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New human remains from the Late Epigravettian necropolis of Arene Candide (Liguria, northwestern Italy): Direct radiocarbon evidence and inferences on the funerary use of the cave during the Younger Dryas 1-gen-2021 Sparacello, Vitale S.; Dori, Irene; Rossi, Stefano; Varalli, Alessandra; Riel-Salvatore, Julien; Gravel-Miguel, Claudine; Riga, Alessandro; Seghi, Francesca; Goude, Gwena€elle; Palstra, Sanne W. L.; Starnini, Elisabetta; Formicola, Vincenzo; Moggi-Cecchi, Jacopo
Hunters of the Ice Age: the biology of Upper Paleolithic people 1-gen-2008 Holt, B. M.; Formicola, Vincenzo
Reply to V. Lang: On the report from the Sunghir children to the Romito dwarf 1-gen-2008 Formicola, Vincenzo
The Late Upper Paleolithic skeleton Villabruna 1(Italy): a source of data on biology and behaviour of a 14.000 year-old hunter 1-gen-2008 Vercellotti, G; Alciati, G; Richards, M. P.; Formicola, Vincenzo
From the Sunghir children to the Romito dwarf. Aspects of the Upper Paleolithic funerary landscape 1-gen-2007 Formicola, Vincenzo
Resource availability and stature decrease in Upper Paleolithic Europe 1-gen-2007 Formicola, Vincenzo; Holt, B. M.
A biomechanical approach to the reconstruction of activity patterns in Neolithic Western Liguria (Italy) 1-gen-2006 Marchi, Damiano; Sparacello, Vs; Holt, Bm; Formicola, Vincenzo
Biomechanical approach to the reconstruction of activity patterns in Neolithic Western Liguria, Italy 1-gen-2006 Marchi, Damiano; Sparacello, V. S.; Holt, M. B.; Formicola, Vincenzo
Mobility in Neolithic Liguria (Italy): a biomechanical approach 1-gen-2005 Marchi, Damiano; Sparacello, Vs; Formicola, Vincenzo
Tempo and mode of formation of the Late Epigravettian necropolis of Arene Candide cave (Italy): Direct radiocarbon evidence 1-gen-2005 Formicola, Vincenzo; Pettitt, P. B.; Maggi, R; Hedges, R.
A direct radiocarbon date on the Barma Grande 6 Upper Paleolithic skeleton 1-gen-2004 Formicola, Vincenzo; Pettitt, P. B.; DEL LUCCHESE, A.
Double child burial from Sunghir (Russia): Pathology and inferences for Upper Paleolithic funerary practices 1-gen-2004 Formicola, Vincenzo; Buzhilova, A. P.
From hunting to farming: The impact on health status in Western Liguria (Italy) 1-gen-2003 Formicola, Vincenzo; Canci, A.
L'apparition de l'Homme moderne (Homo sapiens sapiens) 1-gen-2003 Formicola, Vincenzo
More is not always better: Trotter and Gleser's equations and stature estimates of Upper Paleolithic European samples 1-gen-2003 Formicola, Vincenzo
The Gravettian burial known as the Prince ("Il Principe"): New evidence on his age and diet 1-gen-2003 Pettitt, P. B.; Richards, M; Maggi, R; Formicola, Vincenzo
Bone remodeling following a lower leg fracture in the 11.000-year-old hunter-gatherer Vado all'Arancio 1 (Italy) 1-gen-2002 Holt, M. B.; Fornaciari, Gino; Formicola, Vincenzo
The triple burial of Dolni Vestonice: Pathology and funerary behaviour 1-gen-2001 Formicola, Vincenzo; Pontrandolfi, A; Svoboda, J.
Biological and cultural trends in Upper Paleolithic Europe 1-gen-2000 Holt, M. B.; Mussi, M; Churchill, S. E.; Formicola, Vincenzo
The Upper Paleolithic population of Europe in an evolutionary perspective 1-gen-2000 Churchill, S. E.; Formicola, Vincenzo; Holliday, T. W.; Holt, B; Schumann, B.