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A FUNDAMENTAL-STUDY ON CONVENTIONAL PYROLYSIS OF A REFUSE-DERIVED FUEL 1-gen-1995 Cozzani, V; Nicolella, Cristiano; Petarca, Luigi; Rovatti, M; Tognotti, Leonardo
A new method to solve the problem of Hydrogen Sulfide emission in geothermal power plants 1-gen-1996 Nardini, G; Paglianti, A; Petarca, Luigi
A new technique for heavy oil recovery based on electromagnetic heating: system design and numerical modeling 1-gen-2013 Cerutti, A.; Bandinelli, M.; Bientinesi, M.; Petarca, Luigi; De Simoni, M.; Manotti, M.; Maddinelli, G.
A new technique for heavy oil recovery based on electromagnetic heating: pilot scale experimental validation 1-gen-2013 Bientinesi, M.; Petarca, Luigi; Cerutti, A.; Bandinelli, M.; De Simoni, M.; . Manotti M, .; Maddinelli, G.
A radiofrequency/microwave heating method for thermal heavy oil recovery based on a novel tight-shell conceptual design 1-gen-2013 Bientinesi, M.; Petarca, Luigi; . Cerutti A, .; De Simoni, M.; Manotti, M.; Maddinelli, G.
Advanced pulse calibration techniques for the quantitative analysis of TG-FTIR data 1-gen-2002 Marsanich, K; Barontini, Federica; Cozzani, V; Petarca, Luigi
An easy way for gas washing 1-gen-2003 Petarca, Luigi; Annunzi, F.; Guastini, F.; Nardini, G.; Paglianti, A.
An experimental investigation of tetrabromobisphenol A decomposition pathways 1-gen-2004 Barontini, Federica; Cozzani, Valerio; Marsanich, K; Raffa, Vittoria; Petarca, Luigi
An experimental study on oxidation rates of coal at low temperature 1-gen-1988 Petarca, Luigi; Tognotti, Leonardo; Zanelli, S.; Bertozzi, G.
Analysis of an accident at a solvent recovery plant 1-gen-1999 Cozzani, V.; Nardini, G.; Petarca, Luigi; Zanelli, S.
Application of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers for the abatement of VOCs in the nautical sector 1-gen-2005 Nardini, G.; Petarca, Luigi; Simoni, D.; Vanni, L.
Bioartificial materials by template polymerization 1-gen-1996 Polacco, Giovanni; Lazzeri, Luigi; Petarca, Luigi; Maltinti, G; Cristallini, Caterina; Barbani, Niccoletta; Cascone, MARIA GRAZIA
Boundary Layer Burning of Fuel Surfaces: Thermal and Aerodynamic Structure of the Flame 1-gen-1984 Andreotti, S; Andreussi, Paolo; Petarca, Luigi
BOUNDARY-LAYER BURNING OF FUEL SURFACES - THE SOOT FIELD 1-gen-1986 Andreussi, Paolo; Barbieri, B; Petarca, Luigi
Brominated pollutants formed in the thermal degradation of hexabromocyclododecane and tetrabromobisphenol A 1-gen-2001 Barontini, Federica; Cozzani, V; Petarca, Luigi; Zanelli, S.
Calorimetric and kinetic analysis of the diglycidyl ether of the bisphenol A/tetrabromobisphenol A reaction for the production of linear brominated epoxy resins 1-gen-2000 Barontini, Federica; Cozzani, V; Petarca, Luigi
Catalytic gasification of Venezuelan coal: characteristics and kinetics 1-gen-1992 Bruni, C.; De Robertis, U.; Petarca, Luigi; Tognotti, Leonardo
Characterization of low volatile coals for the developement of burners in retrofitting wall fired boilers 1-gen-2001 F., Lippi; Petarca, Luigi; M., Toschi; Tognotti, Leonardo
Comparative environmental analysis of waste brominated plastic thermal treatments 1-gen-2009 Bientinesi, M; Petarca, Luigi
Dehydration of ferrous sulfate in a fluidized bed 1-gen-1979 Petarca, Luigi; Zanelli, S.