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Interaction of Mycobacterium tuberculosis cell wall components with the human natural killer cell receptors NKp44 and Toll-like receptor 2 1-gen-2013 Esin, Semih; Counoupas, Claudio; Aulicino, A.; Brancatisano, FRANCA LISA; Maisetta, Giuseppantonio; Bottai, Daria; DI LUCA, Mariagrazia; Florio, Walter; Campa, Mario; Batoni, Giovanna
The ESX-5 Associated eccB-eccC Locus Is Essential for Mycobacterium tuberculosis Viability 1-gen-2012 DI LUCA, Mariagrazia; Bottai, Daria; Batoni, Giovanna; Orgeur, M; Aulicino, A; Counoupas, Claudio; Campa, Mario; Brosch, R; Esin, Semih
A composite fibrin-based scaffold for controlled delivery of bioactive pro-angiogenetic growth factors 1-gen-2010 Briganti, E; Spiller, D; Mirtelli, C; Kull, S; Counoupas, Claudio; Losi, P; Senesi, Sonia; DI STEFANO, Rossella; Soldani, G.
The BCG1619c gene is not essential for invasion and intracellular persistence of Mycobacterium bovis BCG in human THP-1 and A549 cell lines 1-gen-2009 Florio, Walter; Brancatisano, FRANCA LISA; Bottai, Daria; Esin, Semih; DI LUCA, Mariagrazia; Counoupas, Claudio; Maisetta, Giuseppantonio; Lupetti, Antonella; Batoni, Giovanna; Campa, Mario
Direct binding of human NK cell natural cytotoxicity receptor NKp44 to the surfaces of mycobacteria and other bacteria 1-gen-2008 Esin, Semih; Batoni, Giovanna; Counoupas, Claudio; Stringaro, A; Brancatisano, FRANCA LISA; Colone, M; Maisetta, Giuseppantonio; Florio, Walter; Arancia, G; Campa, Mario