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101. In vivo cytogenetic effects of natural humic acid 1-gen-1996 Bernacchi, F; Ponzanelli, I; Minunni, M; Falezza, A; Loprieno, N; Barale, Roberto
107. Influence of sex on cytogenetic end points: evidence from a large human sample and review of the literature 1-gen-1995 Bonassi, S; Bolognesi, C; Abbondandolo, A; Barale, Roberto; Bigatti, P; Camurri, L; Dalpra, L; De Ferrari, M; Forni, A; Lando, C.
109. Comparative studies by comet test and SCE analysis in human lymphocytes from 200 healthy subjects. 1-gen-1995 Betti, C; Davini, T; Giannessi, L; Loprieno, N; Barale, Roberto
112. Micronucleus test and metaphase analyses in mice exposed to known and suspected spindle poisons 1-gen-1995 Marrazzini, A; Betti, C; Bernacchi, F; Barrai, I; Barale, Roberto
118. Cytogenetic effects of benzimidazoles in mouse bone marrow 1-gen-1993 Barale, Roberto; Scapoli, C; Meli, C; Casini, D; Minunni, M; Marrazzini, A; Loprieno, N; Barrai, I.
131-I treatment of Graves' disease reduces plasma alpha-tocopherol and induces micronuclei and clastogenic factor 1-gen-2000 Ferdeghini, Marco; Kusmic, C; Ballardin, Michela; Bodei, L; Traino, C; Bassano, S; Caraccio, NADIA MARIA; Monzani, Fabio; DI MARTINO, F; Barsacchi, Renata; Barale, Roberto
143. Micronuclei and nuclear anomalies induced in the gastro-intestinal epithelium of rats treated with formaldehyde 1-gen-1989 Migliore, Lucia; Ventura, L; Barale, Roberto; Loprieno, N; Castellino, S; Pulci, R.
153. Correlations between embryotoxic and genotoxic effects of phenytoin in mice 1-gen-1987 Barcellona, Ps; Barale, Roberto; Campana, A; Zucconi, D; Rossi, V; Caranti, S.
96. Evaluation of DNA damage in leukocytes of ex-smokers by single cell gel electrophoresis 1-gen-1997 Frenzilli, Giada; Betti, C; Davini, T; Desideri, M; Fornai, E; Giannessi, L; Maggiorelli, F; Paoletti, P; Barale, Roberto
A Catalog of Polymorphisms Falling in MicroRNA-Binding Regions of Cancer Genes 1-gen-2008 Landi, D; Gemignani, Federica; Barale, Roberto; Landi, Stefano
A common polymorphism within MSLN affects miR-611 binding site and soluble mesothelin levels in healthy people 1-gen-2014 Garritano, SONIA IOLANDA; DE SANTI, Chiara; Silvestri, R; Melaiu, Ombretta; Cipollini, Monica; Barone, Elisa; Lucchi, Marco; Barale, Roberto; Mutti, L; Gemignani, Federica; Bonotti, Alessandra; Foddis, Rudy; Cristaudo, Alfonso; Landi, Stefano
A comprehensive investigation on common polymorphisms in the MDR1/ABCB1 transporter gene and susceptibility to colorectal cancer 1-gen-2012 Campa, Daniele; Sainz, J; Pardini, B; Vodickova, L; Naccarati, A; Rudolph, A; Novotny, J; Försti, A; Buch, S; von Schönfels, W; Schafmayer, C; Völzke, H; Hoffmeister, M; Frank, B; Barale, Roberto; Hemminki, K; Hampe, J; Chang Claude, J; Brenner, H; Vodicka, P; Canzian, F.
A comprehensive study of polymorphisms in ABCB1, ABCC2 and ABCG2 and lung cancer chemotherapy response and prognosis 1-gen-2012 Campa, Daniele; Müller, P; Edler, L; Knoefel, L; Barale, Roberto; Heussel, Cp; Thomas, M; Canzian, F; Risch, A.
A gene-wide investigation on polymorphisms in the ABCG2/BRCP transporter and susceptibility to colorectal cancer 1-gen-2008 Campa, Daniele; Pardini, B; Naccarati, A; Vodickova, L; Novotny, J; Försti, A; Hemminki, K; Barale, Roberto; Vodicka, P; Canzian, F.
A gene-wide investigation on polymorphisms in the taste receptor 2R14 (TAS2R14) and susceptibility to colorectal cancer 1-gen-2010 Campa, Daniele; Vodicka, P; Pardini, B; Naccarati, A; Carrai, Maura; Vodickova, L; Novotny, J; Hemminki, K; Försti, A; Barale, Roberto; Canzian, F.
A mutagenicity methodology for assessing the formation of N-dimethylnitrosamine in vivo 1-gen-1981 Barale, Roberto; Zucconi, D; Loprieno, N.
A set of viral DNA decamers enriched in transcription control signals. 1-gen-1991 Volinia, S; Scapoli, C; Gambari, R; Barale, Roberto; Barrai, I.
Absence of mutagenicity of praziquantel, a new, effective, anti-schistosomal drug, in bacteria, yeasts, insects and mammalian cells 1-gen-1978 Bartsch, H; Kuroki, T; Malaveille, C; Loprieno, N; Barale, Roberto; Abbondandolo, A; Bonatti, S; Rainaldi, G; Vogel, E; Davis, A.
Activation of the mutagens of beef extract in vitro and in vivo. 1-gen-1980 Dolara, P; Barale, Roberto; Mazzoli, S; Benetti, D.
Age-Dependent Influence of TNF-{alpha} Polymorphism on Progression Free Survival of ASCT In Multiple Myeloma Patients 1-gen-2010 Buda, Gabriele; Martino, A; Orciuolo, E; Maggini, Valentina; Lapi, F; Galimberti, Sara; Barale, Roberto; Rossi, ANNA MARIA; Petrini, Mario