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Acute and sub-lethal toxicity of eight essential oils of commercial interest against the filariasis mosquito Culex quinquefasciatus and the housefly Musca domestica 1-gen-2018 Benelli, Giovanni; Pavela, Roman; Giordani, Cristiano; Casettari, Luca; Curzi, Giulia; Cappellacci, Loredana; Petrelli, Riccardo; Maggi, Filippo
Acute larvicidal toxicity of five essential oils (Pinus nigra, Hyssopus officinalis, Satureja montana, Aloysia citrodora and Pelargonium graveolens) against the filariasis vector Culex quinquefasciatus: Synergistic and antagonistic effects 1-gen-2017 Benelli, G.; Pavela, R.; Canale, A.; Cianfaglione, K.; Ciaschetti, G.; Conti, F.; Nicoletti, M.; Senthil-Nathan, S.; Mehlhorn, H.; Maggi, F.
Acute toxicity and repellent activity of the Origanum scabrum Boiss. & Heldr. (Lamiaceae) essential oil against four mosquito vectors of public health importance and its biosafety on non-target aquatic organisms 1-gen-2016 Govindarajan, Marimuthu; Kadaikunnan, Shine; Alharbi, Naiyf S.; Benelli, Giovanni
Adult damselflies as possible regulators of mosquito populations in urban areas 1-gen-2021 Cordoba-Aguilar, A.; San Miguel-Rodriguez, M.; Rocha-Ortega, M.; Lanz-Mendoza, H.; Cime-Castillo, J.; Benelli, G.
Aedes albopictus (Asian Tiger Mosquito) 1-gen-2020 Benelli, G.; Wilke, A. B. B.; Beier, J. C.
Aegiceras corniculatum-Mediated Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles: Biophysical Characterization and Cytotoxicity on Vero Cells 1-gen-2017 Dinesh Kumar, Sekar; Singaravelu, Ganesan; Murugan, Kadarkarai; Ajithkumar, Singaravelu; Sivashanmugam, Karthikeyan; Nicoletti, Marcello; Benelli, Giovanni
Aggression in tephritidae flies: Where, when, why? Future directions for research in integrated pest management 1-gen-2015 Benelli, Giovanni
Aggressive behavior and territoriality in the olive fruit fly, Bactrocera oleae (Rossi) (Diptera: Tephritidae): role of residence and time of day 1-gen-2014 Benelli, Giovanni
Aggressive Behavior in Olive Fruit Fly Females: Oviposition Site Guarding against Parasitic Wasps 1-gen-2016 Benelli, Giovanni; Canale, Angelo
Anagyrus vladimiri: un efficace parassitoide di Pseudococcus comstocki? 1-gen-2021 Benelli, Giovanni; Ricciardi, Renato; Zeni, Valeria; Cosci, Francesca; DI GIOVANNI, Filippo; Lucchi, Andrea
Anthropogenic changes and associated impacts on vector-borne diseases 1-gen-2021 Wilke, A. B. B.; Benelli, G.; Beier, J. C.
Apiaceae essential oils and their constituents as insecticides against mosquitoes—A review 1-gen-2021 Spinozzi, E.; Maggi, F.; Bonacucina, G.; Pavela, R.; Boukouvala, M. C.; Kavallieratos, N. G.; Canale, A.; Romano, D.; Desneux, N.; Wilke, A. B. B.; Beier, J. C.; Benelli, G.
Application of ethnobotanical repellents and acaricides in prevention, control and management of livestock ticks: A review 1-gen-2016 Pavela, Roman; Canale, Angelo; Mehlhorn, Heinz; Benelli, Giovanni
Aristolochia indica green-synthesized silver nanoparticles: A sustainable control tool against the malaria vector Anopheles stephensi? 1-gen-2015 Murugan, Kadarkarai; Labeeba, Mohammed Aamina; Panneerselvam, Chellasamy; Dinesh, Devakumar; Suresh, Udaiyan; Subramaniam, Jayapal; Madhiyazhagan, Pari; Hwang, Jiang Shiou; Wang, Lan; Nicoletti, Marcello; Benelli, Giovanni
Artemisia absinthium-borne compounds as novel larvicides: effectiveness against six mosquito vectors and acute toxicity on non-target aquatic organisms 1-gen-2016 Govindarajan, Marimuthu; Benelli, Giovanni
Arthropod vectors and vector-borne pathogens: Know your enemy for not succumbing the battle 1-gen-2021 Benelli, G.; Cornara, D.
Arthropod-Borne Disease Control at a Glance: What's New on Drug Development? 1-gen-2020 Benelli, G.; Petrelli, R.; Canale, A.
Artificial blood feeders for mosquito and ticks—Where from, where to? 1-gen-2018 Romano, Donato; Stefanini, Cesare; Canale, Angelo; Benelli, Giovanni
Ascaridole-rich essential oil from marsh rosemary (Ledum palustre) growing in Poland exerts insecticidal activity on mosquitoes, moths and flies without serious effects on non-target organisms and human cells 1-gen-2020 Benelli, G.; Pavela, R.; Cianfaglione, K.; Sender, J.; Danuta, U.; Maslanko, W.; Canale, A.; Barboni, L.; Petrelli, R.; Zeppa, L.; Aguzzi, C.; Maggi, F.
Associative learning for danger avoidance nullifies innate positive chemotaxis to host olfactory stimuli in a parasitic wasp 1-gen-2014 Benelli, Giovanni; Stefanini, C.; Giunti, Giulia; Geri, S.; Messing, R. H.; Canale, Angelo