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A modeling approach to assess the effectiveness of BLEVE prevention measures 1-gen-2008 Landucci, Gabriele; Molag, M; Reinders, J; Tugnoli, A; Cozzani, V.
A modelling approach to assess the effectiveness of BLEVE prevention measures on LPG tanks 1-gen-2009 Landucci, Gabriele; Molag, M; Reinders, J; Cozzani, V.
A risk-based cost-benefit analysis of LPG tank vehicles passive fire protection 1-gen-2009 Paltrinieri, N; Bonvicini, S; Cozzani, V; Landucci, Gabriele
A simplified approach to the assessment of domino events caused by external fires 1-gen-2007 Landucci, Gabriele; Gubinelli, G; Nicolella, Cristiano; Cozzani, V.
A simplified approach to the assessment of passive fire protection systems 1-gen-2010 Landucci, Gabriele; Paltrinieri, N; Antonioni, G; Cozzani, V.
Accident frequency evaluation to support dynamic risk studies 1-gen-2016 Landucci, Gabriele; Paltrinieri, Nicola
Accident scenarios caused by lightning impact on atmospheric storage tanks 1-gen-2013 A., Necci; G., Antonioni; E., Krausmann; Argenti, Francesca; Landucci, Gabriele; V., Cozzani
Accident scenarios triggered by lightning strike on atmospheric storage tanks 1-gen-2014 Necci, Amos; Argenti, Francesca; Landucci, Gabriele; Cozzani, Valerio
Advanced attractiveness assessment of process facilities with respect to malevolent external attacks 1-gen-2016 Argentia, Francesca; Landucci, Gabriele
Agent-based model and simulation of mitigated domino scenarios in chemical tank farms 1-gen-2021 Ovidi, F.; Zhang, L.; Landucci, G.; Reniers, G.
Analisi dell'efficacia di protezioni passive di apparecchiature di processo in caso di incendio 1-gen-2008 Landucci, Gabriele; Zanelli, S; Cozzani, V.
Analysis and simulation of an industrial vegetable oil refining process 1-gen-2013 Landucci, Gabriele; Pannocchia, Gabriele; Nicolella, Cristiano; Pelagagge, L.
Analysis of domino scenarios in chemical and process facilities operating in harsh environmental conditions 1-gen-2018 Bucelli, M.; Landucci, G.; Haugen, S.; Paltrinieri, N.; Cozzani, V.
Analysis of fire damage in the Viareggio railway accident 1-gen-2009 Landucci, Gabriele; V., Cozzani; S., Zanelli
Analysis of LPG vessels with defective thermal coatings in large scale fire scenarios 1-gen-2010 Larcher, S; Tugnoli, A; Cozzani, V; Landucci, Gabriele
Analysis of maintenance and storage operations in edible oil plants: Formation of flammable mixtures 1-gen-2012 Landucci, Gabriele; Pelagagge, L; Nicolella, Cristiano
Analysis of the effectiveness of passive fire protection measures 1-gen-2009 Landucci, Gabriele; Zanelli, S; Paltrinieri, N; Cozzani, V.
Application of bayesian network to safety assessment of chemical plants during fire-induced domino effects 1-gen-2017 Khakzad, N.; Reniers, G.; Landucci, G.
Application of dynamic Bayesian network to performance assessment of fire protection systems during domino effects 1-gen-2017 Khakzad, Nima; Landucci, Gabriele; Reniers, Genserik
Application of Graph Theory to Cost-Effective Fire Protection of Chemical Plants During Domino Effects 1-gen-2017 Khakzad, Nima; Landucci, Gabriele; Reniers, Genserik