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The breast cancer-related lymphedema multidisciplinary approach: Algorithm for conservative and multimodal surgical treatment 1-gen-2023 Ciudad, Pedro; Bolletta, Alberto; Kaciulyte, Juste; Losco, Luigi; Manrique, Oscar J; Cigna, Emanuele; Mayer, Horacio F; Escandón, Joseph M
The medial sural artery perforator flap for retromolar trigone reconstruction: A multicenter case series 1-gen-2023 Maruccia, Michele; Elia, Rossella; De Cosmo, Alessio; Cigna, Emanuele; Tedeschi, Pasquale; Bolletta, Alberto; Manrique, Oscar J; Ciudad, Pedro; Di Summa, Pietro G; Cherubino, Mario; Giudice, Giuseppe
A Retrospective Study on Single-Stage Reconstruction of the Ear following Skin Cancer Excision in Elderly Patients 1-gen-2022 Bolletta, Alberto; Losco, Luigi; Pozzi, Mirco; Schettino, Michela; Cigna, Emanuele
Combined lymph node transfer and suction-assisted lipectomy in lymphedema treatment: A prospective study 1-gen-2022 Bolletta, A.; di Taranto, G.; Losco, L.; Elia, R.; Sert, G.; Ribuffo, D.; Cigna, E.; Chen, H. -C.
Comments on "Partial second-toe pulp free flap for fingertip reconstruction: Experience and surgical tips to minimize complications" and the use of adipofascial perforator flap for fingertip reconstruction 1-gen-2022 Losco, Luigi; Bolletta, Alberto; Lo Torto, Federico; Cigna, Emanuele
Comparison of total anastomosis time between four different combinations of suturing and knot tying techniques in microsurgical anastomosis 1-gen-2022 Sert, Gokhan; Aksoyler, Dicle; Kara, Murat; Bolletta, Alberto; Losco, Luigi; Cam, Sefa Burak; Korkusuz, Petek; Chen, Hung-Chi
Grafts in Plastic Surgery 1-gen-2022 Cigna, Emanuele; Bolletta, Alberto; Giardino, Francesco Ruben; Patanè, Luca
Helix Thigh Lift. A Novel Approach to Severe Deformities in Massive Weight Loss Patients 1-gen-2022 Losco, L.; Roxo, A. C.; Roxo, C. W.; de Sire, A.; Bolletta, A.; Cuomo, R.; Grimaldi, L.; Cigna, E.; Roxo, C. D. P.
Nerve Surgery 1-gen-2022 Bolletta, Alberto; Cigna, Emanuele
Perforator-based Adipofascial Flaps and ADM: A Novel Combined Approach to Distal Lower Extremity Defects 1-gen-2022 Losco, L.; Sereni, S.; Aksoyler, D.; Spadoni, D.; Bolletta, A.; Cigna, E.
Surgical Treatment and Rehabilitation Strategies for Upper and Lower Extremity Lymphedema: A Comprehensive Review 1-gen-2022 de Sire, Alessandro; Losco, Luigi; Lippi, Lorenzo; Spadoni, Davide; Kaciulyte, Juste; Sert, Gokhan; Ciamarra, Paola; Marcasciano, Marco; Cuomo, Roberto; Bolletta, Alberto; Invernizzi, Marco; Cigna, Emanuele
The Combination of Lymph Node Transfer and Excisional Procedures in Bilateral Lower Extremity Lymphedema: Clinical Outcomes and Quality of Life Assessment with Long-Term Follow-Up 1-gen-2022 Losco, L.; Bolletta, A.; de Sire, A.; Chen, S. -H.; Sert, G.; Aksoyler, D.; Velazquez-Mujica, J.; Invernizzi, M.; Cigna, E.; Chen, H. -C.
A prospective study on combined lymphedema surgery: Gastroepiploic vascularized lymph nodes transfer and lymphaticovenous anastomosis followed by suction lipectomy 1-gen-2021 Di Taranto, G.; Bolletta, A.; Chen, S. -H.; Losco, L.; Elia, R.; Cigna, E.; Rubino, C.; Ribuffo, D.; Chen, H. -C.
Anatomical Study and Clinical Application of Ulnar Artery Proximal Perforator Flaps 1-gen-2021 Cherubino, M.; Bolletta, A.; Baroni, T.; Di Taranto, G.; Losco, L.; Rubino, C.; Valdatta, L.
Back to basics with distal thumb reconstruction. Easy management of the incomplete amputation 1-gen-2021 Losco, L.; Kaciulyte, J.; Delia, G.; Bolletta, A.; Lo Torto, F.; Di Taranto, G.; Ribuffo, D.; Cigna, E.
Comment on “Lipo-Bodylift Reconstruction Following Massive Weight Loss: Our Experience with 100 Consecutive Cases” 1-gen-2021 Losco, L.; Roxo, A. C.; Roxo, C. W.; Bolletta, A.; Cigna, E.; Roxo, C. P.
Comment on “Locally advanced breast implant-associated anaplastic large-cell lymphoma: a combined medical-surgical approach” 1-gen-2021 Cigna, E.; Bolletta, A.; Domenici, L.; Losco, L.
Lymphatico-venous anastomosis in chronic ulcer with venous insufficiency: A case report 1-gen-2021 Cigna, E.; Pierazzi, D. M.; Sereni, S.; Marcasciano, M.; Losco, L.; Bolletta, A.
Management of Medially Displaced Sub-Condylar Mandibular Fractures in Pediatric Population Using Novel Atraumatic Approach 1-gen-2021 Aksoyler, D.; Dogan, F.; Bolletta, A.; Sengenc, E.; Sonmez, T.; Yavan, M. A.
Partition of Pectoralis Major Musculocutaneous Flap as a Salvage Procedure for Simultaneous Coverage of the Exposed Carotid Artery and Reconstruction of Cervical Esophagus 1-gen-2021 Bolletta, A.; Losco, L.; Lin, J.; Oh, C.; Di Taranto, G.; Trignano, E.; Cigna, E.; Chen, H. -C.