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Pattern of variation in recruitment and post recruitment processes of the mediterranean red coral Corallium rubrum 1-gen-2012 Santangelo, Giovanni; Bramanti, Lorenzo; Rossi S., Tsounis G; Vielmini, I; Lott, C; Gili, J. M.
Sexual structure of a highly reproductive, recovering gorgonian population: quantifying reproductive output 1-gen-2012 Cupido, R; Cocito, S; Manno, V; Ferrando, S; Peirano, A; Iannelli, M; Bramanti, Lorenzo; Santangelo, Giovanni
Applying cathodically polarised substrata to the restoration of a high value coral 1-gen-2011 Benedetti, A; Bramanti, Lorenzo; Tsounis, G; Faimali, M; Pavanello, G; Rossi, S; Gili, J. M.; Santangelo, Giovanni
Involvement of receational scuba divers in emblematic species monitoring: the case of Mediterranean red coral 1-gen-2011 Bramanti, Lorenzo; Vielmini, I; Rossi, S.; Stolfa, S; Santangelo, Giovanni
Life-history tables of the Mediterranean fin whale from stranding data 1-gen-2011 Arrigoni, M; Manfredi, P; Panigada, S; Bramanti, Lorenzo; Santangelo, Giovanni
Quantifying the decline in Corallium rubrum populations 1-gen-2010 Santangelo, Giovanni; Bramanti, Lorenzo
The Exploitation and Conservation of Precious Corals 1-gen-2010 Tsounis, G; Rossi, S; Grigg, R; Santangelo, Giovanni; Bramanti, Lorenzo; Gili, Jm
An important component of the coralligenous assemblage: the precious Mediterranean red coral. Some focal points for the study of population dynamics 1-gen-2009 Santangelo, Giovanni; Iannelli, M; Bramanti, Lorenzo; TABATKA JANUARY, VIELMINI I. TH SYMPOSIUM ON THE CORALLIGENOUS AND OTHER CALCAREOUS BIO C. O. N. S. T. R. U. C. T. I. O. N. S.; Proceedings,
La popolazione di corallo rosso di Calafuria (Li) 1-gen-2009 Santangelo, Giovanni; Vielmini, I; Bramanti, Lorenzo; Iannelli, M.
Mathematical modelling for conservation and management of gorgonian corals: young and olds, could they coexist? 1-gen-2009 Bramanti, Lorenzo; Iannelli, M; Santangelo, Giovanni
Population dynamics and conservation biology of the over-exploited Mediterranean red coral 1-gen-2007 Santangelo, Giovanni; Bramanti, Lorenzo; Iannelli, M.
Population dynamics and global-change induced mortality in the precious red coral Corallium rubrum (L 1758) 1-gen-2006 Bramanti, Lorenzo; Iannelli, M; Santangelo, Giovanni
Study of spatial distribution of marine organisms; what hints could they supply? 1-gen-2006 Santangelo, Giovanni; Bongiorni, L; Bramanti, Lorenzo
Reproduction and population sexual structure of the overexploited Mediterranean red coral Corallium rubrum 1-gen-2003 Santangelo, Giovanni; Carletti, E; Maggi, E; Bramanti, Lorenzo