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Absolutely necessary to consider the caged dynamics and the JGX β-relaxation in solving the glass transition problem 1-gen-2019 Ngai, K. L.; Capaccioli, S.; Wang, L. M.
Adam-Gibbs model for the supercooled dynamics in the ortho-terphenyl ortho-phenylphenol mixture 1-gen-2004 Roland, Cm; Capaccioli, Simone; Lucchesi, Mauro; Casalini, R.
Advances in understanding the relationship between rock wettability and high-frequency dielectric response 1-gen-2002 Bona, N; Ortenzi, A; Capaccioli, Simone
alpha-relaxation dynamics of orientanionally disordered mixed crystals composed of Cl-adamantane and CN-adamantane 1-gen-2010 Martinez Garcia, J. C.; Tamarit, J. L. l.; Capaccioli, Simone; Barrio, M.; Veglio, N.; Pardo, L. C.
An explanation of the differences in diffusivity of the components of the metallic glass Pd43Cu27Ni10P20 1-gen-2013 Ngai, K. L.; Capaccioli, Simone
Application of impedance spectroscopy to the study of organic multilayer devices 1-gen-2000 Petty, Mc; Pearson, C; Monkman, Ap; Casalini, R; Capaccioli, Simone; Nagel, J.
Applications of the rheo-dielectric technique 1-gen-2007 Capaccioli, Simone; Prevosto, D.; Best, A.; Hanewald, A.; Pakula, T.
Approaching the glass-transition by polymerizing, cooling and compressing 1-gen-1999 Gallone, GIUSEPPE CARMINE; Capaccioli, Simone; Corezzi, S.; Rolla, Pierangelo
Broad Band Dielectric Analysis Of Bituminous Concrete 1-gen-2004 Gallone, GIUSEPPE CARMINE; Levita, Giovanni; Marchetti, Augusto; Capaccioli, Simone; Fantozzi, M.; Lucchesi, M.
Broadband local dielectric spectroscopy 1-gen-2016 Labardi, Massimiliano; Lucchesi, Mauro; Prevosto, Daniele; Capaccioli, Simone
The challenging problem of glass transition 1-gen-2008 Ngai Kia, L.; Capaccioli, Simone
Change of caged dynamics at T-g in hydrated proteins: Trend of mean squared displacements after correcting for the methyl-group rotation contribution 1-gen-2013 Ngai, K. L.; Capaccioli, Simone; Paciaroni, A.
CHANGES IN THE DYNAMICS OF SUPERCOOLED SYSTEMS REVEALED BY DIELECTRIC SPECTROSCOPY 1-gen-1999 S., Corezzi; E., Campani; Rolla, Pierangelo; Capaccioli, Simone; D., Fioretto
Changes of the primary and secondary relaxation of sorbitol in mixtures with glycerol 1-gen-2004 Ngai, Kl; Capaccioli, Simone
Characterization of electrochemically synthesized alkylpyrrole intrinsically conducting polymers 1-gen-2000 Costantini, N; Capaccioli, Simone; Geppi, Marco; Ruggeri, Giacomo
Characterization of rock wettability through dielectric measurements 1-gen-1998 N., Bona; E., Rossi; C., Venturini; Capaccioli, Simone; Lucchesi, Mauro; Rolla, Pierangelo
Check of the temperature- and pressure-dependent Cohen-Grest equation 1-gen-2000 S., Corezzi; Capaccioli, Simone; R., Casalini; D., Fioretto; Rolla, Pierangelo
Clarifying the nature of the Johari-Goldstein β-relaxation and emphasising its fundamental importance 1-gen-2020 Ngai, K. L.; Capaccioli, S.; Paluch, M.; Wang, Limin
Coincident correlation between vibrational dynamics and primary relaxation of polymers with strong or weak johari-goldstein relaxation 1-gen-2020 Tripodo, A.; Puosi, F.; Malvaldi, M.; Capaccioli, S.; Leporini, D.
Comment on "A Generalized Rouse Incoherent Scattering Function for Chain Dynamics of Unentangled Polymers in Dynamically Asymmetric Blends" 1-gen-2013 K. L., Ngai; Capaccioli, Simone