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A Cloud Broker System for Connected Car Services with an Integrated Simulation Framework 1-gen-2017 Youn, Ch; Chen, M; Dazzi, P
A Federated Cloud Solution for Transnational Mobility Data Sharing 1-gen-2022 Carlini, E.; Chevallier, T.; Dazzi, P.; Lettich, F.; Perego, R.; Renso, C.; Trani, S.
A Holistic Approach for High-level Programming of Next-generation Data-intensive Applications Targeting Distributed Heterogeneous Computing Environment 1-gen-2016 Carlini, E; Dazzi, P; Mordacchini, M
A Hybrid Cross-Entropy Cognitive-Based Algorithm for Resource Allocation in Cloud Environments 1-gen-2014 Anastasi, G. F.; Cassarà, P.; Dazzi, P; Gotta, A.; Mordacchini, M.; Passarella, A.
A Java/Jini framework supporting stream parallel computations 1-gen-2005 Danelutto, Marco; Dazzi, Patrizio
A Mathematical Model for Latency Constrained Self-Organizing Application Placement in the Edge 1-gen-2022 Mordacchini, M.; Carlini, E.; Dazzi, P.
A Multi-criteria Class-based Job Scheduler for Large Computing Farms 1-gen-2012 Baraglia, R; Dazzi, P; Ferrini, R
A Multi-criteria Job Scheduling Framework for Large Computing Farms 1-gen-2010 Baraglia, R.; Dazzi, P; Capannini, G.; Pagano, G.
A multi-criteria job scheduling framework for large computing farms 1-gen-2013 Baraglia, R; Capannini, G; Dazzi, P; Pagano, G
A Multi-Layer Framework for Graph Processing via Overlay Composition 1-gen-2015 Carlini, Emanuele; Dazzi, Patrizio; Lulli, Alessandro; Ricci, Laura
A Novel Approach to Distributed Model Aggregation using Apache Kafka 1-gen-2022 Bano, S.; Carlini, E.; Cassara', P.; Coppola, M.; Dazzi, P.; Gotta, A.
A P2P REcommender System Based on Gossip Overlays (PREGO) 1-gen-2010 Baraglia, Ranieri; Dazzi, Patrizio; Mordacchini, Matteo; Ricci, Laura
A Peer to Peer Recommender System for Self -Emerging User Communities based on Gossip Overlays 1-gen-2013 Ricci, Laura; Baraglia, Ranieri; Dazzi, Patrizio; Mordacchini, Matteo
ACCORDION: Edge Computing for NextGen Applications 1-gen-2021 Dazzi, P
An Osmotic Ecosystem for Data Streaming Applications in Smart Cities 1-gen-2021 Carlini, E.; Carnevale, L.; Coppola, M.; Dazzi, P; Mencagli, G.; Talia, D.; Villari, M.
An OVF toolkit supporting Inter-Cloud application splitting 1-gen-2014 Anastasi, G. F.; Carlini, E.; Coppola, M.; Dazzi, P; Distefano, M.
ATLAAS-P2P: A Two-Layer Architecture for Approximated Search in Peer to Peer 1-gen-2013 Baraglia, Ranieri; Dazzi, Patrizio; Mordacchini, Matteo; Ricci, Laura
Balanced Graph Partitioning with Apache Spark 1-gen-2014 Carlini, Emanuele; Dazzi, Patrizio; Esposito, Andrea; Lulli, Alessandro; Ricci, Laura
BASMATI - Cloud Brokerage Across Borders for Mobile Users And Applications 1-gen-2016 Dazzi, P
BASMATI-a brokerage architecture on federated clouds for mobile applications 1-gen-2016 Altmann, J.; Carlini, E.; Coppola, M.; Dazzi, P; Juan Ferrer, A.; Haile, N.; Jung, Y-w.; Kang, D-j.; Marshall, I-j.; Tserpes, K.; Varvarigou, T.