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Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average Modeling and Support Vector Machine Classification of Financial Time Series In corso di stampa Kocian, Alexander; Chessa, Stefano
Static Data flow Analysis for Soft Real-Time System Design In corso di stampa Kocian, Alexander; Chessa, Stefano
A survey on technological tools and systems for diagnosis and therapy of autism spectrum disorder 1-gen-2024 Bondioli, M; Chessa, S; Kocian, A; Pelagatti, S
Distributed versus centralized computing of coverage in mobile crowdsensing 1-gen-2024 Girolami, Michele; Kocian, Alexander; Chessa, Stefano
IoT based dynamic Bayesian prediction of crop evapotranspiration in soilless cultivations 1-gen-2023 Kocian, A.; Carmassi, G.; Cela, F.; Chessa, S.; Milazzo, P.; Incrocci, L.
Predictive model for the growth rate of tomatoes in saline substrate cultivation 1-gen-2023 Kocian, Alexander; Milazzo, Paolo; Castagna, Antonella; Ranieri, Annamaria; Antonio Hernandez, Jose; Dıaz Vivancos, Pedro; Barba Espın, Gregorio; Ben Hamed, Karim; Selmi, Aida; Kalboussi, Nesrine; Chessa, Stefano
WoA: An Infrastructural, Web-Based Approach to Digital Agriculture 1-gen-2023 Chessa, S.; Dimitri, G. M.; Gori, M.; Kocian, A.
Iterative Probabilistic Performance Prediction for Multiple IoT Applications in Contention 1-gen-2022 Kocian, A.; Chessa, S.
Bayesian sigmoid-type time series forecasting with missing data for greenhouse crops 1-gen-2020 Kocian, A.; Carmassi, G.; Cela, F.; Incrocci, L.; Milazzo, P.; Chessa, S.
Dynamic Bayesian network for crop growth prediction in greenhouses 1-gen-2020 Kocian, A.; Massa, D.; Cannazzaro, S.; Incrocci, L.; Di Lonardo, S.; Milazzo, P.; Chessa, S.
Learning from Data to Optimize Control in Precision Farming 1-gen-2020 Kocian, Alexander; Incrocci, Luca
Monitoring practitioner’s skills in pure-tone audiometry 1-gen-2020 Kocian, A.; Chessa, S.; Grolman, W.
An artificial patient for pure-tone audiometry 1-gen-2018 Kocian, Alexander; Cattani, Guido; Chessa, Stefano; Grolman, Wilko
Information technology controlled greenhouse: A system architecture 1-gen-2018 Burchi, Gianluca; Chessa, Stefano; Gambineri, Francesca; Kocian, Alexander; Massa, Daniele; Milazzo, Paolo; Rimediotti, Luca; Ruggeri, Alessandro
A unified message-passing algorithm for MIMO-SDMA in software defined radio 1-gen-2017 Kocian, Alexander; Badiu, M; Fleury, B. H.; Martelli, Francesca; Santi, Paolo
Intelligent smartphone audiometry 1-gen-2017 Kocian, Alexander; Ienco, Carmelo; Chessa, Stefano; Grolman, Wilko
Development and realization of an artificial patient with hearing impairment 1-gen-2016 Kocian, Alexander; Chessa, Stefano; Grolman, W.
MIMO-OFDM spatial multiplexing technique implementation for GNU radio 1-gen-2014 Martelli, Francesca; Kocian, A.; Santi, Paolo; Gardellin, Vanessa
A Monte Carlo Implementation of the SAGE Algorithm for Joint Soft-Multiuser Decoding, Channel Parameter Estimation, and Code Acquisition 1-gen-2010 Kocian, A; Panayirci, E; Poor, Hv; Ruggieri, Marina
Iterative joint data detection and channel estimation for uplink MC-CDMA systems in the presence of frequency selective channels 1-gen-2010 Panayirci, E.; Dogan, H.; Cirpan, H. A.; Kocian, A.; Fleury, B. H.