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Advances in THz quantum cascade lasers: fulfilling the application potential 1-gen-2005 Tredicucci, Alessandro; L., Mahler; T., Losco; J., Xu; C., Mauro; R., Köhler; H. E., Beere; D. A., Ritchie; E. H., Linfield
Amplification of terahertz radiation in quantum cascade structures 1-gen-2007 Mauro, C; Green, Rp; Tredicucci, Alessandro; Beltram, F; Beere, He; Ritchie, Da
Analysis of line shapes and strong coupling with intersubband transitions in one-dimensional metallodielectric photonic crystal slabs 1-gen-2012 Zanotto, S.; Degl'Innocenti, R.; Sorba, L.; Tredicucci, Alessandro; Biasiol, G.
Anisotropic straining of graphene using micropatterned SiN membranes 1-gen-2016 Settembrini, Francesca F.; Colangelo, Francesco; Pitanti, Alessandro; Miseikis, Vaidotas; Coletti, Camilla; Menichetti, Guido; Colle, Renato; Grosso, Giuseppe; Tredicucci, Alessandro; Roddaro, Stefano
Antenna-Coupled Graphene Field-Effect Transistors as a Terahertz Imaging Array 1-gen-2021 Bianco, F.; Miseikis, V.; Perenzoni, D.; Coletti, C.; Perenzoni, M.; Tredicucci, A.
Black Phosphorus Terahertz Photodetectors 1-gen-2015 Viti, Leonardo; Hu, Jin; Coquillat, Dominique; Knap, Wojciech; Tredicucci, Alessandro; Politano, Antonio; Vitiello, Miriam Serena
Broadband Dynamic Polarization Conversion in Optomechanical Metasurfaces 1-gen-2020 Zanotto, S.; Colombano, M.; Navarro-Urrios, D.; Biasiol, G.; Sotomayor-Torres, C. M.; Tredicucci, A.; Pitanti, A.
Cavity polaritons from excited-subband transitions 1-gen-2007 Anappara, Aa; Tredicucci, Alessandro; Beltram, F; Biasiol, G; Sorba, L; De Liberato, S; Ciuti, C.
Chiral metasurface optomechanics 1-gen-2019 Zanotto, S.; Tredicucci, A.; Navarro-Urrios, D.; Cecchini, M.; Biasiol, G.; Pitanti, A.
Coherent absorption control in polaritonic systems 1-gen-2015 Tredicucci, Alessandro
Coherent absorption of light by graphene and other optically conducting surfaces in realistic on-substrate configurations 1-gen-2017 Zanotto, Simone; Bianco, F.; Miseikis, V.; Convertino, D.; Coletti, C.; Tredicucci, Alessandro
Coherent perfect absorption and transparency in lossy and loss/gain metasurface-embedding structures 1-gen-2017 Zanotto, Simone; Bianco, Federica; Miseikis, Vaidotas; Convertino, Domenica; Coletti, Camilla; Tredicucci, Alessandro
Coherent perfect absorption in photonic structures 1-gen-2015 Baldacci, Lorenzo; Zanotto, Simone; Tredicucci, Alessandro
Contacts shielding in nanowire field effect transistors 1-gen-2012 Pitanti, A.; Roddaro, Stefano; Vitiello, M. S.; Tredicucci, Alessandro
Continuous wave vertical emission from terahertz microcavity lasers with a dual injection scheme 1-gen-2021 Ottomaniello, A.; Conte, G.; Pitanti, A.; Vicarelli, L.; Profeti, A.; Beere, H. E.; Ritchie, D. A.; Mattoli, V.; Bianco, F.; Tredicucci, A.
Continuous-wave laser operation of a dipole antenna terahertz microresonator 1-gen-2017 Masini, Luca; Pitanti, Alessandro; Baldacci, Lorenzo; Vitiello, Miriam S; Degl'Innocenti, Riccardo; Beere, Harvey E; Ritchie, David A; Tredicucci, Alessandro
Continuous-wave operation of terahertz quantum-cascade lasers 1-gen-2003 Barbieri, S; Alton, J; Dhillon, Ss; Beere, He; Evans, M; Linfield, Eh; Davies, Ag; Ritchie, Da; Kohler, R; Tredicucci, Alessandro; Beltram, F.
Controlling local deformation in graphene using micrometric polymeric actuators 1-gen-2018 Colangelo, F.; Pitanti, A.; Mišeikis, V.; Coletti, C.; Pingue, P.; Pisignano, D.; Beltram, F.; Tredicucci, A.; Roddaro, S.
Controlling polariton coupling in intersubband microcavities 1-gen-2007 Anappara, Aa; Tredicucci, Alessandro; Beltram, F; Biasiol, G; Sorba, L.
Coupling external cavity mid-IR quantum cascade lasers with low loss hollow metallic/dielectric waveguides 1-gen-2012 Patimisco, P.; Spagnolo, V.; Vitiello, M. S.; Tredicucci, Alessandro; Scamarcio, G.; Bledt, C. M.; Harrington, J. A.