.; Landi, M.
Biochar as a soil amendment in the tree establishment phase: What are the consequences for tree physiology, soil quality and carbon sequestration? 1-gen-2022 LO PICCOLO, Ermes; Becagli, Michelangelo; Lauria, Giulia; Cantini, Valentina; Ceccanti, Costanza; Cardelli, Roberto; Massai, Rossano; Remorini, Damiano; Guidi, Lucia; Landi, Marco
Differences in pigment circadian rhythmicity in green- and red-leafed tree species in the sun and shade 1-gen-2022 Lo Piccolo, E; Lauria, G; Bongi, G; Guidi, L; Brestic, M; Remorini, D; Massai, R; Landi, M
The influence of water deficit and re-watering on flower bud morphogenesis in young apricot trees (Prunus armeniaca L.) 1-gen-2022 Bartolini, S.; Lo Piccolo, E.; Remorini, D.
First Characterization of the Formation of Anthocyanin-Ge and Anthocyanin-B Complexes through UV-Vis Spectroscopy and Density Functional Theory Quantum Chemical Calculations 1-gen-2021 Estevez, L.; Queizan, M.; Mosquera, R. A.; Guidi, L.; Lo Piccolo, E.; Landi, M.
Girdling stimulates anthocyanin accumulation and promotes sugar, organic acid, amino acid level and antioxidant activity in red plum: An overview of skin and pulp metabolomics 1-gen-2021 Lo Piccolo, Ermes; Araniti, Fabrizio; Landi, Marco; Massai, Rossano; Guidi, Lucia; Abenavoli, Maria Rosa; Remorini, Damiano
Red-leafed species for urban “greening” in the age of global climate change 1-gen-2021 Lo Piccolo, E.; Landi, M.
Role of beneficial elements in plants: Implications for the photosynthetic process 1-gen-2021 Lo Piccolo, E.; Ceccanti, C.; Guidi, L.; Landi, M.
Urban lighting alters chlorophyll metabolism and promotes CO2 assimilation during the night in Tilia plathyphyllos Scop. and Platanus x acerifolia (Aiton) Willd 1-gen-2021 Lo Piccolo, E; Lauria, G; Remorini, D; Massai, R; Guidi, L; Landi, M
Can anthocyanin presence ameliorate the photosynthetic performance of Prunus saplings subjected to polyethylene glycol-simulated water stress? 1-gen-2020 LO PICCOLO, E.; Landi, M.; Giordani, T.; Lorenzini, G.; Malorgio, F.; Massai, R.; Nali, C.; Pellegrini, E.; Rallo, G.; Remorini, D.; Vernieri, P.; Guidi, L.
Different Summer and Autumn Water Deficit Affect the Floral Differentiation and Flower Bud Growth in Apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) 1-gen-2020 Bartolini, Susanna; Lo Piccolo, Ermes; Remorini, Damiano
Girled-induced anthocyanin accumulation in red-leafed Prunus cerasifera: Effect on photosynthesis, photoprotection and sugar metabolism 1-gen-2020 Lo Piccolo, E.; Landi, M.; Massai, R.; Remorini, D.; Guidi, L.
Influences of postharvest storage and processing techniques on antioxidant and nutraceutical properties of rubus idaeus l.: A mini-review 1-gen-2020 Lo Piccolo, E.; Martinez Garcia, L.; Landi, M.; Guidi, L.; Massai, R.; Remorini, D.