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Effect of exogenous application of salt stress and glutamic acid on lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) 1-gen-2022 Franzoni, G.; Cocetta, G.; Trivellini, A.; Garabello, C.; Contartese, V.; Ferrante, A.
Borage extracts affect wild rocket quality and influence nitrate and carbon metabolism 1-gen-2020 Bulgari, Roberta; Cocetta, Giacomo; Trivellini, Alice; Ferrante, Antonio
Pitaya, an attractive alternative crop for mediterranean region 1-gen-2020 Trivellini, A.; Lucchesini, M.; Ferrante, A.; Massa, D.; Orlando, M.; Incrocci, L.; Mensuali-Sodi, A.
The significance and functions of ethylene in flooding stress tolerance in plants 1-gen-2020 Khan, M. I. R.; Trivellini, A.; Chhillar, H.; Chopra, P.; Ferrante, A.; Khan, N. A.; Ismail, A. M.
Transcriptional Regulation in Rocket Leaves as Affected by Salinity 1-gen-2020 Franzoni, Giulia; Cocetta, Giacomo; Trivellini, Alice; Ferrante, Antonio
Bioactive Molecules as Regulatory Signals in Plant Responses to Abiotic Stresses 1-gen-2019 Franzoni, Giulia; Trivellini, Alice; Bulgari, Roberta; Cocetta, Giacomo; Ferrante, Antonio
Effect of Preharvest Abiotic Stresses on the Accumulation of Bioactive Compounds in Horticultural Produce 1-gen-2019 Toscano, S.; Trivellini, A.; Cocetta, G.; Bulgari, R.; Francini, A.; Romano, D.; Ferrante, A.
Effects of postharvest application of salicylic acid and benzothiadiazole on cut rose (Rosa hybrida) 1-gen-2019 Cocetta, G.; Trivellini, A.; Ferrante, A.
Effects of two doses of organic extract-based biostimulant on greenhouse lettuce grown under increasing NaCl concentrations 1-gen-2019 Bulgari, Roberta; Trivellini, Alice; Ferrante, Antonio
Ethylene and plant hormones interplay in the regulation of petunia petal senescence 1-gen-2019 Trivellini, A.; Cocetta, G.; Ferrante, A.
UV-B Physiological Changes Under Conditions of Distress and Eustress in Sweet Basil 1-gen-2019 Mosadegh, Haana; Trivellini, Alice; Lucchesini, Mariella; Ferrante, Antonio; Maggini, Rita; Vernieri, Paolo; Sodi, Anna Mensuali
Abscisic acid and carotenoids metabolism in tomato during postharvest 1-gen-2018 Franzoni, Giulia; Cocetta, G.; Trivellini, A.; Angeli, S.; Ferrante, A.
Applications of UV-B lighting to enhance phenolic accumulation of sweet basil 1-gen-2018 Mosadegh, H.; Trivellini, A.; Ferrante, A.; Lucchesini, M.; Vernieri, P.; Mensuali, A.
Physiological mechanisms for delaying the leaf yellowing of potted geranium plants 1-gen-2018 Toscano, Stefania; Trivellini, Alice; Ferrante, Antonio; Romano, Daniela
Ethylene role in plant growth, development and senescence: interaction with other phytohormones 1-gen-2017 Iqbal, N.; Khan, N. A.; Ferrante, A.; Trivellini, A.; Francini, A.; Khan, M. I. R.
Reactive Oxygen Species Production and Detoxification During Leaf Senescence 1-gen-2017 Trivellini, A.; Cocetta, G.; Francini, A.; Ferrante, A.
Tissue culture techniques as a tool to select snapdragon mutants with differential NaCl sensitivity 1-gen-2017 Trivellini, A.; Lucchesini, M.; Carmassi, G.; Bertozzi, F.; Ferrante, A.; Mensuali Sodi, A.
Effect of washing treatments on chlorophyll a fluorescence and vitamin C content in minimally processed lamb’s lettuce during storage 1-gen-2016 Cocetta, G.; Francini, A.; Trivellini, A.; Ferrante, A.
Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation of axillary bud callus of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. ‘Ruby’ and regeneration of transgenic plants 1-gen-2015 Trivellini, A.; Ferrante, A.; Hunter, D. A.; Pathirana, R.
Prodotti biostimolanti ed effetti sulle colture ortofloricole 1-gen-2015 Bulgari, R.; Cocetta, G.; Trivellini, A.; Martinetti, L.; Ferrante, A.