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A Tuning Guide to Formulating Degree Programme Profiles, Including Programme Competences and Programme Learning Outcomes 1-gen-2010 Isaacs, ANN KATHERINE; Lokhoff, Jenneke; Wegewijs, Bas; Durkin, Katja; Wagenaar, Robert; Gonzalez, Julia; Donà dalle Rose, Lupo; Gobbi, Mary
Citizenships and Identities. Inclusion, Exclusion, Participation 1-gen-2010 Isaacs, ANN KATHERINE
CLIOHRES Network of Excellence (“Creating Links and Innovative Overviews for a New History Research Agenda for the Citizens of a Growing Europe”) 1-gen-2010 Isaacs, ANN KATHERINE
Constructing Europe 1-gen-2010 Isaacs, ANN KATHERINE; Gemés, Andreas; Beer, Siegfried; Lokk, Reigo
Forms and Trajectories of Political Participation 1-gen-2010 Isaacs, ANN KATHERINE; Gemes, A; Goederle, W; Inan, K; Lottes, G; Rohtmets, H.
Changing Layers of Jurisdiction. Italian States from the Later Middle Ages to Early Modern Times 1-gen-2007 Isaacs, ANN KATHERINE
Immigration and emigration in Historical Perspective 1-gen-2007 Isaacs, ANN KATHERINE
Citizenship in Historical Perspective 1-gen-2006 Isaacs, ANN KATHERINE; ELLIS Steven, G.; Halfdanarson, Gudmundur
Introducing the Bachelor (Bologna First Cycle) 1-gen-2006 Isaacs, ANN KATHERINE
Twentieth Century Italian Historiography on the State in the Early Modern Period 1-gen-2006 Isaacs, ANN KATHERINE
On Justice and Republics: Describing "Tyranny" and 'Buen Vevir' in Sixteenth-Century Siena 1-gen-2004 Isaacs, ANN KATHERINE
Racial Discrimination and Ethnicity in Historical Perspective 1-gen-2003 Isaacs, ANN KATHERINE
Religion and Political Change in Europe: Past and Present 1-gen-2003 Isaacs, ANN KATHERINE
Tolerance and Intolerance in Historical Perspective 1-gen-2003 Isaacs, ANN KATHERINE
Empires and States in European Perspective 1-gen-2002 Isaacs, ANN KATHERINE
Histoire, Images, Imaginaire 1-gen-2002 Isaacs, ANN KATHERINE