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Serena Di Gaspare (ed.) Henry A. Abbati: Keynes’ Forgotten Precursor. Selected Writings, London and New York: Routledge, pp. xxi-337. Recensione, in corso di pubblicazione su History if Economic Ideas In corso di stampa Cristiano, Carlo
Inflation - cost-push 1-gen-2023 Cristiano, Carlo
The Early Reception of the Phillips Curve in the United Kingdom: New Evidence from the Papers of the Council on Prices, Productivity, and Incomes 1-gen-2023 Cristiano, C.
Money and Empire as a Contribution to the Literature on Keynes. A Problem of Interpretation 1-gen-2022 Cristiano, Carlo
Luigi Einaudi Scrittore di Banca e Borsa. Repertorio anni 1919-1961 1-gen-2021 Cristiano, Carlo
Luigi Einaudi Scrittore di Banca e Borsa. Repertorio anni 1983-1918 1-gen-2021 Cristiano, Carlo
Industrial Leadership, Market Power and Long-Term Performance: Marshall’s and Keynes’s Appreciation of American Trusts 1-gen-2020 Cristiano, Carlo; Cristina Marcuzzo, Maria
Keynes's theory of rationality, the "weight of arguments" and Keynes as an investor in the financial markets 1-gen-2019 Cristiano, Carlo
Series of Economics and Encyclopaedias: Traditional Economic Theory and New Paths 1-gen-2019 Cristiano, Carlo; Di Matteo, Massimo
John Maynard Keynes: the economist as investor 1-gen-2018 Cristiano, Carlo; Marcuzzo Maria, Cristina
Monetary policy and price stability in British post-war debate: restatement of evidence from economists’ papers presented to the Radcliffe Committee 1-gen-2018 Cristiano, Carlo; Paesani, Paolo
Price Stability and the Origins and Early Influence of the Phillips Curve on British Policy Debates 1-gen-2018 Cristiano, Carlo; Paolo, Paesani
Centro Europa Ricerche from its foundation to the end of the ‘First Republic' 1-gen-2017 Cristiano, Carlo
Taming the great depression: Keynes’s personal investments in the US stock market, 1931–1939 1-gen-2017 Cristiano, Carlo; Marcuzzo, Maria Cristina; Eleonora, Sanfilippo
Unconventional monetary policy ante litteram: Richard Kahn and the monetary policy debate during the works of the Radcliffe Committee 1-gen-2017 Cristiano, Carlo
J. M. KEYNES’S LECTURES ON FISHER IN 1909 1-gen-2016 Cristiano, Carlo
Two minds that never met: Frank H. Knight on John M. Keynes once again – a documentary note. Perham C. Nahl’s notes from Frank H. Knight’s course on Business Cycles, University of California, 1936 1-gen-2016 Cristiano, Carlo; Fiorito, Luca
Theories of the firm in England before Coase. Stemming the tide of ‘rationalisation’ on the eve of ‘The nature of the firm’ 1-gen-2015 Cristiano, Carlo
Keynes’s activity on the cotton market and the theory of the ‘normal backwardation’: 1921-1929 1-gen-2014 Cristiano, Carlo; Naldi, Nerio
The political and economic thought of the young Keynes : liberalism, markets and empire 1-gen-2014 Cristiano, Carlo