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2,9-Disubstituted-N6-(arylcarbamoyl)-8-azaadenines as new selective A3 adenosine receptor antagonists: Synthesis, biochemical and molecular modelling studies 1-gen-2005 G., Biagi; Bianucci, ANNA MARIA PAOLA; Coi, Alessio; Costa, Barbara; L., Fabbrini; Giorgi, Irene; Livi, Oreste; I., Micco; F., Pacchini; E., Santini; M., Leonardi; F., AHMAD NOFAL; O., LEROY SALERNI; V., Scartoni
2-Fenyl-9-benzyl-6-arylamido-8-azapurines: new potent ligands of adenosine receptors 1-gen-2006 Giuliana, Biagi; Fiamingo, FRANCESCA LIDIA; Giorgi, Irene; Leonardi, Michele; Bianucci, ANNA MARIA PAOLA; Pietra, Daniele
A 3D model for the Human Hepatic Asialoglycoprotein Receptor (ASGP-R) 1-gen-2000 Bianucci, ANNA MARIA PAOLA; Chiellini, Federica
A 3D model of human A1 adenosine receptor. An evaluation of the binding free energy with ligands 1-gen-1997 Bianucci, ANNA MARIA PAOLA; BIGI U., M; Biagi, G; Giorgi, Irene; Livi, Oreste; Scartoni, V.
A 3D Model of the Human A1 Adenosine Receptor. An Evaluation of the Binding Free-Energy with Ligands 1-gen-1998 Bianucci, ANNA MARIA PAOLA; M. U., Bigi; G., Biagi; Giorgi, Irene; Livi, Oreste; V., Scartoni
A cellular and molecular study of the effects of chelidonine and berberine alkaloids on planarian regeneration 1-gen-2012 Balestrini, Linda; Bianucci, ANNA MARIA PAOLA; Pietra, Daniele; Isolani, MARIA EMILIA; Borghini, Alice; Batistoni, Renata; Imbriani, M.; Deri, Paolo
A conformational study of some 3-Methylpiperidines by low-temperature 13C-NMR spectroscopy and molecular mechanics calculations 1-gen-1986 GANADU M., L; Bianucci, ANNA MARIA PAOLA
A DFT Investigation of the Addition Reaction of Monomeric Lithium Enolate Derived from Propiophenone to Propene Oxide: Examination of the Possible Transition Structures 1-gen-2004 Pomelli, CHRISTIAN SILVIO; Bianucci, ANNA MARIA PAOLA; Crotti, Paolo; Favero, Lucilla
A Model for Alpha1-Acid Glyciprotein 1-gen-1992 Bianucci, ANNA MARIA PAOLA; Tonelli, M; Bo, B; Perduca, M; Caccialanza, G; Manca, F; Monaco, H. L.
A Model for Alpha1-Acid Glyciprotein and a study of its interactions with Chiral Drugs 1-gen-1992 Bianucci, ANNA MARIA PAOLA; Tonelli, M; Bo, B; Perduca, M; DE LORENZI, E; Caccialanza, G; Manca, F; Monaco, H. L.
A modeling study of alphaB-crystallin in complex with zinc for investigating the correlation between chaperone-like activity and exposure of hydrophobic surfaces 1-gen-2005 Coi, Alessio; Bianucci, ANNA MARIA PAOLA; MARIA LUISA, Ganadu; GIOVANNI MARIA, Mura
A Novel Approach to QSPR/QSAR Based on Neural Networks for Structures 1-gen-2003 Bianucci, ANNA MARIA PAOLA; Micheli, Alessio; Sperduti, A; Starita, Antonina
A QSAR study of A1adenosine receptor antagonists by a new neural network model 1-gen-2001 Bianucci, ANNA MARIA PAOLA; G., Biagi; Giorgi, Irene; Livi, Oreste; Micheli, Alessio; V., Scartoni; Sperduti, Alessandro; Starita, Antonina
A search for optimal fastness/accuracy compromises in developing predictive models for estimating CYP2D6 inhibition properties of drug candidates 1-gen-2008 Saraceno, Marilena; Bianucci, ANNA MARIA PAOLA
A search for quantum mechanical methods suitable for the conformational analysis of models related to some inverse agonists of the benzodiazepine receptor 1-gen-1994 Bianucci, ANNA MARIA PAOLA; DA SETTIMO PASSETTI, Federico; Martini, Claudia
Aiming to understand the mechanisms underlying the different responses to berberine among different cell lines 1-gen-2015 Isolani, MARIA EMILIA; Natali, Marco; Batistoni, Renata; Ferrari, A.; Bianucci, ANNA MARIA PAOLA; Marracci, Silvia
An Attempt of modeling the Benzodiazepine Receptor: an interaction study between its Ligands and Lactate-Dehydrogenase taken as Receptor Model 1-gen-1992 Bianucci, ANNA MARIA PAOLA; Primofiore, Giampaolo; DA SETTIMO PASSETTI, Federico; Lucacchini, Antonio; Martini, Claudia; Tonelli, M.
Analysis of the Internal Representations Developed By Neural Networks for Structures Applied to Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship Studies of Benzodiazepines 1-gen-2001 Micheli, Alessio; A., Sperduti; A., Starita; Bianucci, ANNA MARIA PAOLA
Application of Cascade Correlation Networks for Structures to Chemistry 1-gen-2000 Bianucci, ANNA MARIA PAOLA; Micheli, Alessio; A., Sperduti; Starita, Antonina