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Poly(methyl methacrylate) Membranes with Controlled Porosity for Advanced Multi-Steps Drug Elution In corso di stampa Silvestri, D.; Cristallini, C.; Puppi, D.; Ciardelli, G.; Barbani, N.; Giusti, Paolo
Acrylic Copolymers as Candidates for drug-Eluting Coating of Vascular Stents 1-gen-2008 D., Silvestri; C., Cristallini; M., Gagliardi; N., Barbani; M., D'Acunto; Giusti, Paolo
Design of an advanced temporary hip prosthesis for an effective recovery of septic mobilizations: A preliminary study 1-gen-2007 Danti, S.; Rizzo, C.; Polacco, Giovanni; Cascone, MARIA GRAZIA; Giusti, Paolo; Lisanti, Michele
New biomedical devices with selective peptide recognition properties. Part 1: Characterization and cytotoxicity of molecularly imprinted polymers 1-gen-2007 Rechichi, A; Cristallini, C; Vitale, U; Ciardelli, G; Barbani, Niccoletta; Vozzi, Giovanni; Giusti, Paolo
Adsorbenti Specifici in Mezzo Acquoso (Colonne e Membrane) per Targets d’Interesse Alimentare e Biomedico Mediante l’Approccio dell’Impronta Molecolare 1-gen-2006 D., Silvestri; N., Barbani; G., Ciardelli; C., Cristallini; M. L., Coluccio; S., Barsanti; C., Pegoraro; F., Fulmine; Giusti, Paolo
Bioartificial blends for peripheral nerve regeneration 1-gen-2006 G., Ciardelli; V., Chiono; Vozzi, Giovanni; Giusti, Paolo
Bioartificial polymer membranes as innovative systems for biomedical or biotechnological uses 1-gen-2006 G., Ciardelli; D., Silvestri; N., Barbani; M., Ionita; A., Redaelli; Giusti, Paolo
Biomolecules immobilization for biomaterial surface engineering 1-gen-2006 A., Rechichi; S., Sartori; G., Ciardelli; Vozzi, Giovanni; M., Dacunto; M., Tricoli; P., Cerrai; Giusti, Paolo
Enzymatic erosion of bioartificial membranes to control drug delivery 1-gen-2006 M. L., Coluccio; G., Ciardelli; F., Bertoni; D., Silvestri; C., Cristallini; Giusti, Paolo; N., Barbani
Enzyme-catalysed modification for production of high performance protein matrices 1-gen-2006 G., Ciardelli; F., Bertoni; V., Chiono; A., Anghileri; N., Barbani; Giusti, Paolo
Micro-Characterization of Drug-Eluting Polymer Materials for Vascular Applications 1-gen-2006 D., Silvestri; M., Dacunto; N., Barbani; G., Ciardelli; C., Cristallini; Giusti, Paolo
Molecular Imprinted Nanostructures In Biomedical Applications 1-gen-2006 G., Ciardelli; F. M., Montevecchi; Giusti, Paolo; D., Silvestri; I., Morelli; C., Cristallini; Vozzi, Giovanni
Molecularly Imprinted Membranes for an Improved Recognition of Biomolecules in Aqueous Medium 1-gen-2006 D., Silvestri; N., Barbani; C., Cristallini; Giusti, Paolo; G., Ciardelli
Mono- or multi-layer coatings for cardiovascular applications: chemical-physical investigation of antirestenotic drug entrapment and release 1-gen-2006 D., Silvestri; Giusti, Paolo; G., Ciardelli; F., Ferri; N., Barbani
Novel Phospholipidic Emulsifier-Based Method for the Preparation of Gellan Gum Microspheres 1-gen-2006 N., Barbani; C., Cristallini; G., Ciuti; G., Ciardelli; D., Silvestri; F., Bertoni; A., Bonaretti; Giusti, Paolo
PMMA and PMMAcoAA surface modifications induced by atomic force microscopy 1-gen-2006 M., Dacunto; D., Silvestri; G., Ciardelli; Giusti, Paolo
Poly(ethylene-co-vinyl alcohol) membranes with specific adsorption properties for potential clinical application 1-gen-2006 D., Silvestri; M. L., Coluccio; N., Barbani; G., Ciardelli; C., Cristallini; C., Pegoraro; Giusti, Paolo
Poly(ethylene-co-vinyl alcohol) Membranes with Specific Adsorption Properties for Potential Clinical Application 1-gen-2006 D., Silvestri; M. L., Coluccio; N., Barbani; G., Ciardelli; C., Cristallini; C., Pegoraro; Giusti, Paolo
Preparation and Characterization of New Bioartificial Polymeric Materials for Myocardial Tissue Engineering 1-gen-2006 Rosellini, Elisabetta; Cristallini, C; Barbani, Niccoletta; Vozzi, Giovanni; D’Acunto, M; Ciardelli, G; Silvestri, D; Ferri, F; Giusti, Paolo
Selective Peptide Recognition with Molecularly Imprinted Polymers in Designing New Biomedical Devices 1-gen-2006 U., Vitale; A., Rechichi; M., Dalonzo; C., Cristallini; N., Barbani; G, Ciardelli; Giusti, Paolo