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Deciphering Photoreceptors Through Atomistic Modeling from Light Absorption to Conformational Response 1-gen-2023 Salvadori, Giacomo; Mazzeo, Patrizia; Accomasso, Davide; Cupellini, Lorenzo; Mennucci, Benedetta
Ground-state heterogeneity and vibrational energy redistribution in bacterial phytochrome observed with femtosecond 2D IR spectroscopy 1-gen-2023 Chenchiliyan, Manoop; Kübel, Joachim; Ooi, Saik Ann; Salvadori, Giacomo; Mennucci, Benedetta; Westenhoff, Sebastian; Maj, Michał
Protein control of photochemistry and transient intermediates in phytochromes 1-gen-2022 Salvadori, Giacomo; Macaluso, Veronica; Pellicci, Giulia; Cupellini, Lorenzo; Granucci, Giovanni; Mennucci, Benedetta
The structural changes in the signaling mechanism of bacteriophytochromes in solution revealed by a multiscale computational investigation 1-gen-2021 Macaluso, Veronica; Salvadori, Giacomo; Cupellini, Lorenzo; Mennucci, Benedetta
Dye Stabilization and Wavelength Tunability in Lasing Fibers Based on DNA 1-gen-2020 Persano, L.; Szukalski, A.; Gaio, M.; Moffa, M.; Salvadori, G.; Sznitko, L.; Camposeo, A.; Mysliwiec, J.; Sapienza, R.; Mennucci, B.; Pisignano, D.
Elucidating the role of structural fluctuations, and intermolecular and vibronic interactions in the spectroscopic response of a bacteriophytochrome 1-gen-2020 Macaluso, V.; Cupellini, L.; Salvadori, G.; Lipparini, F.; Mennucci, B.
Binding of model polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and carbamate-pesticides to DNA, BSA, micelles and liposomes 1-gen-2019 Macii, F.; Salvadori, G.; Bonini, Rachele; Giannarelli, S.; Mennucci, B.; Biver, T.