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3D design and optimization of heat exchanger network for solid oxide fuel cell-gas turbine in hybrid electric vehicles 1-gen-2019 Tanozzi, F.; Sharma, S.; Marechal, F.; Desideri, U.
4E analysis of a modified multigeneration system designed for power, heating/cooling, and water desalination 1-gen-2020 Anvari, S.; Mahian, O.; Taghavifar, H.; Wongwises, S.; Desideri, U.
A co-located solar receiver and thermal storage concept using silicate glass at 1000°C and above: Experiments and modeling in the optically-thick regime 1-gen-2019 Casati, EMILIANO IVAN MARIA; Lankhorst, A.; Desideri, U.; Steinfeld, A.
A comparative assessment of Power-to-Fuel production pathways 1-gen-2019 Bargiacchi, E.; Antonelli, M.; Desideri, U.
A Comparison Between Life Cycle Assessment Of An MCFC System, An LFG – MCFC System, And Traditional Energy Conversion Systems 1-gen-2004 Desideri, Umberto; Lunghi, P.; Zepparelli, F.
A Comparison Between the LCA of a PEMFC and an MCFC Systems for the Production of Electric Energy, and Traditional Energy Conversion Systems 1-gen-2005 Desideri, Umberto; Zepparelli, F.
A General Survey Concerning Electricity Production From Biomass 1-gen-2004 Assadi, M.; Bai, X. S.; Chen, G.; Corella, J.; Desideri, Umberto; F., Fantozzi; Sun, L.; Toledo, J. M.; Torisson, T.
A Matlab-Simulink Analysis of Hybrid SOFC Dynamic Behavior 1-gen-2005 Desideri, Umberto; Lazaroiou, G.; Zaninelli, D.; Lazaroiou, C.
A methodology for assessing fuel cell performance under a wide range of operational conditions: Results for a molten carbonate single cell 1-gen-2005 Baratella, A.; Bove, R.; Desideri, Umberto; Lunghi, P.
A New Concept for the Reduction of Pollutant Emissions in Industrial Gas Turbine Plants 1-gen-1991 Desideri, Umberto; Facchini, B.; Stecco, S. S.
A New Gas-Steam-Ammonia Combined Cycle to Reduce Cooling Water Consumption 1-gen-1992 Desideri, Umberto; Facchini, B.
A Novel Concept for Combined Heat and Cooling in Humid Gas Turbine Cycles 1-gen-2007 Corradetti, A.; Rao, A.; Desideri, Umberto
A novel Pumped Thermal Electricity Storage (PTES) system with thermal integration 1-gen-2017 Frate, GUIDO FRANCESCO; Antonelli, Marco; Desideri, Umberto
A Simplified Approach to Off-design Performance Evaluation of Combined Cycle Powerplants with Single Pressure Steam Cycles 1-gen-1993 Desideri, Umberto; Fibbi, A.
A simplified method for the evaluation of the performance of coal fired power plant with carbon capture 1-gen-2014 Desideri, Umberto; Antonelli, Marco
A simplified model for the prediction of energy consumption in large-scale commercial activities 1-gen-2019 Frate, G. F.; Francesconi, M.; Bosi, N.; Ferrari, L.; Desideri, U.
A Simulation Code for Design and Off-Design Performance Prediction of Geothermal Power Plants 1-gen-2000 Desideri, Umberto; Di Maria, F.
A Simulation Code for Single Phase Geothermal Fields 1-gen-1999 F., DI MARIA; Desideri, Umberto
A single flash integrated gas turbine-geothermal power plant with non-condensable gas combustion 1-gen-1999 Bidini, G.; Desideri, Umberto; Di Maria, F.
A Steady State Calculation Model for Gas Turbine Thermal Enclosures 1-gen-2000 Desideri, Umberto; Francesco Di, Maria