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Sediment as a costituent of Mediterranean benthic communities dominated by Caulerpa racemosa var. cylindracea 1-gen-2007 Piazzi, L; Balata, D; Foresi, L; Cristaudo, C; Cinelli, Francesco
Spatio-temporal variability and vertical distribution of a low rocky subtidal assemblage in the north-west Mediterranean 1-gen-2006 Balata, D.; Acunto, S.; Cinelli, Francesco
Interactive effect of sedimentation and Caulerpa racemosa var. cylindracea invasion on macroalgal assemblages in the Mediterranean Sea 1-gen-2005 Piazzi, L; Balata, D; Ceccherelli, G; Cinelli, Francesco
Invasion of Caulerpa racemosa var. cylindracea (Caulerpales, Chlorophyta) in the Mediterranean Sea: an assessment of the early stages of spread 1-gen-2005 Piazzi, L.; Meinesz, A.; Verlaque, M.; Akali, B.; Antoli, B.; Argyrou, M.; Balata, D.; Ballesteros, E.; Calvo, S.; Cinelli, Francesco; Cirik, S.; Cossu, A.; Darchino, R.; Djellouli, A. S.; Javel, F.; Lanfranco, E.; Mifsud, C.; Pala, D.; Panayotidis, P.; Peirano, A.; Pergent, G.; Petrocelli, A.; Ruitton, S.; Uljevi, A.; Seccherelli, G.
Variability of Mediterranean coralligenous assemblages subject to local variation in turbidity and sediment deposits 1-gen-2005 Balata, D.; Piazzi, L.; Cecchi, E.; Cinelli, Francesco
Patterns of spatial variabilità in epiphytes of Posidonia oceanica: differences between a disturbed and two reference locations 1-gen-2004 Piazzi, L.; Balata, D.; Cinelli, Francesco; BENEDETTI CECCHI, Lisandro
Spatial and temporal variability of Mediterranean macroalgal coralligenous assemblages in relation to habitat and substrate inclination 1-gen-2004 Piazzi, L.; Balata, D.; Pertusati, M.; Cinelli, Francesco
Species composition and morphological groups of macroalgal assemblages around Gorgona island (North-Western Mediterranean Sea) 1-gen-2004 Piazzi, L.; Balata, D.; Cinelli, Francesco
Co-occurrence of Caulerpa taxifolia and C. racemosa in the Mediterranean Sea: interspecific interactions and influence on native macroalgal assemblages 1-gen-2003 Piazzi, L.; Balata, D.; Cecchi, E.; Cinelli, Francesco
Early patterns of Caulerpa racemosa recovery in the Mediterranean Sea: the influence of algal turfs 1-gen-2003 Piazzi, L; Ceccherelli, G; Balata, D; Cinelli, Francesco
Evaluation of benthic macroalgal invasion in a harbour area of the western Mediterranean Sea 1-gen-2003 Piazzi, L; Cinelli, Francesco
A comparison among macroalgal assemblages in areas invaded by Caulerpa taxifolia and C. racemosa on subtidal Mediterranean reefs 1-gen-2002 Balata, D.; Piazzi, L.; Cinelli, Francesco
Epiphytic macroalgal assemblages of Posidonia oceanica rhizomes in the Western Mediterranean 1-gen-2002 Piazzi, L.; Balata, D.; Cinelli, Francesco
Seasonal dynamics of a subtidal North-Western Mediterranean macroalgal community in relation to depth and substrate inclination 1-gen-2002 Piazzi, L.; Pardi, G.; Balata, D.; Cecchi, E.; Cinelli, Francesco
The influence of canopy algae on vertical patterns of distribution of low-shore assemblages on rocky coasts in the northwest mediterranean 1-gen-2002 Bulleri, Fabio; BENEDETTI CECCHI, Lisandro; Acunto, S.; Cinelli, Francesco; Hawkins, S. J.
Comparative study of the growth of the two co-occurring introduced green algae Caulerpa taxifolia and Caulerpa racemosa along the Tuscan coast (Italy, western Mediterranean) 1-gen-2001 Piazzi, L.; Balata, D.; G., Ceccherelli; Cinelli, Francesco
Scales of variation in the effects of limpets in the northwest Mediterranean 1-gen-2001 BENEDETTI CECCHI, Lisandro; Bulleri, Fabio; Acunto, S.; Cinelli, Francesco
The distribution and dominance of two introduced turf-forming macroalgae in the coast of Tuscany (Italy, northwestern Mediterranean) in relation to different habitats and sedimentation 1-gen-2001 Piazzi, L; Cinelli, Francesco
Threat to macroalgal diversity: effects of the introduced green alga Caulerpa racemosa in the Mediterranean 1-gen-2001 Piazzi, L; Ceccherelli, G; Cinelli, Francesco
Effets de l’envhaissement des Rhodophyceae introduites Acrothamnion preissii et Womersleyella setacea sur les communautés algales des herbiers à Posidonia oceanica de la Méditerranée occidentale 1-gen-2000 Piazzi, L; Cinelli, Francesco