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Synergistic morphology and feedback control for traversal of unknown compliant obstacles with aerial robots 1-gen-2024 Aucone, Emanuele; Geckeler, Christian; Morra, Daniele; Pallottino, Lucia; Mintchev, Stefano
Autonomous Unwrapping of General Pallets: A Novel Robot for Logistics Exploiting Contact-Based Planning 1-gen-2023 Gabellieri, Chiara; Palleschi, Alessandro; Pallottino, Lucia; Garabini, Manolo
Grasp It Like a Pro 2.0: A Data-Driven Approach Exploiting Basic Shape Decomposition and Human Data for Grasping Unknown Objects 1-gen-2023 Palleschi, A; Angelini, F; Gabellieri, C; Park, Dw; Pallottino, L; Bicchi, A; Garabini, M
Safe and Robust Map Updating for Long-Term Operations in Dynamic Environments † 1-gen-2023 Stefanini, E.; Ciancolini, E.; Settimi, A.; Pallottino, L.
Efficient 2D LIDAR-Based Map Updating For Long-Term Operations in Dynamic Environments 1-gen-2022 Stefanini, E.; Ciancolini, E.; Settimi, A.; Pallottino, L.
High-Level Planning for Object Manipulation with Multi Heterogeneous Robots in Shared Environments 1-gen-2022 Palleschi, Alessandro; Pollayil, George Jose; Pollayil, Mathew Jose; Garabini, Manolo; Pallottino, Lucia
Information-Aware Lyapunov-Based MPC in a Feedback-Feedforward Control Strategy for Autonomous Robots 1-gen-2022 Napolitano, O.; Fontanelli, D.; Pallottino, L.; Salaris, P.
On Slip Detection for Quadruped Robots 1-gen-2022 Nistico, Y.; Fahmi, S.; Pallottino, L.; Semini, C.; Fink, G.
Fast and Safe Trajectory Planning: Solving the Cobot Performance/Safety Trade-Off in Human-Robot Shared Environments 1-gen-2021 Palleschi, A.; Hamad, M.; Abdolshah, S.; Garabini, M.; Haddadin, S.; Pallottino, L.
Force-based Formation Control of Omnidirectional Ground Vehicles 1-gen-2021 Gabellieri, C.; Palleschi, A.; Pallottino, L.
Gramian-based optimal active sensing control under intermittent measurements 1-gen-2021 Napolitano, Olga; Fontanelli, Daniele; Pallottino, Lucia; Salaris, Paolo
Integrating Wearable Haptics and Obstacle Avoidance for the Visually Impaired in Indoor Navigation: A User-Centered Approach 1-gen-2021 Barontini, Federica; Catalano, Manuel Giuseppe; Pallottino, Lucia; Leporini, Barbara; Bianchi, Matteo
On Null Space-Based Inverse Kinematics Techniques for Fleet Management: Toward Time-Varying Task Activation 1-gen-2021 Mannucci, A.; Caporale, D.; Pallottino, L.
On Provably Safe and Live Multirobot Coordination With Online Goal Posting 1-gen-2021 Mannucci, A.; Pallottino, L.; Pecora, F.
Priority-Based Distributed Coordination for Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Systems with Realistic Assumptions 1-gen-2021 Cecchi, M.; Paiano, M.; Mannucci, A.; Palleschi, A.; Pecora, F.; Pallottino, L.
Robotics Laboratory within the Italian School-Work Transition Program in High Schools: A Case Study 1-gen-2021 Bettelani, GEMMA CAROLINA; Gabellieri, Chiara; Mengacci, Riccardo; Massa, Federico; Anna, Mannucci; Pallottino, Lucia
WRAPP-Up: A Dual-Arm Robot for Intralogistics 1-gen-2021 Garabini, M.; Caporale, D.; Tincani, V.; Palleschi, A.; Gabellieri, C.; Gugliotta, M.; Settimi, A.; Catalano, M. G.; Grioli, G.; Pallottino, L.
A study on force-based collaboration in swarms 1-gen-2020 Gabellieri, C.; Tognon, M.; Sanalitro, D.; Pallottino, L.; Franchi, A.
Compliance control of a cable-suspended aerial manipulator using hierarchical control framework 1-gen-2020 Gabellieri, C.; Sarkisov, Y. S.; Coelho, A.; Pallottino, L.; Kondak, K.; Kim, M. J.
Distributed model predictive control for energy management in a network of microgrids using the dual decomposition method 1-gen-2020 Razzanelli, Matteo; Crisostomi, Emanuele; Pallottino, Lucia; Pannocchia, Gabriele