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DEXTRAN-BASED SYSTEMS FOR BIOMEDICAL USE: SYNTHESIS, CROSSLINKING AND CHARACTERIZATION 1-gen-2023 Cappello, Miriam; Barbani, Niccoletta; Cristallini, Caterina; Polacco, Giovanni; Seggiani, Maurizia; Filippi, Sara
Direct Recycling of WC-Co Grinding Chip 1-gen-2023 Pacini, Alessio; Lupi, Francesco; Rossi, Andrea; Seggiani, Maurizia; Lanzetta, Michele
Doped Li4SiO4-based sorbents for CO2 capture at high temperature 1-gen-2023 Rossi, Damiano; Cappello, Miriam; Seggiani, Maurizia
Potential of Lauryl Gallate as Stability and Recyclability Improver of Poly (Butylene succinate‑co‑adipate) 1-gen-2023 Rossi, Damiano; Cappello, Miriam; Filippi, Sara; Cinelli, Patrizia; Seggiani, Maurizia
Pyrolyzed tannery sludge as sorbent of volatile organic compounds from tannery emissions 1-gen-2023 Cappello, Miriam; Rossi, Damiano; Antognoli, Matteo; Brunazzi, Elisabetta; Seggiani, Maurizia
Seawater Biodegradable Poly(butylene succinate-co-adipate)-Wheat Bran Biocomposites 1-gen-2023 Strangis, Giovanna; Rossi, Damiano; Cinelli, Patrizia; Seggiani, Maurizia
Use of Biochar as inexpensive lubricant filler in poly(butylene succinate-co-adipate) biocomposites 1-gen-2023 Rossi, Damiano; Cappello, Miriam; Cinelli, Patrizia; Seggiani, Maurizia
Waste oil/water emulsions as absorbents for volatile organic solvents abatement 1-gen-2023 Cappello, Miriam; Rossi, Damiano; Brunazzi, Elisabetta; Filippi, Sara; Morano, Simona; Seggiani, Maurizia
Wood Residue-Derived Biochar as a Low-Cost, Lubricating Filler in Poly(butylene succinate-co-adipate) Biocomposites 1-gen-2023 Cappello, Miriam; Rossi, Damiano; Filippi, Sara; Cinelli, Patrizia; Seggiani, Maurizia
A Brief Review of Poly (Butylene Succinate) (PBS) and Its Main Copolymers: Synthesis, Blends, Composites, Biodegradability, and Applications 1-gen-2022 Aliotta, Laura; Seggiani, Maurizia; Lazzeri, Andrea; Gigante, Vito; Cinelli, Patrizia
Agricultural plastic waste management 1-gen-2022 Pratelli, Antonio; Cinelli, Patrizia; Seggiani, Maurizia; Strangis, Giovanna; Petri, Massimiliano
Engineered Matrices Based on Gellan Gum and Biocompatible Synthetic Polymers for the Release of Molecules with Antioxidant Activity 1-gen-2022 Caporalini, Saverio; Cinelli, Patrizia; Cristallini, Caterina; Seggiani, Maurizia; Barbani, Niccoletta
Innovative Biotic Symbiosis for Plastic Biodegradation to Solve their End-of-Life Challenges in the Agriculture and Food Industries 1-gen-2022 Cinelli, Patrizia; Barbani, Niccoletta; Filippi, Sara; Strangis, Giovanna; Sandroni, Marco; Pratelli, Antonio; J Lopez, Maria; Barranco, Pablo; Cabello, Tomas; Castillo, Patricia; Aline Pierrard, Marie; Seggiani, Maurizia
Purple non-sulfur bacteria as cell factories to produce a copolymer as PHBV under light/dark cycle in a 4-L photobioreactor 1-gen-2022 Carlozzi, Pietro; Touloupakis, Eleftherios; Filippi, Sara; Cinelli, Patrizia; Mezzetta, Andrea; Seggiani, Maurizia
Pyrolyzed tannery sludge as adsorbent of volatile organic compounds from tannery air emissions 1-gen-2022 Rossi, D.; Cappello, M.; Antognoli, M.; Brunazzi, E.; Seggiani, M.
Recycling of waste oils as rejuvenators for aged bitumen in RAP 1-gen-2022 Filippi, Sara; Cappello, Miriam; Polacco, Giovanni; Rossi, Damiano; Losa, Massimo; Seggiani, Maurizia
Tannery sludge as a sorbent of VOCs in tannery air emissions 1-gen-2022 Cappello, Miriam; Filippi, Sara; Rossi, Damiano; Seggiani, Maurizia
Use of coffee silverskin from coffee green beans for compounding and injection molding of biopolymer-based thermoplastic biocomposites 1-gen-2022 Gigante, Vito; Cinelli, Patrizia; Navarini, Luciano; Amato, Giuseppe; Seggiani, Maurizia; Lazzeri, Andrea
Combined Antimicrobial Effect of Bio-Waste Olive Leaf Extract and Remote Cold Atmospheric Plasma Effluent 1-gen-2021 De la Ossa, Jose Gustavo; El Kadri, Hani; Gutierrez-Merino, Jorge; Wantock, Thomas; Harle, Thomas; Seggiani, Maurizia; Danti, Serena; Di Stefano, Rossella; Velliou, Eirini
Extraction of polyhydroxyalkanoates from purple non-sulfur bacteria by non-chlorinated solvents 1-gen-2021 Filippi, S.; Cinelli, P.; Mezzetta, A.; Carlozzi, P.; Seggiani, M.