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The Stemness Gene Mex3A Is a Key Regulator of Neuroblast Proliferation During Neurogenesis 1-gen-2020 Naef, V.; De Sarlo, M.; Testa, G.; Corsinovi, D.; Azzarelli, R.; Borello, U.; Ori, M.
Cell cycle-dependent phosphorylation and regulation of cellular differentiation 1-gen-2018 Hardwick, L. J. A.; Azzarelli, R.; Philpott, A.
Defining Lineage Potential and Fate Behavior of Precursors during Pancreas Development 1-gen-2018 Sznurkowska, M. K.; Hannezo, E.; Azzarelli, R.; Rulands, S.; Nestorowa, S.; Hindley, C. J.; Nichols, J.; Gottgens, B.; Huch, M.; Philpott, A.; Simons, B. D.
Neurogenin3 phosphorylation controls reprogramming efficiency of pancreatic ductal organoids into endocrine cells 1-gen-2018 Azzarelli, Roberta; Rulands, S.; Nestorowa, S.; Davies, J.; Campinoti, S.; Gillotin, S.; Bonfanti, P.; Gottgens, B.; Huch, M.; Simons, B.; Philpott, A.
Phospho-regulation of ATOH1 Is Required for Plasticity of Secretory Progenitors and Tissue Regeneration 1-gen-2018 Tomic, G.; Morrissey, E.; Kozar, S.; Ben-Moshe, S.; Hoyle, A.; Azzarelli, R.; Kemp, R.; Chilamakuri, C. S. R.; Itzkovitz, S.; Philpott, A.; Winton, D. J.
The developmental origin of brain tumours: A cellular and molecular framework 1-gen-2018 Azzarelli, R.; Simons, B. D.; Philpott, A.
In vitro, ex vivo and in vivo techniques to study neuronal migration in the developing cerebral cortex 1-gen-2017 Azzarelli, R.; Oleari, R.; Lettieri, A.; Andre', V.; Cariboni, A.
Modulating Protein-Protein Interactions of the Mitotic Polo-like Kinases to Target Mutant KRAS 1-gen-2017 Narvaez, A. J.; Ber, S.; Crooks, A.; Emery, A.; Hardwick, B.; Guarino Almeida, E.; Huggins, D. J.; Perera, D.; Roberts-Thomson, M.; Azzarelli, R.; Hood, F. E.; Prior, I. A.; Walker, D. W.; Boyce, R.; Boyle, R. G.; Barker, S. P.; Torrance, C. J.; Mckenzie, G. J.; Venkitaraman, A. R.
Multi-site Neurogenin3 Phosphorylation Controls Pancreatic Endocrine Differentiation 1-gen-2017 Azzarelli, R.; Hurley, C.; Sznurkowska, M. K.; Rulands, S.; Hardwick, L.; Gamper, I.; Ali, F.; Mccracken, L.; Hindley, C.; Mcduff, F.; Nestorowa, S.; Kemp, R.; Jones, K.; Gottgens, B.; Huch, M.; Evan, G.; Simons, B. D.; Winton, D.; Philpott, A.
Nipbl Interacts with Zfp609 and the Integrator Complex to Regulate Cortical Neuron Migration 1-gen-2017 van den Berg, D. L. C.; Azzarelli, R.; Oishi, K.; Martynoga, B.; Urban, N.; Dekkers, D. H. W.; Demmers, J. A.; Guillemot, F.
Cell cycle regulation of proliferation versus differentiation in the central nervous system 1-gen-2015 Hardwick, L. J. A.; Ali, F. R.; Azzarelli, R.; Philpott, A.
Emergence of neuronal diversity from patterning of telencephalic progenitors 1-gen-2015 Azzarelli, R.; Hardwick, L. J. A.; Philpott, A.
Function and regulation of Rnd proteins in cortical projection neuron migration 1-gen-2015 Azzarelli, R.; Guillemot, F.; Pacary, E.
Regulation of cerebral cortex development by Rho GTPases: Insights from in vivo studies 1-gen-2015 Azzarelli, R.; Kerloch, T.; Pacary, E.
An antagonistic interaction between PlexinB2 and Rnd3 controls RhoA activity and cortical neuron migration 1-gen-2014 Azzarelli, Roberta; Pacary, E.; Garg, R.; Garcez, P.; van den Berg, D.; Riou, P.; Ridley, A. J.; Friedel, R. H.; Parsons, M.; Guillemot, F.
Rnd3 coordinates early steps of cortical neurogenesis through actin-dependent and-independent mechanisms 1-gen-2013 Pacary, E.; Azzarelli, R.; Guillemot, F.
Visualization and genetic manipulation of dendrites and spines in the mouse cerebral cortex and hippocampus using in utero electroporation 1-gen-2012 Pacary, Emilie; Haas, Matilda A; Wildner, Hendrik; Azzarelli, Roberta; Bell, Donald M; Abrous, Djoher Nora; Guillemot, François
Proneural transcription factors regulate different steps of cortical neuron migration through rnd-mediated inhibition of RhoA signaling 1-gen-2011 Pacary, E.; Heng, J.; Azzarelli, R.; Riou, P.; Castro, D.; Lebel-Potter, M.; Parras, C.; Bell, D.; Ridley, A.; Parsons, M.; Guillemot, F.