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A comprehensive review and classification of unit operations with assessment of outputs quality in lithium-ion battery recycling 1-gen-2022 Latini, Dario; Vaccari, Marco; Lagnoni, Marco; Orefice, Martina; Mathieux, Fabrice; Huisman, Jaco; Tognotti, Leonardo; Bertei, Antonio
Enhancing MPC formulations by identification and estimation of valve stiction 1-gen-2019 Bacci di Capaci, R.; Vaccari, M.; Scali, C.; Pannocchia, G.
Estimation technique for offset-free economic MPC based on modifier adaptation 1-gen-2020 Vaccari, Marco; Pelagagge, Federico; Bonvin, Dominique; Pannocchia, Gabriele
An Example of Reclamation Consortium Energy Self-Sufficiency using Biomass from Riparian Vegetation 1-gen-2022 Vaccari, M.; Conti, N.; Rovai, M.; Tognotti, L.
Identification and estimation of valve stiction by the use of a smoothed model 1-gen-2018 Bacci di Capaci, Riccardo; Vaccari, Marco; Pannocchia, Gabriele; Scali, Claudio
Implementation of an economic MPC with robustly optimal steady-state behavior 1-gen-2018 Vaccari, Marco; Pannocchia, Gabriele
Implementation of an Industry 4.0 system to optimally manage chemical plant operation 1-gen-2020 Vaccari, Marco; BACCI DI CAPACI, Riccardo; Brunazzi, Elisabetta; Tognotti, Leonardo; Pierno, Paolo; Vagheggi, Roberto; Pannocchia, Gabriele
Model predictive control design for multivariable processes in the presence of valve stiction 1-gen-2018 Bacci di Capaci, Riccardo; Vaccari, Marco; Pannocchia, Gabriele
A Modifier-Adaptation Strategy towards Offset-Free Economic MPC 1-gen-2017 Vaccari, Marco; Pannocchia, Gabriele
A multipurpose, easy-to-use Model Predictive Control design and simulation code 1-gen-2016 Vaccari, Marco; Pannocchia, Gabriele
Offset-free economic mpc based on modifier adaptation: Investigation of several gradient-estimation techniques 1-gen-2021 Vaccari, M.; Bonvin, D.; Pelagagge, F.; Pannocchia, G.
An Open-Source System Identification Package for Multivariable Processes 1-gen-2018 Armenise, Giuseppe; Vaccari, Marco; Di Capaci, Riccardo Bacci; Pannocchia, Gabriele
Optimally Managing Chemical Plant Operations: An Example Oriented by Industry 4.0 Paradigms 1-gen-2021 Vaccari, M.; Bacci Di Capaci, R.; Brunazzi, E.; Tognotti, L.; Pierno, P.; Vagheggi, R.; Pannocchia, G.
A performance monitoring algorithm for sustained optimal operation with economic MPC 1-gen-2019 Vaccari, M.; Pannocchia, G.
A rigorous simulation model of geothermal power plants for emission control 1-gen-2020 Vaccari, M.; Pannocchia, G.; Tognotti, L.; Paci, M.; Bonciani, R.
A Sequential Linear Programming algorithm for economic optimization of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems 1-gen-2019 Vaccari, M.; Mancuso, G. M.; Riccardi, J.; Cantù, M.; Pannocchia, G.
A valve stiction tolerant formulation of MPC for industrial processes 1-gen-2017 di Capaci, Riccardo Bacci; Vaccari, Marco; Pannocchia, Gabriele