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A process for resolving racemic mixtures and a diastereoisomeric complex of a resolving agent and an enantiomer of interest 1-gen-2007 Fiaschi, Rita; Napolitano, Elio; Bechini, Chiara; Brunetto, Gabriella
Cross coupling of vinyl triflates and alkyl Grignard reagents catalysed by nyckel(0)-complexes 1-gen-1999 C. A., Busacca; M. C., Eriksson; Fiaschi, Rita
Crystallization-induced asymmetric transformations. Enantiomerically pure (-)-(R) and (+)-(S)-2,3-dibromopropan-1-ol and epibromohydrins. A study of dynamic resolution via the formation of diastereoisomeric esters 1-gen-2002 G., Brunetto; S., Gori; Fiaschi, Rita; E., Napolitano
Estradiol derivatives bearing sulfur-containing substituents at the 11b or 7a positions: versatile reagents for the preparation of estrogen conjugates 1-gen-2004 Fiaschi, Rita; Spera, Daniela; Cabrera, Gustavo; Carlson, ; Kathryn, E.; Katzenellenbogen, ; John, A.; Napolitano, Elio
Interference of two adjacent methoxy group as promoters of arene metallation 1-gen-2000 Fiaschi, Rita; E., Napolitano
Nitrogen Heterocycles. Part 10. Rearrangement of N-Methyl-isoindolo[1,2-b][3]benzazepinium to N-Methyl-dibenzo[a,g]quinolizinium (N-Methylberbinium) ions, and a convenient new route to some alkaloid analogs of the isoquinoline series 1-gen-1981 Barili, P. L.; Fiaschi, Rita; Napolitano, E.; Pistelli, Luisa; Scartoni, V.; Marsili, A.
The first organometallic derivative of 11-beta-ethynylestradiol, a potential high affinity marker of the estrogen receptor 1-gen-2000 D., Osella; G., Cavigliolo; M., Vicenti; A., Vessieres; I., Lois; G., Leclercq; E., Napolitano; Fiaschi, Rita; G., Jaouen
The presence of a ferrocenyl unit on an estrogenic molecule is not always sufficient to generate in vitro cytotoxicity 1-gen-2006 Fiaschi, Rita; Vessieres, Anne; Spera, Daniela; Top, Siden; Misterkiewicz, Boguslav; HELDT JAN, Martin; Hillard, Elizabeth; Huche, Michel; PLAMONT MARIE, Aude; NAPOLITANO ELIO: JAOUEN, Gerard
Triisobutylaluminum (TIBA) as a reagent to convert 2,2-dimethoxyalkanes to 2-methoxy-1-alkenes 1-gen-2001 G., Cabrera; Fiaschi, Rita; E., Napolitano