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Blood biochemical parameters in frree-ranging red deer (Cervus elaphus elaphus) after chemical and physical restraint 1-gen-2018 Mariti, C.; Iacobelli, F.; Ricci, E.; Fusi, M.; Mengoli, M.; Cozzi, A.; Gazzano, A.
Pathology and behaviour in feline medicine: investigating the link between vomeronasalitis and aggression 1-gen-2015 Asproni, Pietro; Cozzi, Alessandro; Verin, Ranieri; Lafont Lecuelle, Céline; Bienboire Frosini, Cécile; Poli, Alessandro; Pageat, PATRICK CHRISTIAN
Influence of emotional balance during a learning and recall test in horses (Equus Caballus) 1-gen-2014 Mengoli, Manuel; Pageat, P.; LAFONT LECUELLE, C.; Monneret, P.; Giacalone, A.; Sighieri, Claudio; Cozzi, Alessandro
Aging-related diagnostic variations: a multiple correspondence analysis approach to describe senior and geriatric features in cats 1-gen-2013 Mengoli, Manuel; Mariti, Chiara; Gasperoni, M.; Lafont Lecuelle, C.; Gazzano, Angelo; Pageat, P.; Cozzi, Alessandro
Analysing the behaviour of dogs affected and unaffected by separation anxiety during a behavioural consultation: preliminary results 1-gen-2012 Mengoli, Manuel; Roccati, R.; Cozzi, Alessandro; Pageat, P.; Gazzano, Angelo; Mariti, Chiara
The prevention of undesirable behaviors in dogs: effectiveness of veterinary behaviorists' advice given to puppy owners 1-gen-2008 Gazzano, Angelo; Mariti, Chiara; Alvares, S; Cozzi, Alessandro; Tognetti, Rosalba; Sighieri, Claudio
Effect of the presence of a dog on pre-adolescent children’s learning of canine anatomy and physiology 1-gen-2007 Gazzano, Angelo; Mariti, Chiara; Cozzi, Alessandro; Papi, F; Sighieri, Claudio; Mcbride, E. A.
Preliminary study on the effectiveness of advice given to puppies’ owners in the prevention of behavioral disorders in dogs 1-gen-2007 Mariti, Chiara; Alvares, S.; Cozzi, Alessandro; Sighieri, Claudio; Martelli, Franco; Tognetti, Rosalba; Gazzano, Angelo
Modificazioni comportamentali del cane ospitato in canile sanitario. 1-gen-2005 Gazzano, Angelo; Mariti, Chiara; Cozzi, Alessandro; Sighieri, Claudio; Ducci, Michele; Martelli, Franco