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A deep learning-based pipeline for whitefly pest abundance estimation on chromotropic sticky traps 1-gen-2023 Ciampi, L.; Zeni, V.; Incrocci, L.; Canale, A.; Benelli, G.; Falchi, F.; Amato, G.; Chessa, S.
A review of history and geographical distribution of grapevine moths in Italian vineyards in light of climate change: Looking backward to face the future 1-gen-2023 Ioriatti, C; Anfora, G; Bagnoli, B; Benelli, G; Lucchi, A
Acmella oleracea extracts as green pesticides against eight arthropods attacking stored products 1-gen-2023 Kavallieratos, Nickolas G; Spinozzi, Eleonora; Filintas, Constantin S; Nika, Erifili P; Skourti, Anna; Panariti, Anna Maria E; Ferrati, Marta; Petrelli, Riccardo; Ricciutelli, Massimo; Angeloni, Simone; Drenaggi, Ettore; Sensini, Alessia; Maggi, Filippo; Canale, Angelo; Benelli, Giovanni
Advances in theory, data analysis, and application of the age-stage, two-sex life table for demographic research, biological control, and pest management 1-gen-2023 Chi, H; Kavousi, A; Gharekhani, G; Atlihan, R; Özgökçe, Ms; Güncan, A; Gökçe, A; Smith, Cl; Benelli, G; Guedes, Rnc; Amir-Maafi, M; Shirazi, J; Taghizadeh, R; Maroufpoor, M; Xu, Yy; Zheng, Fq; Ye, Bh; Chen, Zz; You, Ms; Fu, Jw; Li, Jy; Shi, Mz; Hu, Zq; Zheng, Cy; Luo, L; Yuan, Zl; Zang, Ls; Chen, Ym; Tuan, Sj; Lin, Yy; Wang, Hh; Gotoh, T; Ullah, Ms; Botto-Mahan, C; De Bona, S; Bussaman, P; Gabre, Rm; Saska, P; Schneider, Mi; Ullah, F; Desneux, N
Aminergic control of aggressive behavior in social insects 1-gen-2023 Aonuma, H; Benelli, G
Being exposed to Acmella oleracea-based insecticide extract reduces mobility and mating success in Prostephanus truncatus, the major pest of maize in storages 1-gen-2023 Boukouvala, Mc; Kavallieratos, Ng; Maggi, F; Angeloni, S; Ricciutelli, M; Spinozzi, E; Ferrati, M; Petrelli, R; Canale, A; Benelli, G
Being exposed to low concentrations of pirimiphos-methyl and chlorfenapyr has detrimental effects on the mobility of Trogoderma granarium 1-gen-2023 Kavallieratos, Nickolas G; Boukouvala, Maria C; Pappa, Artemis Phoebe A; Canale, Angelo; Benelli, Giovanni
Carlina acaulis essential oil nanoemulsion for managing Meloidogyne incognita 1-gen-2023 Ntalli, N.; Zochios, G.; Nikolaou, P.; Winkiel, M.; Petrelli, R.; Bonacucina, G.; Perinelli, D. R.; Spinozzi, E.; Maggi, F.; Benelli, G.
Carlina acaulis L. (Asteraceae): biology, phytochemistry, and application as a promising source of effective green insecticides and acaricides 1-gen-2023 Spinozzi, E; Ferrati, M; Cappellacci, L; Caselli, A; Perinelli, Dr; Bonacucina, G; Maggi, F; Strzemski, M; Petrelli, R; Pavela, R; Desneux, N; Benelli, G
Chagas disease vector control strategies: where we are and where we should go from here 1-gen-2023 Vargas-Abasolo, R; Gutiérrez-Cabrera, Ae; Cruz-López, L; Alavez-Rosas, D; Benelli, G; Córdoba-Aguilar, A
Do changes in Lactuca sativa metabolic performance, induced by mycorrhizal symbionts and leaf UV-B irradiation, play a role towards tolerance to a polyphagous insect pest? 1-gen-2023 Santin, Marco; Zeni, Valeria; Grassi, Arianna; Ricciardi, Renato; Pieracci, Ylenia; Di Giovanni, Filippo; Panzani, Sofia; Frasconi, Christian; Agnolucci, Monica; Avio, Luciano; Turrini, Alessandra; Giovannetti, Manuela; Ruffini Castiglione, Monica; Ranieri, Annamaria; Canale, Angelo; Lucchi, Andrea; Agathokleous, Evgenios; Benelli, Giovanni
Does cross-mating affect behavioral asymmetries and mating success of khapra beetle (Trogoderma granarium) strains? 1-gen-2023 Kavallieratos, Ng; Boukouvala, Mc; Gidari, Dls; Di Giuseppe, G; Canale, A; Benelli, G
Emerging parasites and vectors in a rapidly changing world: from ecology to management 1-gen-2023 Bezerra-Santos, Marcos Antonio; Dantas-Torres, Filipe; Benelli, Giovanni; Otranto, Domenico
Entomologia Generalis special contents: past, present, and future 1-gen-2023 Desneux, Nicolas; Benelli, Giovanni; Verheggen, François
Essential oil antifeedants against armyworms: promises and challenges 1-gen-2023 Pavela, R; Guedes, Rnc; Maggi, F; Desneux, N; Benelli, G
European grapevine moth, Lobesia botrana Part I: Biology and ecology 1-gen-2023 Benelli, G; Lucchi, A; Anfora, G; Bagnoli, B; Botton, M; Campos-Herrera, R; Carlos, C; Daugherty, Mp; Gemeno, C; Harari, Ar; Hoffmann, C; Ioriatti, C; Plantey, Rjl; Reineke, A; Ricciardi, R; Roditakis, E; Simmons, Gs; Tay, Wt; Torres-Vila, Lm; Vontas, J; Thiéry, D
European grapevine moth, Lobesia botrana Part II: Prevention and management 1-gen-2023 Benelli, G; Lucchi, A; Anfora, G; Bagnoli, B; Botton, M; Campos-Herrera, R; Carlos, C; Daugherty, Mp; Gemeno, C; Harari, Ar; Hoffmann, C; Ioriatti, C; Plantey, Rjl; Reineke, A; Ricciardi, R; Roditakis, E; Simmons, Gs; Tay, Wt; Torres-Vila, Lm; Vontas, J; Thiéry, D
Formal analyses are fundamental for the definition of honey, a product representing specific territories and their changes: the case of North Tyrrhenian dunes (Italy) 1-gen-2023 Leoni, Valeria; Panseri, Sara; Giupponi, Luca; Pavlovic, Radmila; Gianoncelli, Carla; Sala, Stefano; Zeni, Valeria; Benelli, Giovanni; Giorgi, Annamaria
Global perspectives on insecticide resistance in agriculture and public health 1-gen-2023 Haddi, K; Nauen, R; Benelli, G; Guedes, Rnc
Hemp (Cannabis sativa cv. Kompolti) essential oil and its nanoemulsion: Prospects for insecticide development and impact on non-target microcrustaceans 1-gen-2023 Mazzara, E; Spinozzi, E; Maggi, F; Petrelli, R; Fiorini, D; Scortichini, S; Perinelli, Dr; Bonacucina, G; Ricciardi, R; Pavela, R; Benelli, G