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Editorial: Secondary metabolites and the plant adaptability to an ever-changing environment 1-gen-2023 Brunetti, C.; Guidi, L.; Landi, M.; Tattini, M.
Modulation of VOC fingerprint and alteration of physiological responses after supplemental LED light in green- and red-leafed sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) 1-gen-2023 Lauria, Giulia; Lo Piccolo, Ermes; Davini, Anna; RUFFINI CASTIGLIONE, Monica; Pieracci, Ylenia; Flamini, Guido; Martens, Stefan; Angeli, Andrea; Ceccanti, Costanza; Guidi, Lucia; Pellegrini, Elisa; Incrocci, Luca; Landi, Marco
Shedding light on the effects of LED streetlamps on trees in urban areas: Friends or foes? 1-gen-2023 Lo Piccolo, E.; Lauria, G.; Guidi, L.; Remorini, D.; Massai, R.; Landi, M.
Supplemental red LED light promotes plant productivity, “photomodulate” fruit quality and increases Botrytis cinerea tolerance in strawberry 1-gen-2023 Lauria, G.; Lo Piccolo, E.; Ceccanti, C.; Guidi, L.; Bernardi, R.; Araniti, F.; Cotrozzi, L.; Pellegrini, E.; Moriconi, M.; Giordani, T.; Pugliesi, C.; Nali, C.; Sanita' di Toppi, L.; Paoli, L.; Malorgio, F.; Vernieri, P.; Massai, R.; Remorini, D.; Landi, M.
Supplemental red light more than other wavebands activates antioxidant defenses in greenhouse-cultivated Fragaria × ananassa var. Elsanta plants 1-gen-2023 Lauria, Giulia; LO PICCOLO, Ermes; Ceccanti, Costanza; Paoli, Luca; Giordani, Tommaso; Guidi, Lucia; Malorgio, Fernando; Massai, Rossano; Nali, Cristina; Pellegrini, Elisa; Remorini, Damiano; Sanità Di Toppi, Luigi; Vernieri, Paolo; Landi, Marco
Synergistic use of biochar and the plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria in mitigating drought stress on oak (Quercus brantii Lindl.) seedlings 1-gen-2023 Heydari, M.; Hajinia, S.; Jafarian, N.; Karamian, M.; Mosa, Z.; Asgharzadeh, S.; Rezaei, N.; Guidi, L.; Valko, O.; Prevosto, B.
Testing the suitability for coastal green areas of three ornamental shrub species through physiological responses to the saline nebulization 1-gen-2023 Lo Piccolo, E.; Lauria, G.; Pellegrini, E.; Cotrozzi, L.; Guidi, L.; Skoet, M.; Vernieri, P.; Remorini, D.; Massai, R.; Landi, M.
Assessment of leaf photosynthetic performances and bioaccumulation of trace metals by lettuce leaves and strawberry fruits amended with sewage sludge: Which possible re-use in agriculture? 1-gen-2022 Ceccanti, C.; Lauria, G.; Lo Piccolo, E.; Guidi, L.; Pezzarossa, B.; Rosellini, I.; Cardelli, R.; Becagli, M.; Landi, M.
Biochar as a soil amendment in the tree establishment phase: What are the consequences for tree physiology, soil quality and carbon sequestration? 1-gen-2022 LO PICCOLO, Ermes; Becagli, Michelangelo; Lauria, Giulia; Cantini, Valentina; Ceccanti, Costanza; Cardelli, Roberto; Massai, Rossano; Remorini, Damiano; Guidi, Lucia; Landi, Marco
Differences in pigment circadian rhythmicity in green- and red-leafed tree species in the sun and shade 1-gen-2022 Lo Piccolo, E; Lauria, G; Bongi, G; Guidi, L; Brestic, M; Remorini, D; Massai, R; Landi, M
Effect of Blanching and Boiling on the Secondary Metabolism of Cultivated Cardoon Stalks: A Case Study of the Tuscany Region (Italy) 1-gen-2022 Ceccanti, Costanza; DE BELLIS, Luigi; Guidi, Lucia; Negro, Carmine; Pardossi, Alberto; Incrocci, Luca
Measurements of Anthocyanin Content of Prunus Leaves Using Proximal Sensing Spectroscopy and Statistical Machine Learning 1-gen-2022 Piccolo, E. L.; Matteoli, S.; Landi, M.; Guidi, L.; Massai, R.; Remorini, D.
Nutritional and antioxidant value of horticulturae products 1-gen-2022 Guidi, L.; De Bellis, L.; Pardossi, A.
Potassium Bioaccessibility in Uncooked and Cooked Plant Foods: Results from a Static In Vitro Digestion Methodology 1-gen-2022 Ceccanti, Costanza; Guidi, Lucia; D'Alessandro, Claudia; Cupisti, Adamasco
Seasonal Fluctuations of Crop Yield, Total Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Activity in Fresh or Cooked Borage (Borago officinalis L.), Mallow (Malva sylvestris L.) and Buck’s-Horn Plantain (Plantago coronopus L.) Leaves 1-gen-2022 Ceccanti, C.; Landi, M.; Guidi, L.; Pardossi, A.; Incrocci, L.
Soil Inoculation With Beneficial Microbes Buffers Negative Drought Effects on Biomass, Nutrients, and Water Relations of Common Myrtle 1-gen-2022 Azizi, S.; Tabari, M.; Abad, A. R. F. N.; Ammer, C.; Guidi, L.; Bader, M. K. F.
Spinach-strawberry (Chenopodium capitatum (L.) Asch.) as a functional food: leaves, fruits or both? 1-gen-2022 Ceccanti, Costanza; Mazzoni, Filippo; Guidi, Lucia; Benvenuti, Stefano
Anthocyanins in photoprotection: knowing the actors in play to solve this complex ecophysiological issue 1-gen-2021 Agati, G.; Guidi, L.; Landi, M.; Tattini, M.
Antioxidant defenses in plants: A dated topic of current interest 1-gen-2021 Guidi, L.; Tattini, M.
Comparative phytochemical profile of the elephant garlic (Allium ampeloprasum var. holmense) and the common garlic (Allium sativum) from the Val di Chiana area (Tuscany, Italy) before and after in vitro gastrointestinal digestion 1-gen-2021 Ceccanti, C.; Rocchetti, G.; Lucini, L.; Giuberti, G.; Landi, M.; Biagiotti, S.; Guidi, L.